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Make a New Sheet - Best Practices

About this Tutorial

Create a new sheet and do it well.

Video Transcript

 Hello, welcome. This video is all about the, a brand new sheet. We are going over exactly what I do many times almost all the time, like about 75 to 95% of the time. Whenever I make a new sheet, I'll do a few of these steps. So this is the few steps we're gonna go through. Just to get it out of the way, if you don't know yet a really quick way to make a new sheet is sheet.new.

You'll type that in and it'll make a brand new Google sheet fresh out of the fresh, out of the ro roast oven brand new sheet. So that's one way to make a new sheet or you can go file. New spreadsheet, and that's another way to make a new spreadsheet. It'll make it in whatever account you are logged into.

So this is like my personal account. I'm always making new sheets in. There's good reasons and bad reasons for that one reason I do it. So why I. I'm quicker. It's faster to just type in sheet.new and get a new spreadsheet than going file, new opening Google Drive, all that. And I don't really care too much about it being in this kind of a different place.

One issue or challenge you're gonna have if you create a, if you create a brand new sheet and then try to share it and you share it, say with someone else outside of your Domain you can't pass ownership to them. You can. What they can do is make a copy of it and then they have a ownership of that copy.

So that's the only issue that a challenge you'll come up with there. All right? But once we have a new sheet, many times, this is what I'll be doing. I will go to, say like I or Jay column, I'll select the entire column, then I'm gonna use shift. And then hit the right arrow all the way over, and then I'm just going delete those columns.

So I have this like gray area here. I do this so that I don't get lost. I also do the rows go down to about 20 or so, say 25. Shift command and one click and I write, click delete. Eric Rose. And so now I have this like very small, right few cells, right? I do this for a few reasons.

One, I don't get lost, so if I ever scroll down or if, I don't know if you've ever experienced this before, like you're showing someone a table and they like scroll down really quick, suddenly the entire table is just gone and you have to take time to scroll up. This literally, From happening. And I also do this because I almost always know that my first my first tab is going to be called summary.

So in all caps I make summary. And now I have, I know like I'm not going to use many of these cells. This isn't gonna be a large lot of data. And what I can do, I can then duplicate that and create my data table. And then I almost always have to do some kind of like scratch work or something. So I'll duplicate it again.

And I have work, so now I have a really nice array of tabs that I use like 75% of the time. I'm gonna do data here. Any, if I'm copying and pasting anything into it, I need to parse it. I'm gonna do it here. If I need to do any work, do a lot of like column work, like formulas and stuff and change that data, I'm gonna do it on the work.

Use array formula to get that data. And then anytime I wanna show someone something, I'm gonna just put it on a summary tab. Sometimes they even just go really small just to keep myself, like right now I can't move. Literally there's no scroll bar. This is a really nice situation cuz when I'm using like a keyboard sorry.

A mouse pad. It. It changes and moves sometimes without me thinking I wanted to move it. So that's what I do. And then one new thing that I've done recently since finding this out is I will immediately, before doing anything, I will go over to format. Theme and I will click customize and change the font because I don't really wanna work with awful aerial.

I don't really wanna work, work in comic sands. But it's actually fun. Sometimes work in comic sand sometimes, cuz it's of these that you only get seven of these it's like the only one that's not So computers yeah, you can work in courier. And now, and I even change the text here to 4 44 1 2 3 4 44.

Yeah, I can change the backgrounds if I want do it to better sheets paper, but that's only on charts. Hyperlinks I couldn't change and now, I have this nice thing so I can say, okay, I want to put in some data. Here, and what if I want to change it? I want to change it to 20. If I say, oh, I don't like this, I didn't, can do command and clear formatting, it's command and like the backslash over there on the right far at the top, under delete it automatically goes to this default.

So now I've changed the default from Ariel to courier. So it's a lot nicer, and that's what I do. When I'm creating, I create the base tabs. I create a custom default. I change the default font. I delete extra rows, I delete extra columns. And so now I have a really easy to work with sheet. That's.

Makes it the best experience for me in Google Sheets. It takes, like you saw, it takes about 30 seconds total to set this up, and I feel like this is a much better experience than leaving it on. Like with, when we add a sheet now, it's all these columns over to the right. All these like who needs a thousand rows?

Like how many times do you actually need a thousand rows? I think more times than. I'm much more comfortable with this than a thousand rows. Thanks so much for watching. Enjoy and keep making better sheets, and hopefully your experience in Google sheets is a lot better for this. Bye.