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Get Data With Comments

About this Tutorial

A great way to manage your data if you have a small group of people who want to add data, but you want control over that data in the sheet. Give them the ability to comment on your data.

Video Transcript

 Hi, welcome. I'm gonna share with you just some theories on how to get data. The very first thing that you probably. Think about doing is when you want to have a group of people share with you some data and you're gonna do something with it, you probably go up to file and share this maybe even as a publish to the web or you click to share.

And you share your edit access and you say, Hey, go edit it or change it or do anything. But what that does is doesn't really allow you to have like an approval process. If you wanna get approvals, if you wanna have approval over edits, this is a very bad way to do it. And then the second way you could probably do it is like if somebody's looking at a sheet and says, oh, I need to add something to this, then you might want to create a form that is absolutely fine.

That's one of the most used use cases and ways to get information into a Google sheet with approvals, right? They, you'll create a form and it'll have another tab here, and you'll absolutely be able to get that data and then put it in. But you're gonna be doing a lot of copying and pasting, and if you want to allow someone.

To very easily see the data and then comment on it, right? What you can do, comment here, what you can do is you can share and instead of sharing them on as a viewer or an editor, cause a viewer can only see. And an editor can now has access to edit it, share them as a commenter and share anyone with the link.

If you have a small organization, then you probably want to like, make sure you know who it is. It's actually getting this information. But I've seen communities, open communities allow anyone with the link if they're they want, you know, a few dozen people that may not, may be anonymous or something for some reason.

But this commenting is really, really good. Because then you can see exactly the cell you need to edit or add information. Comments are viewable by everyone else too. So it's really, really easy to see like a community come together a, a and, and share information. So think about that as a creative use case of comments of getting data into your sheet.