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How To Use ERF.PRECISE() Function in Google Sheets



Common questions about the ERF.PRECISE formula include:

-What is the ERF.PRECISE formula?

-What does ERF.PRECISE stand for?

-How do I use the ERF.PRECISE formula in Google Sheets?

-What is the syntax for using the ERF.PRECISE formula? 

-What are the parameters for the ERF.PRECISE formula?

The ERF.PRECISE formula can be used appropriately to calculate the exact probability of a normal distribution. It takes two arguments, the lower bound and the upper bound. The lower bound must be less than the upper bound, and the values should be numerical. 

The ERF.PRECISE formula can be commonly mistyped as ERF.PRECIS or ERFPRECISE.

Common ways the ERF.PRECISE formula is used inappropriately include providing invalid arguments to the formula (e.g. strings, non-numerical inputs, etc.), providing inputs outside of the specified bounds, and attempting to use the formula for non-normal distributions.

Common pitfalls when using the ERF.PRECISE formula include confusing the upper and lower boundaries, forgetting to specify the appropriate parameters, and providing invalid inputs.

Common mistakes when using the ERF.PRECISE formula include omitting the brackets, including unnecessary parameters, and failing to specify the correct parameters.

Common misconceptions people might have with the ERF.PRECISE formula include misunderstanding the purpose of the formula, assuming that it can be used for non-normal distributions, and assuming it will only work for inputs within certain bounds.

How To Actually Use ERF.PRECISE() in Sheets

ERF.PRECISE(lower_bound, [upper_bound])

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