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Pabbly Connect Countdown - "Sheet Improvement!"

About this Tutorial

Create a countdown timer inside of a google sheet. Unlock the secret to a lifetime deal... TIMEI! Discover their amazing live Google sheet and join the countdown to their exclusive offer. Watch as we recreate and enhance their sheet with stunning colors. Don't miss out on this epic journey. Click now!

Video Transcript

 Hello, welcome. This is going to be an interesting video because one of the Better Sheets members they sent me welcome. Thank you. Natalia, thank you so much for sending this. PLI is a lifetime l t d. They have a lifetime deal and they're launching it. It's 99 hours and you can see up here and there are.

They have this live Google sheet that is really cool. It's showing the total sales. It's showing even their last launch sales had 3,165, but I just thought we could make this a little bit better. If you go to their website, they have some interesting colors here and they've already picked out these colors, but it doesn't match exactly here.

By all means, doesn't have to, they don't have to match. But I thought it would be nice to match with the green logo. And they have this wonderful pink, wonderful, I don't know if you would call it. Wonderful. I call it wonderful. I think it's really cool. And check this out, they have a countdown clock here.

I'm going to do something in this video. This is gonna be a longer video. Watch out. It's a longer video. I have a light. And hopefully that keeps me nice and bright over here on the corner. But I have a we're gonna do this all in one video. We'll see how this goes. I'm gonna record going, I'm going through this.

I'm gonna recreate not recreate it, but try to make their sheet a little bit better. Maybe use a couple of colors that they use. Make these buttons. See they have a couple. Interesting color choices that I'll see how it goes. I want to try to do this countdown. I'll probably go through the figuring it out with you.

I might be googling some things if I get stuck, but generally speaking, we're gonna stick together. We're gonna recreate this thing and make it better. But I will pause if I happen to have to sneeze a lot. I got a bottle of water here, and if anyone comes in or out, I'll probably pause as well. So well, let's just make a copy, file copy, and we'll make a copy.

And what's gonna happen first? I know this 100%. It's gonna happen. You're gonna get a reference error. We get this reference error because we don't have access to the original document here, import range. What they did here is they have a sales sheet somewhere and they don't want anyone to have access to the whole thing.

So they just made this one cell on row 1,983. Wow. That's interesting. So it, a choice that I would've made is I would've made this like summary. And then set a specific cell. Maybe this is the summary tab or they just haven't named it, but I would definitely name it something like summary and put it on like a one or something very high up and make it so that they have a summary one place and then they have a, give you access to that view here.

But I've done this many times where I've given access to clients or outside personnel and I've only given them some access. And the import range is one of the best ways to. All so what can we do better? For one thing, I saw this wonderful countdown up here. I wanna do that, definitely.

But I do want to fix their button cuz they have these great buttons. Get PLI Connect Ltd. This yellow. What I'm gonna do, I'm gonna take a screenshot real quick. I'm gonna use this color picker. I'm gonna upload. So I got this color too. They, I realized, and one of the reasons why I wanted to redo it is because this pli this blue is a custom color, but it's not their blue as far as I can tell.

Maybe this works to really on different cult on different machines or something. But I picked out this. Three 50 a c d looks like their background. Obviously you can Absolutely. I think I think they probably have it in their inspect here. I'm not gonna take some much time to find that, but I think taking a screenshot and finding the colors is a little quicker than having to go through their inspection here.

Let me make some notes here. I'm gonna make another tab and I'm actually going to keep theirs that. I'm gonna just, it's gonna change this to eight 18 so that it looks nice. That's what it looks like here. I'm gonna make this notes and I'm gonna paste this blue here. This is blue. We want the yellow. Let's go back to our color picker.

Blow in your image.

Any time now. Oh, did it work? There we go. We have yellow. All right, go back here.

Let's put that there. Okay, we got yellow. Let's just double check. Let's customize this. Okay. I'm gonna paste this over here. Just to double check before we go too far and mess up. All right, cool. That looks like blue. That looks like yellow. Just four kicks and giggles. I'm gonna grab that pink just in case that's a hot.

Let's see. That's a hot pink. I want that pink. Let's go over to our color pick.

And again, you probably if you know any css, you can probably just grab that color out of the inspection. But this is also I literally just google color picker out of an image and usually get it pretty quick. Ooh, what is going on here? Is this different? This is a different one. Let's. Just this.

