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Sheet Review of 50 ChatGPT Prompts

About this Tutorial

Tips to help improve the look, feel, branding of Better Sheets Member’s Free Lead Magnet. A free Google Sheet of ChatGPT Templates that just gets better by the end of the video.

Video Transcript

00:01 Hello, welcome. In this video, we're gonna check out JJ Holland's Grier Audience AI prompts member of Better Sheet sent this to me said, take a look at what I've made.
00:11 It was inspired by some better sheets videos, some better sheets templates as well that I've sold. The, probably the Twitter template, I think.
00:21 But wanted to take a look through this. Wanted to review it. I think it sounds wonderful, and what a great little page here.
00:30 And then I also wanted to share with you all, and JJ the creator of this, some tips that I think could improve this sheet.
00:40 The look, the field, the branding and also potentially some op some ways to either build it out more. But, you know, a product like this is great as a Google Sheet because it gets, it, it gets something you've made into the hands of other people.
00:58 And I want to go through it. I wanna see what it does really well, what it's trying to do, and what it could possibly do better.
01:04 So let's get into it. First off, it says up here, social media.prompt.cards, which is a really cool url. It's got this the landing page here has this pretty flashy little sign up here.
01:16 When I click it, it brings me back here. So I'm not sure that you really wanna flash. That landing page looks great.
01:23 I don't know what the, so yeah, it is all about social media, actually. So grow your audience AI prompts. So these are essentially chat G P T prompts.
01:33 You can put into chat G P T based on what social media platform you use. So the templates are not too tweet, not too post ma mask on, but to get stuff out of get it out of chat sheet, p t it's gonna be a PDF and a Google sheet.
01:49 And here we go. We ask the right questions. Grow your social media audience by asking AI the right questions. Then you'll get a bunch of prompts, right?
01:57 Add personality or trait option to encourage the chat sheet p t to do things like that you would do. It can ask any or all of 50 questions.
02:09 So you'll have 50 prompts. You select your favorite. So, so this actually is across a broad range of social networks.
02:17 You be able to pick any or none. Some options, they'll be for us, use chat, pt, grab it for free.
02:27 Yeah. And as of course with chat pt. Now going professional or going pro, it still has a free option, but they do make a point here.
02:36 It's free as long as open AI is giving chat, PT away for free. Here's a social networks. Ah, I think just looking at this landing page, and I know we haven't gotten into the Google sheet yet.
02:47 I would stress all of these more. I would lessen the fact that it's a Google Sheet's template. And, and this is sort of a pro problem for other people, not for me, when, when my entire basis is it's, everything's a Google sheet for me.
03:06 I think this is social, a lit, like maybe call it an interactive ebook. I know it's pretty hard to like, say a Google sheet other than just saying Google Sheet.
03:16 And you might wanna reference Google Sheet. Like, this is perfect. PDF it download for free, and it is a p What you were getting is a PDF and a Google sheet.
03:23 That is it. Some additional things that I've seen when people sell Google Sheets that add to the value and make it so that like, it's not just a free giveaway, but also a potentially, like, there's a pro version, right?
03:36 There could be social prompt cards, pro could be video walkthroughs more than just one template, like here, maybe you're giving away prompts, but maybe more interactive prompts or 10 x more prompts.
03:55 So I love that this is like a very quick way to get something out into people's hands. Get them to sign up with an email address.
04:04 We're going to, you grab the template for free via Gum road. I already did, I already purchased it. So we could start this video.
04:12 It has a $3 nudge if you wish to pay $3 to jj. But it is, as, as he says, free in brackets or quotes.
04:22 You get 50 questions I would put in here. Yeah. See, like, what's really cool is that it allows you to flip through a lot of different prompts and see lots of things and see things that you might not have seen.
04:34 I've used in chat PT similar to this. Something like ai prm.com. I've, I've had access there was a list of, I think it was an ebook of like 50 massive prompts.
