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Returns the content of a cell, specified by row and column offset.

Common questions about the INDEX formula:
• What is the INDEX formula used for? To automatically find a cell via row or column count.
• How can I use multiple criteria in the INDEX formula? You will want to use row and Column. But within those numbers you can have a lot of formulas.
• What argument must be given when using the INDEX formula? Row and Column.

Which other Formulas work well in combination with INDEX?
The best combination is MATCH. Combining MATCH with INDEX creates an almost XLOOKUP like experience, and must more flexible than VLOOKUP.

How can the INDEX formula be used appropriately?
The INDEX formula can be used to look up or reference data values in a given range or array. The syntax for the formula is INDEX(range, row number, column number).

How can the INDEX formula be commonly mistyped?
The INDEX formula is sometimes written in a reverse order: ROW(range), column number, row number. The INDEX Formula can also be physically mistyped as INDX, or NDEX, or NDX, or INDECKS, or INDECK, or INDEK, or UNTAX, or INDED, or INDENT, or SINDEX.

What are some common ways the INDEX formula is used inappropriately?
• Using the INDEX formula inside of another INDEX formula
• Not supplying enough parameters in the INDEX formula
• Not properly referencing a cell inside of the formula.

What are some common pitfalls when using the INDEX formula?
• Not correctly referencing the range of a cell or array
• Not referencing the correct cell based on the argument supplied
• Encountering circular referencing issues caused by incorrect range definitions. *This is the most common error.

What are common mistakes when using the INDEX Formula?
• Not providing enough arguments
• Not referencing the whole range of cells
• Not paying attention to the order of the arguments in the formula

What are common misconceptions people might have with the INDEX Formula?
• Thinking the INDEX formula can be used like the VLOOKUP formula. You must use MATCH along with INDEX.
• Thinking that the INDEX formula can only search for a whole sheet
• Believing that the INDEX formula can be used on its own without any other formulas. It can but it's power lies in combining with others.

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How To Use in Sheets

INDEX(reference, [row], [column])

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