And let's take a look. This is gonna be our pink

and customize it here. Boom. Cool. And then we'll use white as well. And that's just gonna be F fff. 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3. And that's just, Okay. What else do we want to do? So we want our colors. We got our colors. We want to add a, we wanna add a countdown. So we'll add a countdown. Add countdown. We'll, let's just put some check boxes in here real quick.

So we picked our colors. We want to add a countdown. Next, we want to change the colors. Wanna add a countdown? What else do we want to do? Oh, one of the things I realized, I totally thought when I first looked at this, that this eight hundred and one, eight hundred eighteen was a progress bar. I don't know why, but it would be interesting to see, and obviously they might not want this, but this ltd, last launch sale, maybe let's go see how.

How, what the progress to that is, right? So they have three more days. They're probably just, they're right at the start of their 99 hours. And I'll probably be able to end this video and then get them this new one just before they end it. So maybe they can add a nice progress bar here. So I'll add in a nice progress bar.

And this total sold, maybe we'll become one. We'll find a way to put it somewhere. We'll use Spark Line for that. And then we want to add a button here. Okay, so let. Let's do it this way. We'll do the button, make a button. That'll be easy. That'll be, get us a quick win. We'll add the countdown and then we'll add a progress bar for bar based on past sales.

Not based on compared to the last sales. Okay. So that's what we'll do today. We'll do in this video and we'll see how long it takes us. It'll be interesting. So let's keep this, let's just make a duplicate new, not news new. And the first thing we wanna do right, was change of colors.

So we already have 'em in our palette. What's actually funny enough probably has this great green too, in this logo. Maybe let's grab this logo. We wanna make it. Thin black. And we will, let me do this real quick. Let's do something like six caps black and we're gonna move connect down here a row below.

So we want this to be double. So let's do a nice three size row. Let's make a 100 and then let's make this 50. Give a nice hierarchy here. It's three size row 50. And let's make, I don't like this. Six caps. Okay. VEA is great. Hellvetica new, and we're gonna make this let's just say a. Whoa, that's not too good.

We want it to be not in the center, not at the top on the bottom, but we want this one to be on the top and we want it to be 20. Nope. Let's make it 30. That's probably not very good. But let's see. PLI Connect. Pli. They had a nice way here. Oh yeah. Here. PLI Connect. Okay, so full size and then connect.

That looks really nice. And so we need this to be 20. There we go. Ply connect. All right. Total sales updated in real time. We can do that as well. Let's just do above, give it a little more space

and what we're gonna do, this blue line is a nice little divide. But I don't want it to be a divider. I want it to be let's just delete that and put this as this color. Oh, that's what it, let's just do the entire thing in that background color. That's what we want to do. And p connect. Let's change that to white.

Boom. Now we're cooking.

So that's important. So total sales is probably important. Let's use not the yellow, maybe the pink, but we don't care. We don't care that we, it says total sales. We do care. Total sold. So it's a funny, they says, total sales here, updated in real time and total sold Select. Actually, let's do this. Our biggest thing we care about is this total sold.

And the second thing we care about is this last one, last sales. So let's do that. Let's move that around. Let's make these 20. Cause that's pretty important. Let's make this 10. That's real nice. Let's make this 15 little less. Actually, we can even make this even more 20.

Let's make it 30. There we go. Boom. Nice. And we're gonna, I'm gonna hold off on the pink just for now. We wanna put a spark line here, actually. We'll, we're gonna put our count, our let's make it pink for now. That's what we're gonna do. Oh. And then we have one to do the.

We wanna change this into a button. Ooh, this is gonna be fun. So we're gonna use this yellow right here. We're gonna extend this a little bit. We can give a little bit more room. Don't worry. This is all gonna, this is all gonna come together real hot. Real hot. We want to change that text to white. We want to.

We want to make this a little bit cleaner. We don't need all of this. We don't need that. Let's make this a little smaller. Okay? We want this to be a nice size button. We can delete all of this, and we don't need to say that the connect is below. We need to say what do we need to say? Actually, let's make this black, right?

So that's gonna stick out a lot more. We're gonna add a white, let's, I like doing this kind of thing white around the border to give it a little punch. There we go. That sticks out a little. This is something fun that I just discovered is what I'm gonna do is make a shadow, a drop shadow here. It's gonna take a little bit.

