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How to Replace Text with a Blank Cell in Google Sheets

About this Tutorial

Learn the Quick Fix! Replace Text with Blank Cell in Google Sheets Hassle-Free. Say Goodbye to Data Glitches. Super helpful when you need to find and replace in google sheets any text.

Video Transcript

0:00 Hey, so Luke is asking how to replace text with a blank cell. Well, we have a bunch of sign updates and without time stamps and stuff.
0:10 He sort of imported this data in and there is some data here, But there is a lot of slash ends, which is sort of a null kind of thing.
0:20 What he wants to do is he wants to get this slash n out here because it's messing up some other formulas.
0:26 And so in one fell swoop, one simple way you can actually fix this. But it's a little bit hidden. And if you're a beginner to Google Sheets, you might not know this.
0:36 So what I'm going to do is I'm going to do Command-F. I'm going to bring up this find. And so I'm going to do Command-F.
0:40 And we can find this text, this slash n. I do this just to double check that the find feature can find this.
0:50 But now how do we replace it? Over here on the side of command F, or control F I think if you're on Windows, is three dots and it's more options.
0:59 Click that and we bring up. A find and replace menu item. Now, why I did that before to see if slash n is shown is like when we see it here, it doesn't highlight it.
1:13 So I just like to see, can we find it first? Yes, because sometimes there's some weird characters here. And what we're gonna do if we.
1:21 Want to replace it with nothing or with a blank, we will literally leave replace with blank. For this I am searching on all sheets.
1:29 You can change this to this sheet if you don't want to change it on other sheets, other tabs here. And literally all we have to do is do this slash n and click one button replace all.
1:41 That is all we have to do. Now every single one is replaced with an absolute blank. There's no spaces, there's no hidden characters, no white space.
1:50 We can click done and it is done. We have our data retained. The text is gone. If I hit Command Z once, If it is for, some reason it was messed up in some way.
2:04 You can do that in Command Z and undo it. Let's do that again just so you see. Again, I can also do, Yeah, here it is.
2:14 In the Edit menu, I can also do Find and Replace, and that'll bring it up right away. So again, I'll be Find.
2:21 N or this slash n if you want to check that it's finding it and there's multiple you can click find and it'll just go through it But I like that visual representation that command F version if I'm in here do command F.
2:35 I like this much better Slash and see it right away hit more options that slash and have a replace with I can also replace it with something else completely and hit replace all and it's now gone for good again unless you want to control Z or command Z it and undo it so hopefully this helps you quickly
2:57 fix any data data monging it's called sort of fixing of data if you have bad data or extra data that you don't want.
3:05 Hopefully this helps you out. Bye.