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How to Redirect Domains to Google Sheets and Google Docs

About this Tutorial

Learn how to use URL forwarding to Redirect Domains to Google Sheets and Google Docs. Also included is a new feature I like to in Google which is Publish To the Web. In a previous video about this topic I might not have mentioned that.

Video Transcript

00:00 Hello, welcome to this video. We're going to talk about sort of putting your sheets up for free on a domain, how to redirect that, but I want to also talk about a few other things in this video because I have talked about this before.
00:13 This is a Google Doc we're looking at right now, but if you go to something like AtomicSheets, AtomicSheets.com, just go to the dot com, hit enter, it will be redirected to a Google Sheet.
00:25 So this really cool, I think this is really awesome, but there's one extra thing that I think you can do that I didn't talk about whenever I recorded that.
00:32 First video, that first tutorial about redirecting your domain to a Google Sheet, and I want to talk about it now, which is that you should set your sheets, if you are embedding them into a website.
00:48 Not embedding, but actually like redirecting them, then I think you can do one extra step which is publish to the web.
00:54 And I think we're going to do that here with a Google Doc, but totally the same with Google Sheets. You go up to File, Share, and it's click Publish to Web.
01:03 Now, the thing is, over here, Here on the Share, you might think, oh, I do have this already done, but what you did is you probably said anyone with the link can gain access as a viewer.
01:14 And I totally recommend that first as well. We can do that, and we can do the redirect like that. But I also do recommend now that you go up to File, Share, Publish to the Web.
01:28 This is different. This is very different. And there's a one key thing that I think is really, really cool. We're going to publish.
01:38 We don't really need to choose link or embed here. We can hit publish. Are you sure you want to publish this selection?
01:44 The reason they're asking this is because this is going to be literally published on the web on a Google like dot com domain, which is a clue to what the actual use case is and the reason we do this is because it can be indexed by Google.
01:59 So click OK. Now we have a link and we can always come back here and say stop publishing and we'll have the option down here automatically republish when changes are made.
02:13 You can unclick this. You can keep the, any changes you want not published if you do choose so. But that's your choice.
02:22 I like to always keep this checked that automatically republish when you do it. and changes are made. Hey monthly or if you're a lifetime member you'll be able to get access to this entire course.
02:47 But right now I just wanted to publish to the web. Again, the reason we're doing this is not just to redirect it from a domain which is what this video is about.
02:56 We are redirecting. During the domain to this and I'll show you how. But we're also publishing to the web so that it gets indexed by Google eventually, right?
03:04 This, this stuff, SEO stuff takes like six to eight months. And you'll want to be very careful and very, not careful, but intentional to name this.
03:14 I'm naming this selling spreadsheet because that's the name of the course. It's about how to turn your Google Sheets into digital products.
03:21 And part of that course will probably be this little module and saying, hey you can redirect a domain if you want to give away a free spreadsheet like I do with atomic sheets.
03:30 So how do you do this? How do you actually redirect a domain? First, you have to buy the domain, make sure you actually have the domain available to you, and you have the DNS settings.
03:38 I am going to manage DNS. I'm using name.com. You do not have to use name.com. I don't necessarily recommend it.
03:43 It's not the cheapest. I think the cheapest is something like pork butt. Or name-cheap, very cheap stuff. But all you need to do is buy the domain and gain access to managing the DNS.
03:53 So when we go to DNS we can choose how to, how it resolves. And I just realized there's actually a different place, not DNS risk, but you do need it to have the DNS settings and you can manage it.
04:08 But we're gonna go down to more tools, in name.com it's more tools, URL forwarding. And we're going to take, we can take any subdomain we want, we want everything though.
04:17 And we're gonna take the URL. Actually over here we're gonna use this share URL. We're gonna copy the link exactly as they give it to us.
04:25 We're gonna go delete everything here and we're gonna forward it to here. Now here you see it says edit sharing, we don't necessarily need that, especially if you're doing something like that.
04:34 It's something like really fun like copy this spreadsheet dot com or something or you're doing something where the actual action people are taking is different.
04:43 Maybe you want to slash copy, maybe you want slash template, maybe you want slash template slash preview. Doesn't matter. We are doing a redirect here.
04:50 We're going to add this forwarding and that's it. It's a pretty simple process to make sure that a domain is going to be redirecting.
