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Creates a hyperlink inside a cell.

Common Questions About the HYPERLINK Formula:
- How do I create a HYPERLINK in Google Sheets? You can copy paste a hyperlink into a cell, or construct one with CONCATENATE or JOIN, and wrap it with the HYPERLINK formula.
- What is the difference between Hyperlink, Link, and URL? a URL is an address, a link is something you can click on to go to another site or part of another site. a hyperlink is a link.
- How do I link to a website in a spreadsheet cell? You can use the HYPERLINK formula to link to a website, or a spreadsheet file, or a spreadsheet cell.

How Can the HYPERLINK Formula Be Used Appropriately?
- To quickly create hyperlinks to websites, documents, and other online resources.
- To make a sheet easier to navigate as users can click around to different cells/sheets.

How Can the HYPERLINK Formula Be Commonly Mistyped?
Not including the "HYPERLINK(" text in the formula.  Leaving out the leading "http://" or "https://" text of a url. Also can be mistyped as LINK, or HYPRLINK, or HYPERLNK, or HYPELINK.

What are Some Common Ways The HYPERLINK Formula Is Used Inappropriately?
- Linking to a malicious website.
- Not using the “HYPERLINK” formula at all but instead using =IMAGE or =INDIRECT.

What are Some Common Pitfalls When Using The HYPERLINK Formula?
- Not double checking the formatting of the URL provided.
- Not encoding any non-ascii characters (e.g. ü or ☃) in the link properly.

What are Common Mistakes When Using The HYPERLINK Formula?
- Not wrapping the URL in quotes.
- Not correctly linking to the desired location.

What are Common Misconceptions People Might Have With The HYPERLINK Formula?
- That a link must point to a web page.  (It can point to a range of cells in a sheet, or a tab)
- That the link must be live in order to be effective. 
- That the HYPERLINK formula can be used to download files from the web.

How To Use in Sheets

HYPERLINK(url, [link_label])

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