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Record a macro, to Insert a column every day.
Organize tabs appropriately to decrease the friction that other users will have when reading or using your spreadsheets.
Replace and find word will search your documents for specific text, replaced with different text, or you can replace it with something else.
Useful for calculation or filters by dates.


You can easily add your own links and improve your bio for free.


Using Control+Command+Space in inserting emojis into Google Sheets.


Common mistake is highlighting the header of a table in a bold color.
This tool will allows you to share multiple links on your social media.


This will allows you to analyze and organize your data.


This video covers how a user would use Smarket to list items to be sold and then unlist those items to be sold. It uses two different forms for the listing and the unlisting. The key connection is that you use a unique number, or a unique text when entering the item to be sold. Then use that item to delist it once it's been sold. Also you can wait 7 days, and the item will be unlisted.

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