04:58 Now, these kinds of things do take some time. DNS settings sometimes take up to 48 hours. Usually will resolve within 24 hours.
05:07 But let's see. I want to see if this is going to happen right away. So I'm going to do shift-command-n for a new a new tab and we're going to go to sellingspreadsheets.com and let's see if it works already.
05:21 Because it might not. It, it, it totally, this is a- moments later, right? We are and it's working. Okay, there it is.
05:28 And so this is what people will see. They will be able to read the document. They will be able to ask for access, right?
05:35 Again, we can do some changes here. If you're doing a spreadsheet, it will be different. Like they will actually be able to use a spreadsheet like over at atomic sheets.
05:45 They'll be able to go to each of the tabs and they will be able to make a copy. If you do not want people to make a copy, here's a really cool thing.
05:53 And maybe while you were watching this entire video. But when you're sharing, go up to settings and uncheck that viewers and commenters can see the option to download print and copy.
06:04 So we're going to uncheck that right now. We're going to uncheck even editors can change. We're just taking all those options off.
06:11 By Google themselves. And now this spreadsheet we're going to get done. Now we're going to go over here. And we're going to see that we have no changes.
06:27 But let's see. If sellingspreadsheets.com has any changes. And now we're on sellingspreadsheets.com. We go over to file and we cannot copy it.
06:42 Can I even choose to. So that's a pretty cool thing. And again, I have set this to publish on the web.
06:49 It is published on the web in three to six months. Yeah, Google will probably index it in some way. I'm gonna be using the domain sellingspreadsheets.com as sort of a redirect to this Google sheet.
07:00 Google, not Google sheet, Google doc. I might change it to a Google sheet. I might even change it to redirect to my own website, betasheets.co slash selling spreadsheets, perhaps, something like that.
07:11 Really excited about this course. And if you are also trying to give away free Google sheets, I'd say take this course.
07:18 If you're trying to sell spreadsheets, of course, take this course. But even if you're trying to get some lead generation or even giving away sheets as part of a service or something, this selling spreadsheets course is going to be awesome for you.
07:29 It's going to be like 30. I think I have over 30 modules. So far, and you can read those here in this Google Doc all about like knowing what matters before you even start to make a spreadsheet what your options are of what you can actually do to put your energy and effort and edit and time into some 
07:46 surprising things that I. Have learned in the past couple of years of selling spreadsheets myself like the old onboarding experience and stuff actually a rubric or framework or blueprint for you to know how to build a spreadsheet that can actually be sold and then we're.
08:04 Actually do it we're going to teach you a few tips and tricks here. This is not the core of this, of the course, but it is a very important part is to actually make a sheet.
08:19 The problem is there's just. Like an infinite amount of sheets to be able to make, right? Everybody's going to make their own.
08:24 And that's what I talk about early on is like you are the sheet. You're going to make your own spreadsheet.
08:28 And even if somebody else sells a spreadsheet very similar to yours, you're going to have a different solution and have a different workflow.
08:33 But here is a few things that I think you can. Add to a spreadsheet that really makes it sell well.
08:39 A few cool actions like automating tasks or different, even different kinds of automation. If you don't want to learn Apps Script.
08:45 But if you do want to learn Apps Script, go ahead and take spreadsheet automation one on one on better sheets or on Udemy.
08:50 There is also a master. Which is a much larger course and involves like three or four other courses that are available on BetterSheets.co.
08:58 And if you're a member watching this, all of those courses on Udemy are available on BetterSheets.co. But we also get into sales.
09:06 I'm also going to teach you literally how to write a sales page about a spreadsheet and there is a very strange secret to selling a spreadsheet which is don't sell a spreadsheet sell the solution to a problem, and that it just so happens to be a spreadsheet.
09:20 That's a secret. I'll give you even some pricing strategies that I've developed. Myself, a lot of people will sell spreadsheets for like five to ten dollars.
09:30 I see this all the time. Hundreds on Etsy, but if you're adding automation, if you're adding on good onboarding, if you're really solving someone's problem, you can definitely sell it for 50 to 200.
09:41 Or even more, honestly. However, however much you're solving someone's problems, you're gonna do really, really well. And then I also talk about a little bit of marketplaces and how to get it onto a marketplace that sells consistently.
09:57 To do about SEO on those search engines, not just Google search engines but really excited to get into this. And, and go check it out, sellingspiritsheets.com.
10:07 It actually works now. Again, I redirected the Google doc to the domain or the domain to the Google doc.