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Use random number generators to make a number guessing game.
we got a pretty darn simple and sweet sheet here with funding. A lead magnet that is 363 questions that PCs investors ask startup founders.
While this advice and all well and good, try out Sheet Styles, a free Google Sheets Add-on that enables you to do this less contrast style in one click. https://sheet-styles.bettersheets.co/
Got this template directly from AppSumo and improved upon it.
In Excel you actually have these options of sorting by year, by month, by date. But let's do it in Google Sheets.
Built a useful tool to filter Google Sheet formulas based on keywords.
Today we're gonna talk about headers. I'm gonna give you three really cool ways to use your headers.
Use the IF() formula to hide completed bars and display messages instead of bars depending on the situation.
Transform your Google Sheets game with Better Sheets tutorials! Learn how to create dynamic databases, design-friendly sheets, and more. Discover hidden formulas and tools, and even build your own. Don't miss out on leveling up your productivity. Create dynamic tools, revamp your skillset, and ultimately master Google Sheets like never before. Better Sheets platform offers more than just tutorials. There is a deep directory of every Google Sheets formula with links to step-by-step tutorials as well as blog posts and youtube videos. It's the ultimate resources to learn how to use formulas in Google Sheets. Every tutorial has listed categories and courses it's a part of. In addition to that any formula featured is listed. And you can click on any formula to see that formula in action in other tutorials on the Better Sheets platform. Watch this walkthrough of the Better Sheets platform.
Reviewing sheets. We're going to get through this whole coffee and we're going to get through a bunch of Google sheets.
Create a headline generator inside Google Sheets. Add dropdown menus to make the generator easy to us.
Every word can be capitalized with this formula.
Create little graphs with SPARKLINE() super easy!
Followup to the Bookmarklet video. To help you find the entry number for each form field.
Create a link to your sheet that immediately download the sheet as a CSV file. Great for sending exports as a link.
Create an epic organization sheet of all your spreadsheets. Unlock the secret to compiling all your scattered information into one easy-to-use sheet. Learn how to merge data from multiple tabs with this one-sheet solution. Perfect for creating summaries and dashboards. Get started now and streamline your workflow!
There are surprisingly few times you want to have blank cells, or even create blank cells. In this video I'll show you the good reasons you want blank cells.
Learn how to find duplicates with a simple formula in Google Sheets.
While the desktop version of Google Sheets does not have a dark mode, doesn't mean we can't make it ourselves. Create dark mode in one click. You'll learn to make a dark mode toggle.
Add extra pizzazz. a little more snazz to your sheets. Make dashboards with very flexible drop shadows. A great google Sheet trick for any occasion.

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