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How To Use ERF() Function in Google Sheets


The ERF function returns the integral of the Gauss error function over an interval of values.

Common questions about the ERF formula include:

• What is the ERF formula?
• How do I use the ERF formula in Google Sheets?
• What do the variables provided by the ERF formula represent?

The ERF formula can be used appropriately by using the x and t variables to determine the probability between two points.

The ERF formula can be commonly mistyped if the user enters the formula with incorrect case-sensitivity or missing variables.

Common ways the ERF formula is used inappropriately include: overlooking the required parameters, attempting to use the formula for non-probability based calculations, and neglecting to use the parentheses when referencing functions from other cells.

Common pitfalls when using the ERF formula include: forgetting to include the required parameters in the formula, leaving the parentheses off when referencing other functions, and not being aware of the function’s limitations.

Common mistakes when using the ERF formula include: using incorrect case-sensitivity, entering an invalid t-value, forgetting to include the parentheses when referencing other functions, and forgetting to select the correct output range.

Common misconceptions people might have with the ERF Formula include: thinking the ERF formula can be used for probability-based calculations, thinking the formula can be used in the same way as VLOOKUP, and thinking the ERF formula can calculate more complex equations.

How To Actually Use ERF() in Sheets

ERF(lower_bound, [upper_bound])

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