It's all gonna come together. Real fine, real fun. Make, I'm gonna add two of these columns here. Resize. I'm gonna make 20 pixels each, and then I'm gonna do the same here. Insert one above. Insert one below. Same. I'm gonna select them. Resize. They need to be the same 20. Alright, so now I'm gonna take this color, put it here and here, and actually gonna merge these.

I'm gonna move this up to this corner and watch what's gonna happen. We're gonna merge it. It's gonna ask, oh yeah, I do want to do that. Perfect. And now let's do, let's do a custom, let's make it a little darker. There you go. Nice. And now it looks like a drop shadow there. Isn't that fun? And then when you click on it, it still has a link.

So it looks like a little button. We can actually, oh, this is fun. We, let's make this border thick and black. And you actually put it on there. There you go. That's looking real fine and dandy. That looks pretty darn. All right. I'm gonna take a pause right here. Drink some water and I'll be right.

All right. Let's review where we are. This is what it looked like before PLI Connect. Total sales updated in real time. We have 99 hours live sales counter. We have last LTD launch sales here, total sold. So this is the main thing we want to look at Live counter using PLI Connect. The LTD link for PLI Connect is below.

So what we did so far is we changed it to background same as their. We are going to add a we're gonna use this pink probably for a couple things, but we already used the blue yellow for a button here. Made a nice cool little button. We can actually make this a thicker line if we want. I don't want to do that right now.

I do want to put this down here and change it to white. That'll probably look sexier. There you go. Live counter using badly. Now we've saved a bunch of room here for our we're gonna add a countdown somewhere. They have their countdown all the way at the top. Let's see if we can do it there.

I'm gonna use this hot pink. Okay. Here is, let's go to our notes just before I go to the counter. All right, so we picked our colors. We changed the colors, we made a button. And now we want to add a countdown. And the last thing we're gonna do is add a progress bar. Okay. So let's see about adding the countdown.

How are we gonna do the countdown? What is their countdown gonna re have to refresh their countdown doesn't last very long. Okay. Pavle Connect, LTD deal closing is three days. We have three days. 22, 2 hours. Three days. Two hours. It is now 2:00 PM God. What? I'm in like Singapore time. So it's 4:00 PM my time in three days.

Okay. Let's see. What is that? First off, we can do this. We gotta figure out the technical side of this, right? Let's do countdown here. Okay. We're gonna use equals now. We're gonna use that definitely. And then, What time is it? Let's do seven, three days, right? 7, 17, 20, 20. 4 0 0. I think this is it.

So we have that right? And then this is equal to this minus this, and we have three. Let's format that as a date. Time. No, not date. We don't want date time. That's not a date, time, duration. Cool. 73 hours and 50 minutes based on now, but this is only gonna change when? When is it gonna change? Let's go to file.

There is spread. Settings calculation unchange. So recalculation, this affects how often now today ran and ran between are updated. We actually want to change it every minute. So we have an option. We have unchanged, which is the absolute normal, like a hundred percent of your sheets are gonna use this. But for this, we want to create a countdown and we want it to countdown.

We want it to actually change. So we need it to change every hour. We can do it every hour, but let's do 'em every minute right now. Let's save our setting. And now in a minute. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna copy and paste values here, just so we can see that this changes number. What was that duration?

There you go. So already we can see some change here. Oh, we already saw the chief. Okay. Wow. That was cool. So what is this? This is 73 hours and 49. Which is equal to this divided by 24 hours is there we go. Three out three days, huh? Okay, so we have, so we have this number and now we want, so let's go end.

And now let's just mark those as just cause we're going to use these probably later. And if you take a, if you take a look at this sheet, you probably want to know which one is which. What are we doing here? We need to figure out how to get the days, the hours, and the minutes. So this is three days. So what if we do this round down?

That's a zero. I think we can do, can we do days, number of days between two? That's not right. Oh, so we need an actual number here though. So let's do, we did this before. So 24. I wonder if we need to change this format. Number, let make it just a number.

Oh, that's interesting. So let's not divide it by, let's just take. Let's just take this format. A number is three 3.07 days. Interesting. So what if I do round down this way? That's gonna be three, that's days, right? That is days. And now we want ours, which is going to be equals. What is this? C3? This is equal.

