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How To Track Crypto Prices

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Get crypto prices into a Google Sheet.

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 Hello, welcome. We're gonna today track crypto prices. Uh, why would you wanna track the crypto price? Well, we might want to check the price day over day, week over week. Uh, we may use charts and, um, kinds of formulas, maybe on other platforms, but we also might not want to pay for access to those. We might wanna build this ourselves.

In Google Sheets, we can actually show little, uh, spark lines or little graphs of up and down. Maybe you want to set a price of your, uh, Service in crypto and you wanna know the u s D price or you wanna know how many Bitcoin per crypto. So you wanna do a quick calculation, um, and we can quickly get the crypto price of three crypto currencies.

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum. We can do this all in Google Sheets and maybe you wanna calculate your investments as you gain investments over time. You might increase your count of how many you have, um, from 1.1 to 1.3 to 2.3 0.4. You wanna know what is the actual net value. Um, as you can see, I have it here and how we're gonna do.

Between use Google Finance. Google Finance is usually meant for, um, uh, you can do currencies, but you can also do stocks. So you can put like Nasdaq, Google, g o o g, and find the price of Google. Actually, we can do that right now. Uh, Google Finance, Google Translate will science, and we can do Nasda. Is, uh, where it's traded, goop or colon go.

And now we can find out what the price of goop is. 1,216. Today on it's April 12th. Uh, 22nd. 2020. And so very similar, we can find a cryp, uh, a currency. So, idr, I'm in, uh, Indonesia right now. Idr, U s d. We don't need, uh, the colon for, um, curr. And it'll come out. Oh, we can also switch this. So that's ID r to U S D.

So U one US dollar to IBR R is 15,590. And so the same can be said about Bitcoin and this is what you need. You need U S D B, TC or B C H or E T H, and you can flip 'em both ways. You can say U S D, btc.

There you go. That's one US dollar to vc. So one BTC to U S D is 6,857. And then you can use this, uh, Google Finance in calculations such as this. Here, I'll show you how this goes. So I'm using the cell in D six, multiplying it by Google Finance. Btc, U S D. Make sure you have the quotation marks there and now you can find out okay if I have, you know, 3.45 bitcoin, I have that amount.

You can even change this format as currency and you can get that in currency, uh, if you wish. And that's how you can track crypto prices.  in Google Sheets. If you want to learn how to take this kind of data, track it month over month, week over week, day over day, add in progress bars. Maybe you're trying to save up a Bitcoin to a goal.

Uh, if you want to track, uh, just see some charts next to it. I, I create nice little spark lines next to there. Um, Go ahead and check out better sheets.co. I'm offering a lifetime access deal right now. All of the, uh, videos I ever make are now available to you. I'll never charge you again. Purchase now and you can find out how to create cool dashboards if you are, um, tracking something.

Our tracking crypto prices, I'm literally working right now. If, uh, if you are watching this later, I'm literally working right now on a crypto dashboard to track your. Day over day or week over week, calculate how much gains, how much losses, and put up charts next to here. Uh, so I hope you come and join me over@bettersheets.co.

And there's also tons of free tutorials all the time. Thanks for watching.