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Naughty or Nice? - Google Sheets' New Dropdown Chips

About this Tutorial

Google Sheets has a new way to do dropdowns. Is it naughty or nice?

Video Transcript

0:00 So you're trying to apply naughty or nice to a list of names and you don't want to type in naughty or nice.
0:08 Well, you can use now Google Sheet's new dropdown interface in order to select this. So let me show you. This just rolled out very recently.
0:18 We go to insert and we can insert a dropdown. Now over here we have some options. The moment that you apply this dropdown, it only applies it to B one, but we can actually change this right here, apply to range B one to B or B, colon B, and it'll apply to the entire range.
0:36 The entire column and the dropdown options are gonna be naughty. We just changed this to naughty and we changed this to Nice.
0:44 And the cool thing is that instead of doing dropdown plus conditional formatting, we can actually do that right here in the dropdown menu.
0:54 We can say naughty and nice and we can color code these right away and we can hit done. And now we have this pretty cool interface that has rounded corners.
1:03 This looks a lot like Air Table, doesn't it? Pretty cool interface. Pretty new, different way to do dropdowns now in Google Sheets.