This, and we're gonna do format number, which is gonna be 3.07. So we want a minus. This is 0.07. That's 0.07 days. So we just do multiplied by we can get minutes, we multiply it. 101,440 minutes in every day. Minutes in every hour. What if we just do times 24? Yeah, because it's 0.07 of a day.

So it's, this is, wait, is this what it is? Is it supposed to be one hour? It's two hours in cemetery or I'm way off. Way off. Okay. This calculation is really tough. Why is this so tough? 1.77 of what? Maybe I did do them math wrong. Point zero seven points of a day, right? What's 0.07 of a day? One second.

Okay. This is where I'm at. I'm. Okay, there's 1,440 minutes in every day, and so this is a hundred minutes, 100.8 minutes. And then I think what I need to do is just divide this. Okay, I think I got it. I think I can do times 1,440 minutes. And then looks like it's counting you down. And then, Divide by 60.

That's probably where I messed up before. Divide by 60, huh? That is 1.74. In reality, it should be two hours. How do you get to two hours then? What is two hour? Two hours is 120. Plus 15. So we should have 1 35. What am I off by an hour? Should this be five? Nope, that would just add, huh? 5:00 PM or 5:00 AM maybe that.

Maybe that's the problem. Maybe this is now and this is supposed to, no, this is. Two. Oh, I think, oh, maybe I, what is the time zone? Oh, time zone is there. That's why this fix formatting such as dates Eastern time, so I'm on Eastern Time, so it's two 16:15 AM Yeah, so it's just, that should be the same.

That should be, what am I missing here? So maybe I am off by one hour, cuz now I have two, right? So two hours. Oh, I'm, yeah, this is great. This is actually perfect. So I have this, and now I'm gonna take this. We want all of the, we want this calculation again, but we don't wanna round it equals. We want the same format.

Actually, I'm just gonna copy paste that to get the format. That's a quick way to get the format. Let's do, oops.

So we want that again. And then we want to do this minus this to get the minutes. And this is gonna be 0.07. This is where I think I might mess. Might have messed. Let's see what happens. So we have point time, 60, 42 minutes. So this is, huh? Oh, and then let's just do roundup. So that's 42 minutes. So we have three days, two hours, 42 minutes.

But I think that's very off of this. Maybe we need duration, cuz that seems oddly close. 42 minutes is oddly close to. The difference. This is 48, no, 48 minutes. This is, this should be a countdown, right? But it seems like it's counting up. Did I do this the opposite way? B two. Oh, yeah. So it should be get smaller and smaller.

Let's see. I mean after one minute, let's see how this goes. This is, it's two 18 right now. This seems right. Oh, did I wait? It seems right. Based on my time, but this is not the right time so this is two 30. Oh, I'm 30 minutes. Oh my God. I'm 30 minutes off. Okay. That is freaking, so I did the math, correct.

Let's do four 30 now. This is three days, two hours, 11. And that is, yes, we got it. Oh, wow. Okay. We're 30 seconds away from, okay. Wow. All right. Awesome. And now we're just gonna decrease the decimals two. Let's do that again. I'm just doing command Y two. So we got three days, two hours, 11 minutes. We got a countdown.

This is gonna roll over every single minute until we get to zero. I don't know what's gonna happen. Zero. I think it's gonna start to be negative, but it's not gonna show up negative. I maybe I will. Okay. Wow. So we have our numbers, we just need to format them. I'm going to put that there. What is this?

Was that used? Oh, that was it. That was. We were testing if this was actually working. It's working. Wait, this is 73 hours. This is the dir. Oh, this is, okay. This is definitely working. I think. Oh, there we go. We, I don't know if we saw that. I don't know if we're gonna be able to get seconds.

Wait. There, let's try to get seconds. There's seconds there. Oh, no. Because it's gonna update every. So we're just not gonna be able to get seconds. But we do have days, hours, and minutes, and we have a countdown. Awesome. So let's add this countdown. Cool. Okay, we got this. Now we're changing into this. Okay.

What do we need here? We need some more columns, right? Let's look at their countdown. It has a nice pink text with these white background highlighted. All right. Let's see if we can match that. And keep everything else sane. Let's add one more. Let's actually add one more above that. These are going to be the same, gonna resize these rows to 20, let's say.

