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Roast: Sidekick Recipes

About this Tutorial

Unlock the Secrets of Recipe Organization with this Google Sheet review. A deep dive into a Google Sheet and how to improve it. Not just a Google Sheet Tutorial. Dive deep into a sheet that hold recipes. Great video for those looking to organize and share Recipes in a Google Sheet. Whether you're a home cook or a budding professional chef. You're probably already curating your recipes in a Google Sheet. Here's how to make your sheet better.

Video Transcript

0:01 Ooh, this one is so delicious. Uh, this is from sidekick. This is Rachel who runs sidekick. Um, I think she produced this sheet.
0:12 I'm not sure exactly. I'll I'll go ask her. Um, we'll find out this is a list of recipes and The tabs are breakfast, lunch, dinner, appetizers, desserts, drinks, Vegan, 30 minutes or less healthy-ish and then reader's choice.
0:28 It's not just a choice. It's actually reading submissions. Um, I don't think there are any yet, but last time I checked.
0:34 Yeah. Uh, so I wonder if we can like help fix that, um, Right away, the simplicity here is really good.
0:43 Um, there's just like one glaring issue with it that, um, I can fix really quickly and I can show you what's up.
0:51 So w when using this kind of sheet where we want to have, like the name identity, we want to have that all, but then when someone uses it, as you can see here, um, I can only see two recipes at a time scrolling.
1:06 It it's really hard actually, oddly hard. Um, so let's fix that and really the fix is this. It can do it two different ways.
1:14 One, you can move all of this intro. Like this is a really important, like entry into this. So maybe making an intro tab and really beautifying and making that one, like a one pager, um, with just this information, you can do that, but there's one other thing, like, I understand if you want to not have
1:38 like an intro and then, um, a bunch of pages that might be different than what you want to do. You might want it on this page.
1:47 So how you do that is this line, the rent, the headline header, you put on road one, and then you freeze that and all of this, you put underneath it.
1:58 And so as someone scrolls through it, the intro and the header goes away. Um, this I think is a really good improvement for user a bill, uh, usability, but it dismisses, like if you are making a lead magnet, if you're making like a free Google sheet and you want that to lead to something else, um, or
2:21 you want your branding very clearly on there all the time, then my solution is not going to do that. It's going to be like better for use, um, not better for branding, but there is one thing I would suggest, um, they do to this.
2:40 Um, and it is that this header sidekick doesn't show up on any of the other tabs. Um, I was actually surprised at that.
2:52 Um, I think having a couple of photos at the top of each of these, um, tabs, and again probably didn't want to do it because it did decrease usability.
3:03 So now I'll show you how to fix this. And then I think it would be really cool to have a different photo of different recipes on each one, like a lunch photo at dinner, photo appetizers, so that the user could see and really know that they're on a different tab.
3:19 I know it's really silly to think like, how do you not know you're on a different tab, but these tabs down here is the only way you'll know.
3:27 Um, and cause the design is the same on every single page. So you just want to change one element, which could be a photo.
3:34 And I'll, I'll show you that in one second. All right. So I made a copy of the sheet. The last images are coming through now.
3:42 Um, the only thing I'm going to do it here to show you what's up Is first we're going to go to file no view.
3:49 Um, we're going to unfreeze row six, right? We've frozen row six and we're just going to move row six up to row one.
4:01 Okay. Now we have it on Rowan. Now we're going to freeze row one. And now we have the header here.
4:13 We have the intro again. I would just recommend that Def different tab for this kind of thing, because we want to like really focus on it.
4:19 And we want that to be one of the first things that people see when they come here, because we want, we want shares.
4:25 We want, um, uh, submissions. That's I think A really important part that, uh, we can go into deeper if you want to do a Longer video.
4:34 And I go into a lot along better sheets videos, but now as we scroll down, we have exactly the same sheet, except it's much more readable.
4:46 We can see more, we can read more, we can make it even a little bit more readable by changing the font a little bit, but making it fun, a little different or set up a little different.
4:56 And also this psychic pictures could change on. You could add them to each of these, uh, change them for the different brand names of lunch, dinner, appetizers.
5:06 And I think this makes it a much better sheet. Um, so yeah, I think this offers it. And I think that this offers the sheet maker an opportunity to add in like their subscribed link, a lot more places on every single sheet.
5:23 Um, you can also, one thing I noticed is, um, as you scroll down, like you sort of miss the branding.
5:31 So I would actually insert into maybe every 10 lines, 20 lines like, Hey, so remind yourself, like subscribed to the psychic, like, or you are a subscriber share it.
5:41 I would do different things each time, like share this on Twitter, share it on LinkedIn very many times. If you create a free sheet and you want people to share it, you'll have like sheriff Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook all together.
5:54 But a list like this inserting promos into every 10, 20 lines gives you the opportunity to focus on one. So you can create a Twitter intently.
6:05 We created LinkedIn intent link. Um, you can create a shared by emailing. If you want to, you can use URL to link Jett directly to their Gmail and open the genome and be like, write the subject for them.
6:17 And I would focus on one each time because you have such a great list. Rachel, you have such a great amount of tabs here and you're going to get more readers choice stuff.
6:26 Like I think a great opportunity, like you could put to share, um, promotions in between each of, on this page.
6:34 On the next page. You could probably put another couple and focus on like sharing this recipe on Twitter. Perhaps one other thing I, I just thought of is putting over here on column E uh, Twitter and 10 of like share this recipe.
6:48 Um, I sell a list of 100 Twitter, um, uh, formats. And on that sheet is a Twitter and 10, like the Twitter and 10, like is pretty simple to create in the Google sheet.
7:02 It's a URL that you just take the text and put it in the one text area of the URL. Um, pretty simple.
7:08 And I think that would add, I think people would love that because they want to talk about these recipes. They want to share them.
7:14 Um, but also think about Twitter. Think about Gmail. If we're sharing recipes. So many recipes are shared, um, one-to-one like, oh, I know my grandma's going to want to do this.
7:25 Or my aunt Or my niece or nephew want to make it Needs to make this. Um, that's also something interesting.
7:33 Twitter might not be the exact greatest opportunity. I think maybe Gmail like be, um, This is exciting. This is a really cool sheet.
7:41 I really like it like.