04:47 And the prompts were massive things, things that I would never have thought of myself. Templates are awesome. I love templates to sell to, to create in Google Sheets and sell easily as a Google sheet and to maybe offer your services.
05:00 I would add down here, even if there is no pro versions, I would perhaps recommend adding some language around a pro versions, like sign up now so that you get the notification of the pro versions when it's ready.
05:17 Something like that. And then put a couple, like three bullet points of things that could possibly like maybe 500 prompts instead of 50 or Bulletproof Pro prompts.
05:29 Like maybe it's prompts that like we know is gonna come up with great things.  Or yeah, bonus, there's, there's so many ways to do more bonuses.
05:37 Like if you pay 10 bucks, we'll give you coupon codes for other products. You could bundle it like your product could lead into other people's products, not just your own or services.
05:47 Like, hey, get 50% off an onboarding call. Or, or pay for an onboarding call. $49 to the thing is free.
05:55 Just get it, get a pdf, get, get a couple, couple videos. But if you wanna walk through it with someone who's an expert at this, who's done it for, well, not checky PT for years, but other things, if you're thinking, if you're watching this video, thinking of lead magnets think of a Google Sheet, giving it away for free and then saying, Hey, for 49 bucks, or $99 or 299 bucks, jump on a call for an hour and we'll walk through an onboarding session, right?
06:17 Or just watch these, see three videos, right? 15 minutes get started. So I wanted to get back into, or not get, I wanna jump forward a little bit.
06:25 Let's get into the sheet. I made a copy here in my own drive. That's what you end up doing. So you get a PDF and it says, make a copy.
06:34 So you go to the link and make a copy. One little thing that I would recommend, and I'm not gonna show it because the link is there, it's an open link that you have to sh get the link and then you copy it.
06:46 For jj, I would recommend putting that behind a link. Like either a url, if you, if you built this with something like card, you can sort of hide URLs have like doesn't, looks like it's hosted by CloudFlare.
07:03 Yeah, maybe have, have, like once somebody purchases it, yes, they get a pdf, but also go to a URL and say, Hey, click this and have the URL of the sheet slash copy.
07:14 And once they click it, it will click, it will, it will copy it directly to their Google Drive without having to go to the sheet.
07:24 A couple of reasons you might want to actually have people go to the sheet is maybe have some community input or some community board there.
07:32 Other than that, if you don't want anyone to go to the sheet and be in the sheet, or if it's not around some, like if maybe the template's only available for 24 hours, and so people are in there all at the same time and chatting in some way.
07:45 I know that sounds like a really weird idea of chatting in a Google sheet, but it's, we're here for weird ideas, right?
07:51 That's what Better sheets all is all about, making better sheets, making better communities, making better lead magnets, right? Think of, you know, creating a sheet that you're gonna sell, but maybe it's free for 24 hours while people, and people will congregate in there.
08:04 You'll see all the anonymous animals, and maybe they can add some comments and stuff, or like early birds Google sheet's, great to give to early birds who are gonna give you feedback on what to do.
08:15 All right, let's get into it. Here's the sheet that comes up. The first thing I notice is two, well, two things that I notice.
08:23 Grid lines, just, just hide those grid lines. This makes this page look much nicer, even though we all know it's a Google sheet, just, it makes it look a little nicer.
08:32 And then we have all these extra, extra, extra columns and rows. Just download all. Jj, if you haven't gotten it yet, and if you're watching this video and you haven't gotten it yet, get the free Google sheet add-on called Tiny Sheets.
08:47 You can go to Google add-ons, get, get add-ons, type in tiny sheets. Two words, get this, and in one click, we can delete all the unnecessary rows and columns.
08:56 Boom. That is my pet peeve. Done and dusted. It is over with. We no longer have to look at all the extra stuff.
09:03 These columns are unused. I would actually consider using them not as borders, because this is not a pet peeve of mine, but just something that people will do is we add extra.
09:16 We, we all do this. We add extra padding around the text. If we're not going to use that, then I would just delete it.