And we want to resize this to say 50 for. We wanna shorten up. Nope, we don't care about that. Let's do days here. Let's do white. And let's see if we can just even these up. And I wonder if that's actually gonna look nicer. It's gonna keep everything nice. What's nice and neat? Oh yeah, that looks cool.

Nice. A lot more space. We have days here. Let's write days here. Let's run that down to 10. Gonna do this, and actually I'm gonna put it on the bottom. I like putting labels on things. Days, hours, whoops. Days, hours, minutes. And this is equal. We already have this all here already, so we're just gonna What equals you need a.

There. Oh, it's because it's white. And let's do this. Let's change it to 35. 30. This is going to be move it over there. And this is equal to. There you go. So now we have our countdown. Wow. What did it say up here? Public deal. Closing in. I think this is supposed to be in deal closing is let's add closing.

Let's put it true here. Let's merge all these. Nope, let's put it right. Nope. There. Let's do. And actually, let's give this a little more room than 10. Resize. Let's, oh, 20. Let's do 30. Give a little tiny more room because it looks cool. We gotta countdown closing.

That seems to need a little more PAs. Let's see. Let's make it vea. Or Avril Fat face. I like the name of Avril Fat Face. Yeah, that looks cool. Ooh. Yeah. Now we're cooking. Let's make this even thicker. Let's make this 40. Boom. Nice. We're gonna put these all the way at the top. Vertical a lime. Cool.

So now, ooh. Now we're cooking. Actually, let's make this a tiny bit smaller. Let's make this a tiny bit smaller. Cause we want everything in one view port. We want this button here to be seen. We can do that. Total. Sold. I'm gonna, I'm gonna do this. I'm gonna change. To Ley Connect just so we can delete another row.

Total sold. This is our main number here, right? This is what we want to show. We want countdown up here. Ooh, I just realized we can add one more thing on the side here. Give it a little more room. There we go. That looks even, but we want this to be a progress bar, right? We can add a little spark line here.

Oh yeah, that was our notes. We added a countdown. Nice thumbs up to us. We added. Now we're gonna add a progress bar to see if we get to past sales, right? We have 818 sales now. Let's see what they have so far. Still at one 18 or not one 18. 818. Cool. Now here's our new one P Connect Total sold. We wanna create a progress bar.

How do we do that? We use spark line equals spark line. Okay, this is gonna get funky. What's our data is D five. And what is our chart type? We put in the curly brackets chart type bar, and then want a max. Oops. Max is going to be this. Let's see what happens. Ah, reference function perimeter two has mitch mismatched column size.

What did I do? I always mess this up. I always have to figure this out. Perimeter two is mismatched column size. Oh, god, what does that. Let's go find out what this means. Spark line has mismatched column size. I always get every, everything you wanted to know. I definitely should re, I should remember this.

I walk through this stuff every single time. I definitely should remember this, but no one can remember everything. Probably just a Google. It's a Google search away what was it called? Mismatched. I bet it's not even on here. Oh, can you? It's not even on here. What is the answer? I know. I know the answer.

I, cuz I do this all the time. I intuitively know. Let's see if I can figure this one out. I think, is it D five? If I have to do something like that? Huh? Expected two, actual four. Oh no. Oh, that's, ah, I did know the answer. Okay. This is so stupid in spark. Not stupid. I'm stupid. It has to be a semicolon.

That's why it's mismatched. Cuz there's four things here when there should be two, and that's how you get two things. Awesome. Okay. Look at that orangey spark line. Oh, damn. That's awful. Let's do this. Okay. That also looks awful. We want pink, right? So let's do, I think I can do something like this semicolon so we don't get mismatched again.

Color. And I think it's, I don't think I can do that. Can I use, I think you can use hex code on sparkline color Hex code. Can we do that? Nice code. Hes hex code. Oh, can use hex code. Let's use hex. Cool. Wait, we have 'em already saved here. Let's use this pink again. We like that pink. We don't want yellow.

Cause that yellow is our action button. We want that action there. Let's do this. Do I need to have, you do need to, that did not do anything.

Oh, I hope colors can be written using their names or his hex code. Yeah.

