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Explore the best-kept secrets of Google Sheets, including adding emojis to your spreadsheets and creating powerful combinations. Impress your colleagues and clients with visually appealing and informative sheets.

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Delve into the world of Google Script and learn how to generate PDFs with just a click. Elevate your document game and streamline your reporting processes effortlessly.

Make a dropdown menu inside Google Sheets you can add to anything and it makes it available in the dropdown.
Learn the best fonts to use in Google Sheets.
Add one more feature to our Photo search inside of Google Sheets.
Turning a drab sheet into a fab sheet. Transform your job search with this amazing job application tracker template! Get it now from the Land of Random newsletter and streamline your job hunt.
Let's make a progress bar in Google Sheets.
Reviewing an existing sheet called "mortgage calculator for Google sheets" I point out the really nice "back to dashboard" button. This seems like a minor point but ends up improving the user interface, and user experience. Users tend to get lost in sheets with tabs, and providing another path to a sheet you know your users will want to go to, is great. At the end of the video I point out that you probably want to provide more outputs than inputs. Meaning that if someone puts in a few numbers, they get out of it a few years of statistics, or calculations in this case. Calculators are cool, but generators are even better. Calculators have a tendency to have more inputs than outputs. You're trying to get to one magical result. But a spreadsheet can be so much more powerful and show many more outputs if you do those calculations,. Especially here for a mortgage, you can show a range of calculations in addition to a single calculation.
How can I use this function, lower, upper, or proper as a conditional formatting? And then the other question is, how can I use this to apply on a bunch of cells without having to double the cells?
 Revolutionize the way you react with emojis! Discover two new methods to add emoji reactions and take your spreadsheets to the next level. Learn how to create a reaction clicker and a reaction picker to personalize your sheets with emojis. Don't miss out on this game-changing method in Google Sheets. 

We're adding some emoji reactions to Google Sheets.
An epic sheet improved in under one hour. Watch this video to see me revamp a Google Sheet and Take it to the Next Level!  Discover the Secrets to Improving this EV Universe Sheet, Including Customized Colors, Easy Navigation and Valuable Updates. 
Create a nomination or voting template. Looking to build better Google Sheets? Andrew from Better Sheets is here to help! Join his membership to access exclusive videos and email support. In this video, Andrew takes a closer look at a Google Sheet template by Tableau ambassador Adam Miko, offering tips and tricks for a better user experience. Save time and effort with Andrew's easy copy-and-paste method. Want more? Join his membership today and start building better Sheets! 
Boost Your Productivity with a Priority Matrix: Learn How to Prioritize Your Tasks and Achieve More! Join us in this different kind of video and discover the best tips and tools to create a two by two grid that helps you determine what's important and urgent. Perfect for daily planners, long-term projects, decision-making, gift-picking, and more! Don't miss out on this collaborative and time-saving approach! 

Great use case for the formula combination of JOIN/FILTER.

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