09:23 If you are going to use it as like this, I would, I would actually use it not just as padding, but merge these perhaps and write some more here.
09:34 Give people more deeper instructions. Right here, you say, but first, make a copy of this sheet, when in actuality we could just go to the url, whoops, go to the URL instead of edit, write copy.
09:49 And I would put something like this right here, and I would say like, click to make a copy. That's it.
09:55 You know, if people are accessing the sheet already I would have this URL very handy in the pdf, I would put it in an email.
10:03 So I, they're sort of a lot of choices you could make. But one, the one choice I would make is do everything.
10:10 I would create a pdf, have a link in there to co copy it. I would ha give them a link to the sheet and have a link in here to copy it.
10:19 Plus, I would add an email when they immediately got it to have a link and copy it. And then either one day, one day and or one week later or a couple times, have more information in emails and say that, Hey, I'm gonna be sending you, you know, one email a day for the next five days about how to use this thing that you just bought.
10:43 I would just clearly, and, and instead of, so one thing is, if you are selling templates, if you are cr creating templates and you're like, here's how to use this the easiest video to make is walk through how to use it.
10:57 So I would send that immediately, but then I would send another one a day later and be like, here's that video, and here's some step-by-step guides on how to use it.
11:03 Two, if you're selling templates, if it's a list of things, I would break them up into maybe like, like maybe put your favorite ones.
11:10 Here's my favorite. Send that one one to 2, 2, 2 days later. Then have categories for them. This is, you know, we're gonna be able to select a select a social media platform.
11:25 So maybe each social media platform in one each day, select some of these prompts that are the best for those, right?
11:32 And then show them. Be like, here's the five prompts that I like the most about YouTube. And then have that in an email.
11:38 Five best prompts for Twitter for Macedon. Have those in an email. Have TikTok five best prompts. That's like, could be the third or fourth day, right?
11:47 Each email is highlighting something about this, right? They've already got it. They got the Google sheet. And why I say this is because it is so easy to download these things and get 'em free.
12:00 If you see on Twitter, so a friend of a friend somebody retweeted it, and then it's free. You paid $0, you went to Gum Road, you got it, you got it for like, some emotional reason.
12:10 And you might forget, it's a Google sheet, right? It's in your Google Drive. But like, how many times do we ever go to Google Drive and actually look at the most recent things?
12:19 We'll, it'll, it'll go away from our mind immediately forward. All we're doing is grabbing a Google sheet and copying it toward Google Drive.
12:28 That one thing is probably the least amount of work we could do. We want to actually use this, though. So make sure you have all those touchpoints after they've gotten this sheet.
12:41 And make sure there's like videos here. You don't have to necessarily record yourself. Like, here, I'm recording myself in a loom this video down here on the right side, you don't need that.
12:52 You can just have a full screen walk through. Here's the three steps on using it, five steps to 10 steps, however you use it.
13:00 Make remind them to make a copy in their Google Drive. Show them around how to select the ico, the down arrow.
13:09 These options, this looks like it's hidden. So right away, I didn't even see these until right now. And now we have these prompts, these outlets these prompt, output, sorry, not outlets.
13:26 So I would hide this template unless there's another video. So I would, I would definitely hide this and add a video of like, Hey, do you wanna edit the template?
13:36 And I would actually show people how to edit the template. I know that sounds crazy, right? Because you're selling this template and then you're like, I really want someone to either buy some other product of mine, or come, come back to me with some like surfaces.
13:52 But I think helping people walk through the sheet and helping them edit the template could actually be much more useful.
13:59 And those people might even be more inclined to buy your services and stuff. Show them how to add to this data again, right here.
14:11 I don't think we need a link to chat.open ai.com. I'm very thankful you wrote inspired by Better Sheets. I'm not necessarily sure that helps.
14:25 It's useful here. But I'm very thankful for it. And then I don't know why someone would visit. So just to say, visit back to this URL where they started with, give them a reason.
14:39 Say, you know, updates the here, or I'll email you with updates. Like, just let them know when, how do they get updates?
