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I would not think that I would enjoy sales tax calculators, no one enjoys sales tax calculators, but when it's in a Google sheet, it's really exciting.
A quick video to share with you this theory. Consider repositioning your headers as labels in a dashboard.
I'm gonna talk about how to take a list of emails and figure out which domains count the domains. Few reasons we might do this is maybe we have a newsletter like I do, and we wanna find out which companies it's of like a business newsletter which companies subscribe to us more than others.
I have no idea what to do as a user, so let's make it better.
Want to create sleek, stunning PDFs from your Google Sheets? Look no further! Learn how to easily export your sheets to PDF format and impress your audience. Create a PDF from your Google Sheet.
We have a question from Rupesh about the quick CRM. He wants to add some team members.
Dates are numbers so you can filter them with greater than and less than.
Learn how to use CountBlank() and more counting formulas.
Add visual flair to your Google Sheets when sharing company domain information. You’ll learn how to use an undocumented Google API. ( Easier than you think!)
How to turn many columns into one column.
I'm gonna show you how to make a character counter and then account characters. And then I'm also gonna show you how to make a limit. It's really simple. It's one formula and some conditional formatting
Set a different default font for each sheet you open.
Find out which words in your sheet are the most common. Highest count of each individual word.
Extract the time from a Google Sheets timestamp.
Get crypto prices into a Google Sheet.
Use neon blue to show where someone needs to enter data.
So you want to download a Google Sheet as a CSV. Let's do it!
Turn your sheets into web apps with interactive checkboxes. Make your sheets' UI better with more interaction.
if you're looking for ideas on what sheets to make I think this video is going to be super, super helpful to you because I'm going to explain not just the sheet I want and what it does, but over the course of all of these, I think you'll get a sense of some really interesting ideas on how to make sheets that sell.
Create business names quickly with this Google Sheets trick.

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