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4 Ways to Make a New Spreadsheet

About this Tutorial

Here's four ways to make a new sheet. There's lots of reasons why you wanna know all of them. Makes you a more flexible, faster spreadsheeter.

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Video Transcript

 Hey, sheet shakers. It's the big sheet head here, Andrew. Really fun little quick video. Here's four ways to make a new sheet. There's lots of reasons why you wanna know all of them. I've used all of them and here they are. So you can literally go to any Chrome browser and go to sheet.new. I use it all the time to make a brand new smack dab out of the oven, spreadsheet everything's there for you.

26 columns, thousand rows untitled. Boom. You got one Now, next way you can do is click a few times if you don't want to, if you don't want to type. No, seven, nine, characters. You can go to a file new spreadsheet. That's a file new then spreadsheet. There you go. That's how to make a new spreadsheet. You got it.

A brand new spreadsheet straight from the oven. 26 columns, 1000 rows. It's called untitled spreadsheet. Now the third way is actually really easy because if you have a template, like I like to use the same color and the same text font color, and I like to like make a little bit of changes and I might wanna like use that as a template and then make every new spreadsheet that way.

This is what you would do. You'd go, you have like a spreadsheet like this where I've already taken off all of the columns to the right, I've taken down 900 and. 82 of the Rose. I've deleted those. I've, I've made all the changes I want to make. And I can go to file, make a copy, and I can make a copy so I can call it new sheet.

There you go. And now this way, when you make a new sheet, it doesn't have 26 columns. It doesn't have a thousand rows. It has, it's set up exactly how you like to have a new sheet set. . Okay. And now the fourth way, which you may or may not have known about I use this often when I share sheets with people.

I don't necessarily, I do ha want to have, I do. , I'm okay with them having access to the sheet, but at the very first flush at the first impression, I want them to make a copy and so that they own it, they have it. And this is how you do it. You go up to the URL at the top where it says edit. I delete that and I have just the docs.google.com/spreadsheet/spreadsheet/d, and then I have this ID number right?

Make sure you have that slash at the end, and then type in copy hit.  and it'll bring you here. So this is what people see. If you share this URL with someone and they have access to the Google.  It will have them make a copy right away. Now, a hundred percent they still have access to the actual documents.

So do you understand that? I think you can give a couple of permission. You can make 'em like just a viewer and they can still make a copy. You can also un, un allow them to make a copy, but in this case, we want to make a copy so you can take any u url, add copy at the.  and then when we hit make a copy, it will literally make a copy in our Google Drive and we have a brand new seat.

It says, copy of four ways to make a new sheet. This, I find is one of the most fantastic ways to share files with people that I know. They need a copy of it, and instead of being like, Hey, go here. Go to file, make a copy, make it your own. Literally just adding. Slash copy at the end has saved other people so much time and so much hassle and so much time on myself to like, explain.

Here's how to make a copy. Boom, right away. One click, they make a copy, and that's four ways to make a new sheet.