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Create an epic organization sheet of all your spreadsheets.
There are surprisingly few times you want to have blank cells, or even create blank cells. In this video I'll show you the good reasons you want blank cells.
Search through and filter data to get what you want, when you want it.


Play an easter egg hunt game inside Google Sheets.


Create a way to grade the quality of a domain based on many different votes and inputs and qualities. Like measuring the length and ranking the results.
Make your lists spicy hot with numbering and bullet points. Learn how to execute this to make your sheets look better.
Creating a video list. We're going to have check boxes that you can mark them as seen.
Made this really quick dark mode click button. And I wanted to show you how I did it because it's dead simple, super simple. It's literally just using conditional formatting
Created a simple tweet starter sheet. Tweet directly from this Google Sheet. Free for Members.
to make better Dashboards consider merging cells.


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