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2 Tutorials

18 minutes

Get inspiration from reviewing and breaking down great sheets found in the wild.

34 Tutorials

1 hour and 46 minutes

You find yourself doing rote tasks. Again and again, day after day. While designing better sheets makes your life in the sheets better. There’s far more life outside the sheets. Here are the videos that help you record simple tasks and repeat them without fail.

6 Tutorials

59 minutes

Discover how to build games within Google Sheets. From simple guess a number games to complex games like "Wordle"

56 Tutorials

4 hours and 41 minutes

You got messy data. It's keeping you up late at night trying to manage it. You copy. You paste, and repeating too many tasks. These videos help you manage that data without having to use automation. 

3 Tutorials

2 minutes

Updates to new features, new menu items from Google. Google Workspace Updates.

39 Tutorials

4 hours and 43 minutes

Every house is a home, if you decorate it. Every home still needs to be livable, functional, useful. These videos not only make your sheets look good, they also help your sheets function. Meaning you won’t be looking around for hidden columns, you won’t have to tell people twice where to put the damn data. 

27 Tutorials

1 hour and 5 minutes

Apps Script is the code inside of Google Sheets. Create custom functions, new features, and automate your business.

36 Tutorials

3 hours and 39 minutes

These videos deal with formulas and functions you may encounter a lot. Or ones you may never have seen before. You’re a gold rusher, heading for the hills. You got your pickaxe and bucket. With these fantastic functions you can make sure to get the right gold, at the right time. 

24 Tutorials

1 hour and 49 minutes

8 Tutorials

29 minutes

Very short videos with a quick Google Sheets tip. Rock and roll!

14 Tutorials

1 hour and 27 minutes

New features. New tools. New Templates. New things to play around with. Announcements about plans and upgrades to Https://BetterSheets.co

18 Tutorials

2 hours and 45 minutes

You'll be saying "You can do that in Google Sheets?"

57 Tutorials

7 hours and 7 minutes

Master Google Sheets by building tools you'll use again and again.

24 Tutorials

6 hours and 54 minutes

Get inspiration by seeing how to improve a single sheet. Learn tips, tricks and hacks holistically. Discover what makes some sheets go from great to Godtier

19 Tutorials

1 hour and 47 minutes

What to watch when you're just starting out using Google Sheets.