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Better Sheets is like Netflix for Google Sheets. Better Sheets is a comprehensive learning platform for learning Google Sheets. Monthly and Lifetime members get instant access to hundreds of tutorials. Step-by-Step tutorials share practical tips and tricks to get you through anything you need to do at work. Stop googling endlessly. Start using Google Sheets effectively. Just like Netflix, more videos added every month.
You will be faster, more productive, and more engaged at work. Automate tedious complex tasks with Apps Scripts. Learn Google Apps Scripts basic functions to do every day things like email reports and daily reminders.







Better Sheets Tutorials cover these areas:

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🗺 The Most Comprehensive Google Sheets Course, Ever

Normally courses cover one thing from A to B. Better Sheets covers Google Sheets from A to AAA. (a little column joke for those who know)
Better Sheets has tools and templates that allow you to add to your existing sheets AND easily start from scratch. Better Sheets breathes and grows as you do. Founder, Andrew, is always available for a quick question. Adding videos every single month. Even if you just need a little encouragement. We are here for you.

⚙️ Leverage Google Sheets to carry the heavy lifting with Apps Script

Learn to use google sheets to automate more complex tasks. Learning even the basics of scripts and triggers unlocks an incredibly useful array of functinality.
Once you learn how easy it is to automate with Google Sheets, your life may be changed. You may be amazed at incredible customization possible with Google Sheets. Create yourself a wonderful workspace, where you already work all day in. Escape Spreadsheet Hell by creating your own spreadsheet heaven.

💰 Sell A Google Sheet Yourself

Create sheets so sweet, that you can sell them. Productize your knowledge, your experience, your workflows, your checklists. Turn your knowledge into info products. Gain confidence that you can not only learn you can do more with Google Sheets but also build complete products for others.
Learn how to sell a Google Sheet along with tools to help you sell more effectively and serve others efficently. OnlySheets paywalls your spreadsheets. Included for free with Better Sheets lifetime membership includes the guide on How to Sell Google Sheets for Fun and Profit, as well as OnlySheets. Sell your own calculators, templates, budgets, and more at Sheeeets.com or even learn to create your own marketplace.

Full membership includes these courses

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Best for Google Sheets users who need something right now. Who want to dig in and explore before committing

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Early Notice of new tools like Atomic Sheets

Early Notice of new courses like Spreadsheet Automation 101

Early notification of new workshops



Best for those committed to a life of learning. At least a year of their life. FYI Lifetime deal available on AppSumo is your best bet right now.

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Access all 200+ Tutorials

Access all Courses

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Early notification of new tools like Atomic Sheets

Early notification of new courses like Spreadsheet Automation 101

Early notification of new workshops

Better All The Time

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I help entrepreneurs, agencies, consultants, coaches, creators, build better Google Sheets. You can access everything forever. No Monthly Payments. 1 fee 1 time. That's all.
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That is magic and amazing and you are a genius. Can you solve all of my problems and issues?


Executive Dirctor

Before this, I merely used spreadsheets to sort from A to Z and maybe some basic SUM formulas. Now, I've saved so much time with all the different techniques and everyone at my work thinks I'm some sort of advanced guru. I've learned about so many things that can be done in Google Sheets that I didn't consider before, even how to make our sheets look more presentable.



When you buy the Better Sheets course, you will get this awesome course plus all the bell and whistles. Anytime I've had a problem or a question (I've had a few) Andrew has always been super accessible and quick with solutions. Sometimes, I've had replies in a couple of minutes. He always goes WAY above and beyond.



I had no idea how much I could really do with Google Sheets. I already learned a bunch of new stuff! - very cool, my mind is buzzing with ideas on how to implement this.



I always knew Google Sheets had great potential but I didn't have the knowledge to unlock it. Andrew's videos have been very helpful towards that and he's been super responsive to all queries.



Outstanding value for a public school teacher This is a marvelous resource for learning to leverage sheets and expand possibilities. Andrew is doing a fantastic job of creating practical, actionable skills. I've been diligently trying out these tools each week and there is still so much to learn. I'm particularly impressed with his customer service and friendly, welcoming demeanor.