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How do I Insert Emojis into Google Sheets?

About this Tutorial

Using Control+Command+Space in inserting emojis into Google Sheets.

Video Transcript

00:00 Oh, I'm going to answer, how do I insert emojis into Google sheets? But first before I answer how I'm going to answer why, and we'll come back to this, cause I'm going to do the super quick, it's going to be really fast, but I'm going to come back to these well, you're going to get better bullets for your lists.
00:15 You're going to be able to highlight instructions whenever you're telling user how to use your sheet, a you should be able to add a little instructions of writing or some showing is always better than writing.
00:27 So you can use emojis to show something like a hand movement or, um, or have one, two, three, because it's super hard.
00:35 Uh, when you're adding, I'll come back to this, but like, if you want to do one dot, it's really hard to do that.
00:40 You have to do something like this. You have to do equals Y equals one in, uh, equals one doc and you get that done.
00:55 But if you don't want to do that and you do want to list, have things in the list, you can just use an emoji as a one, which is really cool.
01:03 Can move the user's eyes. You can actually have arrows. You can have movement, you can show movement, you can have movement for the user.
01:09 You can also create a drop-down selection box. I'll show you again, later in this video, uh, instead of using just a text, uh, cause sometimes our sheets get really text heavy, but a user could select something like ratings.
01:26 I have an whole nother video about ratings, and I think it's really cool and fun to add star ratings and then be able to, um, move those stars into like numbers so that you can do some calculations.
01:37 Um, and I have a whole other video and that, that video is going to be in the description below. But uh, let me show you how to, how do you insert emojis?
01:45 And then I'm going to come back To this and show you all of these things. So automatic, it's super simple.
01:50 Uh, you're going to want to double click into a cell, uh, and hit the control and you're going to have a keyboard Control.
01:59 Then you're going to use plus command plus Spacewar. This sounds like a lot, but once you get used to it, like I have, I use it all the time control command, plus the space bar and bam, You get a wonderful little, uh, Character map, uh, in Google docs.
02:18 It's a little different, you, you insert a character and you use the good character map, but I really like this.
02:24 Um, the, uh, I don't even know what it's called, but I really like it because it has search. You can search for like a stop sign or no, you can even search by color.
02:34 So if you want to make sure your entire sheet has the right, same color through all your emojis, there you go.
02:41 You can use a policemen dot. You can use these as bullets. I'll show you that later, a blue heart instead of a red heart.
02:48 Um, there's is there a pink? Yeah, there's pink. There's yellow, there's green, All sorts of different types of stuff. Um, you can not fruit.
02:59 Um, and then as you can see here is, and it saves your frequently used ones. And I use this a lot because I use some, some, all the time.
03:06 If you want me to talk about Twitter to go here, Twitter, there you go. Um, Control plus command plus space.
03:14 I'm going to show you one other way. You can do this without the keyboard in case. Um, or if you have a windows, I, you don't know the keyboard shortcut.
03:25 You can again, double click into the cell and then go up To edit. And here's the emojis and symbols at the bottom.
03:33 And it's the exact same character map. Um, this is really cool because just In case you can't use a keyboard or you forget that it, the shortcut, there is a shortcut right there.
03:45 I want to reiterate that you're going to be sorely Upset if you were not double-clicking into the cell. If you choose not to double click in the cell and you have just the, uh, one cell select cell selected, It won't work.
04:01 So right now, I'm not selected in the cell. I click over to add it and there's nothing there. That's up here.
04:11 I have to double click. If there shows up, Nope, doesn't show up. If I use the control command space bar, it doesn't show up.
04:20 So again, I have to double-click as if, and as if I'm typing in, in the middle of a sentence, I can add an emoji.
04:35 Oh, so a really cool way to insert emojis into Michigan. Let me go back to now why there's some really cool use cases, so better bullets.
04:45 So right now, if you are using Google sheets to make lists, you might not Even be using bullets or you might find a option.
04:54 I think it's still, it's your option eight. That is a funky little bullet point for your sheets for your list.
05:01 It just option eight. But that bullet point is going to get really, Really, really, uh, Boring really, really quickly. If you're using this for bullets, sometimes our Bullets need to have some spiciness, some, Some kind of hotness, right?
