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How To Use RIGHT() Function in Google Sheets


Returns a substring from the end of a specified string.

Common questions about the RIGHT formula:

1. What does the RIGHT formula do?
2. How do I enter the RIGHT formula?
3. What is the syntax of the RIGHT formula?
4. What are the parameters of the RIGHT formula?

How can the RIGHT formula be used appropriately:

The RIGHT formula can be used to extract a specific number of characters from the right hand side of a cell value. It can be used in conjunction with other Google Sheets functions such as LEFT and MID, which are similar string functions.

How can the RIGHT formula be commonly mistyped:

The RIGHT formula can be commonly mistyped due to the use of the double quote instead of the single quote. Additionally, the RIGHT formula can be mistyped by entering incorrect parameters or arguments in the formula.

What are some common ways the RIGHT formula is used inappropriately:

Using the RIGHT formula to extract characters from the left hand side of a cell value would be an inappropriate use of the formula. Additionally, if the number of characters specified in the formula is too large for the cell value, the formula will return an error.

What are some common pitfalls when using the RIGHT formula:

A common pitfall when using the RIGHT formula is that it will return an ""#VALUE!"" error if the specified number of characters in the formula is larger than the length of the value in the cell. Additionally, if the formula is mistyped, it will return a ""#NAME?"" error.

What are common mistakes when using the RIGHT Formula:

Common mistakes when using the RIGHT formula are incorrect usage of parameters, using a double quote instead of a single quote, forgetting to use quotation marks with text values, and not using the correct range of cells.

What are common misconceptions people might have with the RIGHT Formula:

A common misconception people may have with the RIGHT formula is that it will always extract characters from the right hand side of a cell value, when in fact it will extract characters from either side, depending on the specified parameters. Another misconception is that the RIGHT formula can only be used on numerical values when in fact it can be used to extract characters from text strings as well.

How To Actually Use RIGHT() in Sheets

RIGHT(string, [number_of_characters])

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RIGHT function

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