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Every Tab Has a Unique ID called GID

About this Tutorial

Less than 2 minute tip to help you link directly to a tab in a sheet. Each spreadsheet file has it's own unique id, a url. But also every tab has a unique "gid" that you can use to link directly to a tab in a sheet. Saving people a click.

Video Transcript

0:01 Hi. I wanted to point out something that might be very unique, or you might have known this the entire time, but every single Google Sheet file has a unique id, right?
0:12 It says spreadsheets slash d slash, and it's says gobbly goop, right? But did you know that every single Google Sheet tab also has its own unique identifier, or G I D Over here?
0:25 This is the very first page of a Google sheet. It will always have G I D equals zero. If you create another tab such as this, it'll have a G I D that is a unique number.
0:37 This is really cool because we can link directly to a single tab. Now, we can also link directly in a sheet to a tab In another way, we don't necessarily have to know the G I D when we link to a tab from the sheet itself.
0:56 We can do this very easily by just naming the tab. Look, if I just do command K, I just wanna link to go to parking lot, right?
1:06 I wanna go to the second page here, and if I just do command K and I start typing parking lot, the name of that tab, it will automatically show me the option for that, and I can link directly to it.
1:18 Very easy then to link to other tabs. But also this tab has a G I D. So this link here when I go to it, is unique just for this tab alone.
1:32 If I go to here, it's gonna open up this page on this tab so I can link directly to a specific tab if I want.
1:41 With just that, just knowing that there's a G I D there.