Did Ben Collins say anything about hex codes? No. He just said, red,

change the color. It says, oh, Oh, I was gonna say, do we need to do another hex code? Okay. It says we can use hex code, but maybe only on a bar chart. No, that should definitely work. I don't like this. I don't like this one. Iotta. Let's just try green. Let's see. Oh then we have more problems than X code.

Oh my God. Why is this not changing it color? Oh gosh. Why is it not changing Nicole? Or one second. I gotta go figure this out. I literally have an entire video on how to do spark line and I can't remember this. It's like color one. There we go. We just have to add the number. Oh, let's use that. Let's get that hex code.

Oh my God, this is so embarrassing because I literally have an entire video on Spark. And I can't remember to add a number one. Let's do these. Were really complicated. I don't expect anyone to remember everything. There we go. Woo. We got pink. We got a pink bar chart. Bar chart. Progress, Bart.

Awesome. So now this will update based on this number and this number. This one's hard coded for us, but I'm gonna send this over to Pavley and like they're more than welcome to use this. This is really. I'm gonna make this as well, so we need to bring that up a little. I'm gonna take a little a few more minutes to fiddle around with this.

Make sure we have everything we want. You know what this says, does say PLI connect, but I want it, this number's so important, right? How do we make, do we make that pink as well or yellow? Yellow is not so bad. I really do want to keep that yellow as. And that pink Ooh, maybe this would be cool.

So this pink number connects to this pink bar chart, connects to this pink closing. So let's keep that. And if you want to buy it, click here. There you go. I do want to, this doesn't look like a bar chart, right? How do we make it more look like a bar chart? Let me see. A border helps. Sometimes borders help these charts like make sure they look like charts.

That sort of doesn't help well it doesn't really look like a progress bar because it's not moving. I'm gonna leave it. Oh, you know what we might want a little tag under here. So let's do this. This equals this. Divided by this. Maybe this will help make it look like a progress bar. We're gonna change the color.

We're gonna center it. Oh, I've done this before. What do I do? How do you make, which one do I want? Railway 10. Let's see. Where's railway? I have to always find railway. Ooh, let's see. Ooh, that's not good.

Let's do, we don't need all those decimal points. There you go. Okay. If you, Ugh, I don't like that number too. That too looks so weird. It looks fine here for some reason, by the way, just in. You get over where is that? Okay, nevermind. But you can, I'd like a comma here. Oops. Okay. So if you come back time and time again, I like kk, I'm saying it I guess in a Spanish accent.

Oh. Okay. I do wanna format these because they're gonna look nicer. Let me just format that. Why can't I see it? What is going on here? Oh, you know what? I know why.

Reset that is format. There we go. There's more formal, more.

Oh, it's up here. Format number, more formats. Custom number, format. I'm just gonna use this one with the comma there. Apply. So now that looks nicer. 3,165. Now anytime this goes up, there we go. We got a comma. This is a percentage in Les. What else? The first thing is this. CL countdown, right?

Closing three hour, three days, one hour, 55 minutes. Let's double check that. That is what is happening. Three days, one hour, 55 minutes, 15 seconds. God, we can figure out that seconds. That would be fun, but I don't think we can because it's only gonna update every minute. So just going back here, our spreadsheet settings, we don't have a seconds here.

We don't have calculation and we could do every hour, but we're doing every. Oh, we just saw it change. Wow. We spend more than a minute here. You're gonna see this change. Yay. And we have this, I do want to fit that all in one. I want to fit this bottom thing in here. We gave everything a little bit more room than we absolutely need.

So I'm gonna cut it back down a little tiny bit. Let's just eye it up. Let's just eye it up. Just, Ooh, we don't like that. Okay. That's not cutting it. That's, we don't want it. Cut. P connect. Total sold. Actually, that's not so bad because you're coming here. You definitely know this is Pav. This is the 99 hours.

You have this up here. So having these for this particular case, just to fit this all in we do wanna make it sure like you, as you're reading this, if you are ply and you're watching this, you can just delete that probably and it doesn't look so bad. You have PLI Connect here, you have PLI Connect here.

It looks actually cleans it up a little, gives everything el a little bit more space. But I didn't want to differentiate two too much from, you had public connect total sales, but now. Right away. You can see, okay, total sold is here, and that's okay. This is where it is. Sorry, this is drawing your eye, but you have this beautiful blue sort of lining.