14:46 Have a faq, right? What are some frequently asked questions about this? How do I use it? Here's a video to watch it.
14:51 It how do I get updates? If you add more things, he you've, you're already signed up on the email, go check your inbox, blah, blah, blah.
14:59 Maybe, maybe there's a Convert kit email. You have to confirm.  How do I, how do I ask you more questions?
15:05 Oh go, go to gum and buy, you know or, or go to this Stripe payment link or Calendly book a book a call with me, or go to this Stripe payment link and pay for an hour with me.
15:16 Onboarding. Hey, are you lost? Do you want to use this? Talk about some outcomes of it here and say, you know, if you are struggling to get through this, call me or, or email me here.
15:26 Have some, instead of just visit and try it out. I would have some more useful items here. And I'm not so thrilled about this blue, this blue, just to talk about how we can improve this.
15:44 Let's go back to your, like, actually, you have an FAQ here, right? Gi give people the option to read it here and then also in the sheet.
15:57 Yes, it's free. Buy me. Yeah, I would put that. Buy me a coffee right here. Enjoy. Instead of visit prompt.cards, right?
16:06 Maybe have buy me a coffee. Hey, are you enjoying this? Are you using, but also maybe put it in a more strategic place like here.
16:13 Like what you can do is freeze this, this top one, add a row here, and then have the buy me a coffee on this second row.
16:25 So when you scroll down, it will be hidden. But once someone sh the first time they come here they'll see, buy me a coffee.
16:32 And they know where it is, right? But it can get, it can be scrolled out of the way. Putting it on another tab is okay, but I think it's better to put it where people are using it.
16:42 And again, over here on the right, we have some extra columns that I just think, I don't really like that.
16:49 All right, let's look at Checky boutique, because I think you did something really cool on this for jj. You have this like bright, very festive yellow, and then it, it scrolls down.
17:00 And we have this, this white background. Actually, I don't even think this is white. I think this is some gray-ish.
17:06 But you have this great screenshot of chat, G P T, and then you scroll down and you have this great, nice bright yellow.
17:14 And this, you know, actually, I don't even think this is the blackest black. I think this is some gray-ish black, right?
17:20 I'm not sure. But this yellow and black theme looks really cool, right? It, it feels cool. It, it feels bright.
17:28 It's a dark moish. But then when we are on the sheet, it looks like a Google sheet. It looks, oh, this blue, like this blue does not match that yellow at all.
17:38 So perhaps, let's go over here. Let's see if we can grab, I think it's HTML image colors. There it is.
17:46 I always use this. I just like to upload the file. Screenshot this thing. We can grab this yellow. Let's see what that is.
17:56 F ffc. And let's look. Just try it out. Let's see what this looks like. If we just color it, this yellow, woo.
18:05 Nice. We gotta change this all to black, but not the blackest black, right? And we'll change this, but first, so I think I would put this maybe at the right here.
18:22 Click make a copy. Start using, grow your audience. Start growing your audience. Start to grow. Your audience probably is better.
18:39 I think that's the name of the thing. We have this link. It's gonna be blue. That's okay. Maybe we can have another, oh, that, not that bright blue.
18:54 That's a, that's a fine blue. A fine blue, my friend. It is aeriel. Let's find something else. Comforta might be cool.
19:02 Maybe even all caps. Let's see. We got an error cuz we didn't put it in. Tick there. Make a copy.
19:16 Oh, I don't think we got that url. I think we need to copy that again. Let's actually do one more thing.
19:26 I saw something really cool on your first page. There was another yellow here. Is this a different yellow? I think it is.
19:37 That was cool looking. So let's put that around here in this cell. Let's add one more. Yeah, that looks cool.
19:48 We can give this. Okay, this is a really fun way to also, so it's a bit yellowish. So you got a little bit there.
19:59 We could add a bit of a thick gray border. But let's try something like this. Mm. And then I'm gonna do a thinner border on the top.
20:17 Oops, Fine. Thinner border on the top and to the left. Yeah, that's cool. So see that looks a little bit like a button, right?
