Generate Conditional Formatting in Google Sheets

Creates a custom formula for any use case you can imagine.

Enter your need, describe the range, and it will generate the custom formula in Conditional Formatting.

Explain as much or as little as you'd like

Defaults to A1 if left blank

Conditional Formatting Examples

Write formulas in Google Sheets easily


Match Text

I want to match all rows which contain the word "url" in column A. The word can be anywhere in the cell.

Complex Condition

Greater Than and Less Than

I want to highlight cells in column A where the value is greater than the average but less than the standard deviation.

Data Validation

Within Range

I have a column, column A, for ages, and I want to ensure that the entered ages are within a certain range. Between 10 years and 20 years.


Compare Columns

I want to highlight cells where the value in column A is greater than the value in column B.

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