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The First Thing I Do When Starting a Google Sheet

About this Tutorial

Are you tired of the default look of your Google Sheets? In this video, I'll show you the ultimate way to revitalize your workspace and enhance your productivity. By changing the background and text color in Google Sheets, you can create a more personalized and visually appealing environment that suits your preferences. Join me as I guide you through the simple steps to achieve a vibrant and eye-friendly spreadsheet experience.

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Video Transcript

0:00 Alright, I'm going to show you exactly what I do when I first start a sheet. This is the very first thing you should do.
0:06 I go up to extensions. I go to sheet styles. I show my sidebar. And the very first thing I do in a Google sheet is I will change the background and the text color.
0:19 I'll change it to papyrus right now. But I do like the paper style myself. And it also changes the font to Carla.
0:26 What this does, this add-on, it's completely free, you should get it right now. Just go up to extensions, add-ons, get add-ons, type in sheet styles, and it'll come in.
0:36 Just go up here, search for sheet styles. And it's the very first one over here. So what does it do?
0:44 In one click, it changes the background color to a nice sort of paper beigey kind of color. You can do it a little more subtle.
0:51 And then also it changes the text color from the blackest black to a little bit less than that. A little less black, more gray.
0:58 And then the third thing it does is it, changes your text to Carla. So why do we do this? We do this because it lets me have less headaches.
1:07 It hurts my eyes if I spend eight to 10 hours a day in Google Sheets, the blackest black text, the whitest white background.
1:15 It's a lot of contrast. That screen is really bright. You can brighten it up. You can lower down this. Brightness sometimes, but if you want to keep your screen bright and you still don't want those headaches in the stark, stark contrast, then what I would recommend is a less contrast, meaning a less
1:33 black, black, and a less white, white. You can also reverse those if you want to do more of a dark, sort of dark mode kind of thing with a light.
1:41 Text in a dark background, but I still would not recommend the whitest way in black and black. I would recommend something in the middle.
1:48 And this does it in one step. So you go over the sheet styles, you go over the sheet styles, you hit the sidebar, and you can have your choice of paper style, papaya style.
2:01 There's alternate rows. And then here's also dark style for those who like sort of a dark mode. So this text, this is text, this is dark mode.
2:12 Pretty cool, right? And you're like, well, I like those. Those are okay. But like, I want to make it my own.
2:17 I want to personalize every sheet I do. You can also do a custom style. You can have a your own background color, you can select anything you want, like maybe this green, and then your font color, you can select any color you want, maybe this sort of a gray here, and set custom style, and the entire
2:33 sheet turns, oh that's a little pukish let's kind of knock down that green a little bit, set custom style. There we go.
2:42 That looks much different. But yeah, that's the first thing that I do, and I recommend doing it in your Google Sheets, just to make your experience better.
2:52 Here at Better Sheets, I'm trying to not just make you better and increase your skill set, but I'm trying to make your experience in Google Sheets better as well.
3:01 Because, let's be honest, for all the tips and tricks and techniques we learn, we're not gonna save time, we're still gonna work 40 hours a week, we're still gonna put in those hours, we're still gonna be mindlessly going into sheets, maybe we'll be doing a lot more, so check out Automate Your Google
3:16 Sheets, check out Spec Sheet Automation 101 to automate your sheets, but we're still gonna spend that time in the sheets.
3:21 See you. It's right. There's no getting around it. So I hope your experience in Google Sheets is better because of me, because of better Sheets.
3:29 I made this sheet styles, this add-on completely free. Go install it today in your Google Sheets. Share it. Enjoy it.
3:38 And I hope your Google Sheets experience is better.