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Run your business faster, smarter, better.

Everyone uses Google Sheets to run their business.

Googling for every answer leaves you exhausted and bereft of creativity.

For once in your adult life, get excited about Google Sheets.

Better Sheets makes the experience of working in Google Sheets every day, better. Delight your boss, colleagues and even your friends with better designed spreadsheets.

Build internal tools in Google Sheets your company will use again and again. Master spreadsheet workflows to make your life easier. Share your sheets with pride.

Get faster at google sheets so you can escape the sheets and get your life back.

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Get Faster at Sheets

You find yourself doing rote tasks. Again and again, day after day. While designing better sheets makes your life in the sheets better. There’s far more life outside the sheets. Here are the videos that help you record simple tasks and repeat them without fail. You'll learn how to automate your google sheet tasks.

Example Videos
● Write Your First Script
● Record Macros
● Edit Macros
● Trigger Macros Daily
● Send Emails Daily


Get Stronger at Number Crunching

These videos deal with formulas and functions you may encounter a lot. Or ones you may never have seen before. You’re a gold rusher, heading for the hills. You got your pickaxe and bucket. With these fantastic functions you can make sure to get the right gold, at the right time.

Example Videos
● Create a Trailing 12 Months Sales Chart
● Calculate from Form Entries
● Sort Dates
● Switch Data
● Handle Common Errors


Become Smarter At Data Wrangling

Yee Haw Pardner... you got data. The data’s messy. It's keeping you up late at night trying to manage it. You’re copy/pasting, and repeating too many tasks. This series of videos helps you manage that data without having to use automation.

Example Videos
● Create a Self-Adding Dropdown Menu
● Quick Pipeline with Transpose()
● Make your Headers Useful
● Find Duplicates


Better Spreadsheet Design

Every house is a home, if you decorate it. Every home still needs to be livable, functional, useful. These videos not only make your sheets look good, they also help your sheets function. Meaning you won’t be looking around for hidden columns, you won’t have to tell people twice where to put the damn data.

Example Videos
● Better Numbering and Bullet Points
● Build a Better Dashboard
● My Favorite Fonts
● Create Dark Mode
● Add Star Ratings

Join over 2,000 members and get instant access to every lesson, template and sheet.

For a limited time buy Lifetime Access on AppSumo.

🤝 You're in good hands.

Hi, I'm Andrew Kamphey, Better Sheets instructor and Founder.

I've used Google Sheets to run business operations for years. and helped Better Sheets members do the same. Better Sheets provides hands-on step-by-step training on how you can get the most out of your spreadsheets and Google Sheets.

While I do teach you how to build better spreadsheets, I myself make and sell templates. Once you become a Better Sheets member you get access to every video. That includes access to the exact sheet I make in the video.

Better Sheets Includes

While teaching students how to make better Google Sheets I've made a number of templates, scripts, and products. They either show off great uses or make selling Google Sheets easier.

These are all included for free in Better Sheets.

As a member you get access to all of these for no additional charge.

🐦 100 Twitter Templates

$15 Value, Free the day you sign up as member of Better Sheets.

You'll get the first google sheet template I sold. It includes 100 prewritten tweets that help you write more. And it includes a tweet intent url created from each tweet. So you'll be able to tweet faster. The sheet itself also becomes an incredible swipe file for yourself to save the best evergreen tweets you've written and tweet them again anytime you want.

🔒 OnlySheets

$20 Value, Free the day after you sign up as member of Better Sheets.

While selling google sheets myself I found it hard to keep sheets protected before someone buys them. This script allows me to sell a sheet on Gumroad without making the sheet available to everyone with the link. Once a buyer purchases the sheet, they get added as a viewer to the sheet, automatically. I set it and forget it.

Join over 2,000 members and get instant access to every lesson, template and sheet.

For a limited time buy Lifetime Access on AppSumo.


You might not be sold yet.

You might think you can google for all the answers. I was in your shoes once. And to be honest you can. You might even run into one of my YouTube videos as an answer to your googled question.

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Once you think of an ungoogleable question. Then come on back to

In the mean time, you can watch every single YouTube Video I made.


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