20:26 The bor the shadow is a, another yellow, but it's a thin line on the left and the top, and then a thicker line on the right and the bottom.
20:35 So that gives it a, an illusion of a button. So I can click on that and click here. And we are making a copy, right?
20:46 Obviously you can't make a copy of this. If you're watching this video, go to social media.prompt.cards and grab it from jj.
20:54 Give 'em your email address, let 'em know what you're doing. All right. But there's another thing here that I want to do other than just changing this to yellow.
21:03 Let's look at this. Yeah, see this shadow, that's sort of what we approximated. Any buttons are gonna be black here.
21:11 You can also do that on the page, on the Google sheets. So we can actually delete all that now. And I would make this instead of centered text I would actually put this on the side and write a lot more here.
21:27 I might even add a little bit of a what are we doing here? Insert above, but little tiny padding there.
21:38 Yeah. And I would write way more here. I would split it up, like put some enters in here. Maybe even have the, hmm, outcome and the output from here.
21:55 Talk about that more then. And I would also keep going down on this page and have some frequently asked questions, links to videos.
22:03 Definitely, definitely linked to videos. So we used Oswald. I love Oswald for headers for this. I would make it maybe, can we make it bigger?
22:14 And can we, can we brand this a little bit more? It just says welcome. But like, can we say grow your audience AI prompts here.
22:22 Yes, we, yes it is there. But let's see what it says here. And then, oh, you know what? I just wanna put right here in this little thing by JJ Hollands.
22:34 And let's center this one. Let's see what happens if we center it and we change it to mm, that's not so great.
22:43 Hmm. IBM can make it a little bit picker. Give it a little bit more branding. Put your name in it.
22:50 Put the name of it inside it. Make it something, some like screenshot, right? Something you can, you feel fun and good to screenshot that people can easily read.
23:01 I don't know if this amatic Mm, this is sort of okay. Way bigger. Yeah, that looks nice. You got your name here.
23:12 You got the name of the product. You got the thing you need to do. Just make a copy and then a little bit of blurb here about it.
23:19 And then I would put again, frequently asked questions or videos on how to use it right here. All right, let's go on.
23:26 I've talked too much about just the look here, matching it to this great page you put here. I would figure out that this is nice font here.
23:34 I think I would figure, way, figure out a way to replicate that kind of looking fun. Not the flashiness of it.
23:43 But let's do one more thing. Thing. We got these prompts. These prompts are gonna go into chat. C p t.
23:50 This is what chat c p t looks like. All right, let's, we, I gotta log in first. All right, well, we have it here.
23:59 Chat. C p t looks and feels. It's, it's like a very dark background with a gray interior. But it's not necessarily, actually, let's find out what font this is.
24:12 Let's use this upload file. Screenshots galore. Let's use this black. There we go. That's a funky number. Let's go back here.
24:26 I wanna make everything that color background. Let's do it. Boom. And then what else do we got here? We got this gray we need as well.
24:41 It's a little bit, okay, I think it's this one. Let's put this this background, this qualer. Okay, now we're looking like it looks like chat.
25:02 G p T, right? And we have also this white, let's see if we can pick out the white or gray.
25:10 Ooh, that's, it's gray. It's not white, right? So let's change all of the text to that. Let's see what happens.
25:20 Now we're looking like chat g p T right now. We look and feel like chat, g p t these outputs.
25:28 Mm. So this is what normally Google Sheets looks like, right? And we use Google Sheets consistently. Like we put something in the left and the top, and then we do things to the right and underneath it.
25:40 But let's do something a little different, right? Chat chip PT is different because it's linear from top to bottom. When we type, when we do some action underneath it is the output.
25:54 So I, that's what I would do. I would make this I don't know how we might do this, but the point is that it gets us these 50 prompts, right?
26:08 Hmm. Let's make a copy of this. I wonder what would happen if I just took this text, text and put it underneath here.
26:22 I think what we need to do is have these on another templates like that. We only need a one column for that, I think.