05:21 So we can use hearts. We can use numbers. I really like numbering these. So if I want to say insert, Nope, the other way, not to leave row insert row.
05:38 And I want to have, um, show instructions have sort of a, a list in the right order, right? In order ordered list, I could change this one too much.
05:53 And then you got one, two or one, two, three can have a third instruction here. And again, just double click here, delete that and just take them three.
06:11 Nice funky color key pad three, one, two, three. Now people know that this is an order. One, two, three. There are, as you could tell, if you type in the number one, a few other options, um, the, this pinky on not following, this is like a normal, like one period you can use there as an emoji, which is really cool.
06:32 I really like this one when you can move a user's eyes. So instead of assuming that a user is just going to move down, like go from top to bottom, uh, you can insert another row here.
06:51 Uh, let's do this as well in server over here. And in between these rows, we can add an emoji. I can go down, right?
06:59 Here's the down point, but we can also go back up and we can move really, really highlight that, right? We can concenter these as well to make them flow a little bit better.
07:19 There you go. Or we can say, Hey, go over to the right once you're done with this one, go to the right.
07:24 And there's a little hand pointing there. There's also a number of arrows, uh, that I find are really good. Uh, you have double herds, you have these arrows that are pointing different ways.
07:38 Um, but you also have these very subtle sort of curves there. And I think that's really fun if you're going from sort of a something here and you want to say, go here can use that arrow.
07:49 That's a really fun arrow. And now we're into like my second favorite way to use, uh, emojis, which is in drop down menus and in down menus.
08:02 Uh, we typically, I will show you, it can do just with that. And let's remove that data validation while here, good data validation.
08:12 Let's remove it. And I'll show you how to add a dropdown, right? If you haven't ever had a user select a drop-down and these are really cool, you just right click on the cell, you want to have the different options, go data validation, and you just change it from I'm going to change it to a list of items you can have yes or no, um, or math and save that.
08:32 And that's a drop down that someone can double click and they can select one of these. They can also take, start typing.
08:40 Uh, you can also just click the space bar and there you go. No user can select this for making quizzes, uh, voting.
08:48 Uh, sometimes you want a wide variety of options or you want just a binary kind of, um, uh, yes, no.
08:57 Or do you want this map? But sometimes our sheets get really text-heavy, especially if we have lots of columns, uh, lots of options for the user, for users, if you're voting on different things.
09:11 So we might want to change these drop-downs to emojis, and we can do that, but data validation, instead of yes, no, and math, we can have like a thumbs up and again, control command space coming down.
09:30 And then, uh, I think it is literally mad. One of these you can choose, uh, like I don't really like it.
09:38 I don't really hate it math and see that. And now we can select this and it shows our thumbs up thumbs down, or that's a really fun thing.
09:51 And with that, we can also use different ratings. So ratings, typically, you're going to see in a Google sheet, like one, two, three, or four or one to 10, and you have to type in a number boring.
10:02 This is really, really fun. And I have a whole entire video about this in the description. Um, our user, a better sheet ask about this.
10:12 Can we add ratings is five-star ratings to Google sheets, and I show you not even just how to use them in your sheet, but how to change them into a number.
10:22 So this three stars can be turned into a number three, and then you can use that to like create averages, uh, find data about what your users are putting in what information you have.
10:33 It's really, really cool. And watch that video rating system is really cool. And it is literally using, you can use any emoji you want, you can use a star, you can use a shooting star, you can use.
10:46 Let's see, what else can you use hearts? So instead of one, we can use three carts. Anything you want, any emotion you want, you can change into.
10:56 Um, you can make it like a rating system. Really cool. Thank you for watching. Um, I really enjoy making videos like this.
11:02 Uh, if you are not yet a member of better sheets, stuck coat, go ahead and go check it out. Uh, we have, uh, $19 a month, or you can buy lifetime access anytime, either on the page that should start coat or over at AppSumo.
11:16 If the deal is still running, thank you for watching bike.