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This is like one of those things that is incredibly frustrating about Google Sheets. I will tell you right now. It is the simplest, stupidest solution
Today we're gonna talk about errors in Google Sheets and how you can fix them. #N/A, #ERROR, #REF!, #NAME?, #DIV/0
Learn how to redirect a domain to a google sheet. Set up subdomains and MVPs of sites easily.
Member Ben asks how to add 1 month to a date.
Go inside this apps script and sheet. See how it's designed and created.
tactics on how to keep your sheets secure.
Building a clone of Wordle inside Google Sheets.
Let's code a Radio button that turns off all checkboxes except the one clicked.
Create a better list of domains.
Learn how to track every change in your Google Sheets with a simple custom function in this video on "What Changed." Discover how to compare sentences, paragraphs, and more with ease. Follow along as we create the function from scratch. Get ready to streamline your editing process!

We code a little apps script to figure out the difference between two cells.

Enable your apps script functions be auto completed while you're using Google Sheets.
the answer is if you have a column of true or false you can use the count if statement argument formula. That's just count if, and then you say your range, and then comma, true. Or false, whichever one you want and you'll get a count.
Automate your apps script and macros you can record.
Build a list of domains you can buy right now. Easily check if the domain you want is still available.
Add one more feature to the 100 Twitter Templates tool.
I download it from MailChimp and then I try to figure out which companies are subscribed to me most. And I do, I have to figure out the domain and count the domain. And we're gonna do that all in Google Sheets.
revisiting the "what changed" custom function I built in a past video. Showing you more apps script
We go deep into the syntax and usage of the SPLIT() formula.

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