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How To Use ISFORMULA() Function in Google Sheets


Checks whether a formula or function is in the referenced cell.

Common questions about the ISFORMULA formula include:
• What does the ISFORMULA formula do? Gives true or false to a cell if it's a formula or not.
• How do I use the ISFORMULA formula? Assign a reference to a cell.
• What are the arguments for the ISFORMULA formula? You must pass through the cell address for ISFORMULA to work appropriately.

How do I use ISFORMULA appropriately?
The ISFORMULA formula can be used appropriately to check if a cell contains a formula or not. It returns TRUE if the cell contains a formula and FALSE if it does not.

How can ISFORMULA be misstyped?

How can ISFORMULA be used inappropriately?
Some common ways the ISFORMULA formula is used inappropriately include using it to check if a cell contains a value or not, or using it to check if a cell contains an apps script written function without using an apps script. Meaning the apps script executed and perhaps copy/pasted some data into the cell. But the cell itself does not have a formula in it. ISFORMULA won't work if the cell itself has no formula or function in it.

What are some common pitfalls when using ISFORMULA?
Common pitfalls when using the ISFORMULA formula include forgetting to include the cell reference in the formula, or including quotation marks around the cell reference.

What are common mistakes when using ISFORMULA?
Common mistakes when using the ISFORMULA formula include using the wrong cell reference, or using the wrong syntax.  A huge mistake is thinking that the ISFORMULA formula will validate the veracity of your formula. It merely checks true/false if it is a formula. Not if the formula is correct.

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How To Actually Use ISFORMULA() in Sheets


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