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Best Buttons Ever

About this Tutorial

 Hey there! In this video, I'll show you how to create awesome buttons in Google Sheets using a three by three set of cells. We'll merge cells, adjust alignment, resize rows and columns, add colors and shadows, change fonts, and even make the buttons look like hyperlinks. And the best part? I'll also show you how to do it all in just one click using the Button Styles add-on. So get ready to make your Google Sheets look super cool with these stylish buttons! 🚀

Video Transcript

0:00 Okay, so you might have some linked lists like this you just do better sheets.co and then you have you know another line and you go you know atomic sheets atomic sheets.com And you're like this these sort of just look lame right?
0:16 But we can create really cool buttons in Google Sheets. We just need a three by three set of cells to do this.
0:23 I'm going to show you how to do this but then at the end of the video at the end of this video I'm going to show you how to do this in one click which is really really cool.
0:31 So let me show you all the parts so you understand what I'm doing and then you'll see how to do in one click.
0:37 Alright, you will have this link here. This is the sort of text you want. What we're going to do is we're going to surround it by a set of three, sort of a three by three cell.
0:48 Give this a little bit more room here and what we need to do is we're going to merge the top left four.
0:56 You can see, you'll see after this you can do any of them. You'll do it in any particular way. We're going to vertical.
1:00 We're going to play a line. We're going to center adjust so that the text is right there in the center.
1:05 The B and D of this, the ones on the left and the right of that center one, we're going to select both of those.
1:11 We're going to right click. We're going to say resize selected cell columns. We're going to do this. For this one we're going to do 20.
1:18 You'll see why in a second. The top and then the bottom one, not shift, but I'm going to hold command.
1:26 It's like both of those resize selected rows. And I'm also going to put 20 here. The sort of key to this is that these do look symmetrical that the top and the bottom of that three cell.
1:41 They are the same and also the bright and the left. Okay. I'm going to increase the size of this cell, the C one, the middle one, and the row here three.
1:50 I'm going to increase the size of that. So right now you see that in this sort of I'll even put a border here just to show you in this area, we have it.
1:59 It sort of looks up into the left. Right. We're going to make it look like there's a background here. So we're going to add this shadow.
2:07 We're going to add a shadow right here. We're just going to color those three cells. And then this cell, we're going to color let's say hot pink.
2:15 We're going to change that text to white. We're also going to change the font over here to something like a, yeah, console is fine.
2:23 We're going to double the size of that 20 and hot. Damn. That is a really cool button because this is a link.
2:30 We can also do some other things. We can do command U to take out away that underline. We can also make it so it's not such a simple URL here.
2:39 Maybe it is a name. So we're going to do equals hyperlink. I'm going to make a formula in here. Hyperlink URL is going to be HTTPS better sheets.co, but then in quotes, we're going to put better sheets.
2:56 So we just have a simple word there better sheets there. We can also add right. In front of this control command space, we're going to add a little arrow.
3:07 And that's going to look really cool, right? We can extend this C column even more. We can make this even bigger.
3:14 Let's put up the 30 and now we're going to do exactly the same thing we did there, but with a different color for atomic sheets.
3:20 So I want to give it a little bit. More space row one, add one above same thing. We're going to take those top sort of left four cells.
3:29 We're going to merge them. That's sort of the key here. Vertically align center. Just going to take six and eight.
3:37 We're going to resize those rows. We're not going to fit the data. We're going to do 20. 20. Then we're going to take, we have B and D already done, so we don't need to do that, but we do want to increase the size of this seven there.
3:51 And then we color this, let's say with hot purple instead of hot pink to make the text white. Actually, I'm going to copy this.
4:02 And paste format. And we're going to just change color to purple. We're also going to take this what is it?
4:14 Formula. And paste just the formula alone. And then we're going to change it up atomic. Sheets. You can get more versions of this at atomic sheets.com.
4:29 And we're going to do that. And we're going to put the background here. And I'm going to do one last thing before I show you how to do this in one click.
4:36 Whoops. I'm going to do take away the grid lines. View show grid lines. Hot damn. That looks great. You can even put it on a nice little background of gray or let's put it a little colored green background.
4:50 And we just have to color in these little bits here on the top and the bottom left. And it looks pretty cool, right?
5:02 Do do do do do do do do do. Yeah. And we can add a third one here. If we want, we can even take all of these three rows.
5:12 Add space. And they're pasted in and it works right away. But let me show you how to get this. The way in one click.
5:20 So we're going to go up to extensions. Add a. Ons. We're going to get an add on. We already have it, but I'm going to show you.
5:25 It's going to hold button styles. And also if you, if you find the link to this sheet, you'll get a link to it there.
5:32 But button styles. Just type it in. And there it is. It's already installed. It's absolutely free. Four hundred and eight, four people have already installed it.
5:40 But I'm going to put a link right here. I'm going to. Make this hot green. I'm actually going to change this text to black.
5:47 And we're going to change this to that button styles link right here. So you can just get it right away.
5:55 Button styles. I'm going to show you how it works. Super quickly. Cause it's only one click. Styles. You need less one of those button styles.
6:07 Get it today. Here. All we have to do is take a three by three set of cells. We go up to extensions, button cells, show sidebar.
6:17 I'm going to move my face out of the way. And here we can set the background color. It's gonna be black.
6:24 Let's make it a little bit less than total black. The font color we do want. White a little bit, a little bit red.
6:34 Because the background color is the color of the where it says better sheets. And the shadow.