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How To Use CONCAT() Function in Google Sheets


Returns the concatenation of two values. The same as the `&` operator. Combines two values into one string.

Common Questions About the CONCAT Formula:
1. What is the CONCAT formula? A formula that combines two values into one cell.
2. How do you use the CONCAT formula in Google Sheets?  Select two values and put the between parantheses, along with a comma.
3. What parameters does the CONCAT formula take? The CONCAT formula takes two values.

How can the CONCAT Formula be Used Appropriately?
The CONCAT formula can be used to combine the text of multiple cells or ranges into one text string.

How can the CONCAT Formula be Commonly Mistyped?
The most common mistyping of the CONCAT formula involves missing a parameter, such as a missing quote or comma. CONCAT can be mistyped as CONCATE, or CONCT, or CNCAT, or CNCT, or CONATEN, or CONCATEN, or CONAT, or CNCATEATE.

What are some common ways the CONCAT formula is used inappropriately?
The CONCAT formula can be used incorrectly when it is used to concatenate cells that contain numerical values, rather than text values. This can produce unpredictable results. And false results. Conatenating 2 and 2 results in 22, where as you probably wanted to add those numbers together. But there are instances in which you do want to combine two numbers together without adding them.

What are some common pitfalls when using the CONCAT formula?
Common pitfalls when using the CONCAT formula include attempting to use too many parameters, which can lead to an error. You might want to add together two numbers, but instead be concatenating them together. One issue might arise when you want to concatenate three numbers, and think that the CONCAT formula can take more than 2 values. You'll want to use CONCATENATE() instead.

What are common mistakes when using the CONCAT formula?
Common mistakes when using the CONCAT formula include attempting to concatenate cells that contain non-text values, such as numbers or formulas; forgetting to include all the necessary parameters; and forgetting to enclose text in quotation marks. You'll either get an error or no error in these cases.

What are Common Misconceptions People Might Have with the CONCAT Formula:
One common misconception about the CONCAT formula is that it only works with strings or text. However, the CONCAT formula can also be used to combine numerical values as well. But the concatenation might not be what you expect. You can still use the CONCATENATE() formula to combine two values. You don't necessarily have to use CONCAT()

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How To Actually Use CONCAT() in Sheets

CONCAT(value1, value2)

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