26:34 And then I think I screwed up something. Of course I screwed up something, right? <laugh>, we're just changing. Duplicate. Let's do I wanna delete all of this and I want to just put this in reference.
26:56 Does not exist. Of course it doesn't. Let's see. Can I do that? Nope. Can I do if I just copy that, paste it here.
27:11 There we go. Now we're working. I think I need to take these. Paste it there. Now this is still working.
27:24 Yes, it is there. Oh, well I think you get, what I'm trying to do here is I'm trying to delete all of this.
27:41 There we go. And let's even delete everything except two more columns. Instead of having a header here, we would, let's move that unfreeze that row.
27:58 Now this is looking more like chat g p T, right? We have our input. Okay, so there's this new dropdown chips that adds these that adds this pill looking thing.
28:12 Sometimes we want, don't wanna use it. If you wanna look like if you definitely wanna look like Airtable, go ahead, use them.
28:18 But in this case, I don't really want to use it. I want to take this off. I think we go to Advanced Options.
28:25 It's a little new for me too. Yeah, we just use arrow Done Donezo. Hmm. And there we go. So we can choose our service.
28:37 Twitter, we can choose some options. And now we have outputs. Let's make these, yeah, there we go. Now we have outputs.
28:47 And then you can have all 50 outputs here. This looks right, like chat. G p T, we made Chachi p t inside of a Google sheet, right?
28:55 Not really. We this now go, these are prompts that we're creating to go to chat G p T. Now here's one little change I would do.
29:02 Instead of putting this link here, I would delete that link from there, put it on here and go here. Now, there is a way I have a feeling.
29:13 I don't know it if you're, if you're trying to think like, what else could you do with this? A couple of ideas might be to link directly to chat g p t with this prompt in tow.
29:24 I don't know if that's possible. I know with like ai prm.com, it, it's an extension inside of Cheche pd. So you just click a few buttons and it does it all there.
29:36 I don't know if you can import into cheche pt. That might be something you can do with just a little, little bit of JavaScript, maybe not part of this video at all.
29:46 What else could we do? I mean, that's it. I mean, what we did is a lot, we, we branded the heck out of this for jj.
29:52 We made it made a button here at the top. We made it look like Chachi pt when you're we're working with prompts and we took the data, I put the templates on another page.
30:04 You have some data on another page exactly like templates. I might put the templates on another page or put it on here data.
30:12 But that is it. I, I hope you got a lot out of this video. I hope, jj, if you're watching this, you got a lot out of this and made it, I hope you can brand brand a lot nicer than that blue, or at least your, your website is so nice looking and, and really feels fresh and bright.
30:28 I would copy all of this to the sheet. And in fact, you don't have to be a one hit wonder here.
30:35 We can switch from this to think we had something like this. So you can make it look like this, right?
30:47 Instead, maybe not the horizontal <laugh> the this, this diagonal line. But you can do something, right? Instead of having just yellow on the page, yellow, black and white.
31:01 And then go back to yellow. You can add another 10 here. We can create section section titles here, right?  You have that ask the right questions.
31:16 You have this right? We can do cool stuff. And I thought, I, I think I gave you a lot of cool ideas for making a pro version of this.
31:24 If you're watching this and you're not, JJ, I hope you got some really cool ideas on how you can create your own lead magnets and brand the heck out of them.
31:31 Make some buttons inside of your sheets and use at least this html colors from your image to grab some very quick colors to rebrand your sheets to make 'em just like nicer.
31:44 More fun to play around with. Make this look like chat g p T, right? All right, thanks for watching. I appreciate if look, if you are thinking how can I increase, how can I make my sheet better?
31:58 Feel free to email me, andrew@bettersheets.co. With any sheets you are selling, you're sharing, you're showing your free templates, I'm happy to do another, a video like this that I just did for jj.
32:09 Happy to give you some more pointers and video some ideas around what you could, else you can do to make it better.
32:17 We're all making better sheets here. Bye.