You have all these alternating colors here that are like, unfortunately they're bringing your eye to the wrong thing. Whereas you can take a little time, take a little focus make it, give it a little, I don't know what I'm saying, make. Where, make the sheet look as you want people to look. Where do you want?

What is the harker you want first? Social. Social proof. No countdown. You want the countdown. You wanna Hey, it's only three hours, one hour, three, three days, one hour left. You want the count? Deal Closing. Done. Done. It's done. Don't be done. We can change this. I have this. Allegra do not like that at all.

I also have six, is it six guns or six? Six caps. Nope, that looks awful. Using eyebrow fat face, I just like the name, but you can use something else that's a little easier to read. But yeah, this total soul this pink on blue, which is funny enough, your blue, this is this like background from pli this color yellow is what Palis used for buttons before.

So it like, if somebody is familiar at all with Pali, or let's see where that goes. This doesn't look too different right? Than this. So it all works in the same realm. Live counter using PLI Connect. That's good proof. Let's center that. Yeah. And we have a nice progress bar here just in case you can actually probably delete that and it makes it look nice.

But we added a counter. We made this a nice button. We added a progress bar. Great better sheet members. You got a ton out of this. Anyone watching this? If you're watching this on YouTube and it's on YouTube feel free to become a better sheets member or go if this is still go, if probably is still happening.

And they let me put this on YouTube, then go buy their lifetime deal. Thanks for watching. Let's finish this off by clicking that. We've added a progress bar. We picked our colors, these beautiful, cool, almost primary colors, that's like blue, yellow, red, a red. We changed the colors from what Pavle had originally used to their own like colors.

We made a button. Let's look at that. We made a button. We gave it a dropdown, a drop shadow made it really look really cool. We can actually give this, I'm not gonna change anything else. We are done with this. Added a countdown at the top. There we go. And how we did that, how did we do that? Let me remember.

We did the end. Or end time. Date time we have now. This is just equals now. We got the difference there in duration. This format is duration. And then we rounded down c3. We took the difference between the round down and what the actual thing is. And we converted that into hours. Then we rounded that down and then we took the remainder from that and made it.

That was really fun. I hope you enjoyed figuring that one out. So now we, you know how to make a countdown. Oh, and the final thing that will make your countdown is you go to spreadsheet settings, you go to calculation and you make on change. And every minute you change the recalculation, you save those settings and we now have a countdown.

And then all we did the math over here, we can even hide that if we. And then we just brought over those numbers over here. I like doing that because then we don't, you can't really f with this too much other people if they have access to this. And that's one good thing also about having this import range from PA that Pavley used.

If you're not familiar with import range, it allows you to get some data from one, one spreadsheet or worksheet into another worksheet without giving access. Giving that person access like legitimately here, this import range. I can just go here to spreadsheets and watch what happens when I need access.

So I can't even get access to that sheet unless I have it. But this sheet has access to it for this number. Oh, and they sold two in the time that we've been talking. Let's go change that to eight 20. By the way, I don't think I can do this import range. Let's go grab this.

I don't think I can do this cuz I don't have access to this sheet. What was that called? Oh, Pley Connect Deal Closure.

Closure exclamation point I think.

Don't think we're gonna get access to it, but what was that? Cell? C six. Cause we're gonna need access to it. C cannot find.

See, six Might even have to put this in.

Cannot find range. Probably cause we don't have access to it. But that's how you do it. Just put the import range there. Let's just double check. Let's see if we can grab,

Nope. Okay. Can't do this. And that's really good to know. That's really good to know that, when you give import range options it's unavailable to other people cannot find range or sheet for import. Oh, maybe it's cuz I misspelled this Pley Connect deal closure.

All right. It's spelled it right, but we can't even access it. But it's really good to know we can't access things that we own, don't own. But probably if you are watching this, you're more than welcome to. Copy this and make this your own. If you want for those learning how to make your sheets better.

Hopefully you learned something really cool. You're more than welcome to email me and or comment on this video, what you learned and what was really cool. If you have any questions, email me first. I would recommend you email me cause I can answer your questions real, real fast. Real good. Thanks for watching.

This has been. I don't know. What is this called? I don't know what I'm gonna call this video. So you'll see the title of the video bite.