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Sheet Improvement: Electric Vehicle Stock Tracker by evuniverse.io

About this Tutorial

An epic sheet improved in under one hour. Watch this video to see me revamp a Google Sheet and Take it to the Next Level!  Discover the Secrets to Improving this EV Universe Sheet, Including Customized Colors, Easy Navigation and Valuable Updates. 

Video Transcript

 Hello, wonderful people. Thanks so much for tuning in to this sheet improvement. It will go on YouTube, but it's not on YouTube first. If you're watching this on YouTube, everyone who has access to better Sheets, who is a better Sheets member, has gotten access to this sheet improvement video. First, drop 'em in a folder.

They get access to that, and it is a one time, right now, it's one time. Price only. What we're gonna do today though, is a completely free video. You are more than welcome to watch it. I hope you enjoy it. And we're gonna take this universe.io sheet that is very active. As you can see, there are anonymous.

Animals up here. At one point in the last few minutes, there was a few, like five to six. But I think we can make this a little more better, like design. We can make this a little even better for users and also just add some more cool stuff to it just to make it that much better. This is what we do.

We do better sheets here. So I have a couple of things prepared, but I wanna go through. What is the purpose of this sheet and why are we changing it? What are we doing to it? So one, it is an electric car company that had companies that we're tracking their stock ticker. It's for a a newsletter EV universe.

Go check out ev universe.io if you want to get their free newsletter. Go over there. And check this out. This is a beautiful landing page. It's got this gorgeous blue, this gorgeous green and we have a sheet, a Google sheet that has black and white. So we're definitely gonna change that. We're gonna add some color to it.

The next thing is there is how many lines up here? There's one line, two line, three line, four line. Five lines of header. Now, headers I have a couple videos about headers where this is a pretty useful header, right? We get to, we can join the newsletter. We can go to Twitter, find that person we can find the buy me a coffee.

We even have a button over here that says how to get notifications. You can turn on notifications for this sheet even though you don't own it which is really cool. And then there's this. Email right here. Like he gives us our, his email, contact him. But then here's this other information. So we have a number of companies here.

We have last updated. We definitely wanna know that because say we're coming to this six months later and we wanna know are there any changes like recently? We, this is a good thing to know. It's good to know. Last updates for yourself. If you have a schedule and you pop this into an email, it's scheduled or like a reminder and then you go and check it and you're like, oh, I checked it this morning.

Oh, this has been updated. Or if you have someone working for you, it's really good to have this kind of last updated. Here these latest ads, but check it out. These latest ads go off to the right and then we have to scroll over and I'm gonna do something right away when we copy this. Where it improves the sheet immensely because it's the biggest pet peeve of mine is that there are these added rows and columns here that make the user.

If we do that, scroll down, it makes it really hard to use this sheet. Okay. So we have a lot to do. We're gonna change the colors a little bit. We're gonna do something with this header. I'm not exactly sure, but stick around and we're definitely gonna do something right now. I'm gonna pause the video and copy the sheet.

So that we don't see, look, this is a really popular sheet, but we can definitely make it better. We can make it more interesting to look at. We can also get, improve the room that someone has to work with this. We can also visually look at these differently. Let me I'm gonna bring a whole lot of stuff in here, but we're gonna do it together.

I'm gonna pause the video, copy the sheet, and I'll be right back in a g fee. I meant to say, Jiffy, that was not a gif thing. We're back in a jiffy. So now we have a sheet that I can edit. I'm gonna edit the heck out of this thing. The very first thing I'm gonna do, though, this is a super, is stupid pet peeve of mine.

But I'm gonna delete all of these blanks blank cells down here. All right, so all of this here, now I'm writing on the screen one. All right, we're back and let's just delete all of this right here. See, it's hard to find the exact spot, but we can delete all of these. We're gonna delete a bunch of columns as well.

I'm gonna move my face over here cuz this bar here shouldn't be so small. We can delete it looks like all of, let's just double check up. There's something there. There we go. From K onward we can. With no malice, no mercy. We're killing the sheets. Now this bar down here, much easier to use for a user. We want to figure out how to, what to do with this.

Let's do something really interesting. That probably is counterintuitive. So when you think of making a sheet and you're gonna put this out publicly, you probably think first off, like you do wanna give a lot of information, you wanna give context, you want to allow people to monetize, join your newsletter, all this stuff right away.

What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna separate these things. We have two separate things going on here, right? We have contacts, we have email, Twitter, buy me a coffee, the newsletter. And then we have information about how to improve your usage of the sheet. So we really want actually people to use this sheet first and foremost.

So this how to get a notification thing, we wanna put that foremost in latest ads. I really do wonder if we need to have these at the top one easy way to make this way easier. Let's first create a contact. Okay, we're going to create a contact sheet. Sorry, contact, and this is like any normal website.

We are going to move, we want people to subscribe to the newsletter, but we do want the extra stuff, pick one thing and put that on, pick one thing to do and put that on the front sheet and everything else. Let's put here. We can also design this better. We'll come back to. In a second. Let's give it a little more space because I'm gonna do something funky with this.

It's gonna look like a, what is it called? It's gonna look like a Lincoln bio kind of thing. I just did this recently where you can create a Google sheet that is essentially a link in bio or like a link tree. So I'm gonna use that same principle here and make this into a link tree design.

We got one more thing. Let me know if anything is missing. We want this, so we want to know his email address. We wanna know what else do we want? We have buy me a coffee, email address, and Twitter. So I'm gonna design this in a second, but I want to do one big thing here. This database is live and refreshes every few.

All of this information made by Jane, Jan, sorry, I'm gonna pronounce your name wrong, Jan. All of this information is useful at in one moment, but like 99.9% of the time that we're using the sheet, we want this information. So what I'm gonna do is first I'm gonna take this frozen rose and move it all the way.

I'm going to actually see this company name, these headers here. I'm actually going to move that all the way to the top to row one, and then I'm gonna freeze that row. Okay? So we're only gonna freeze this one row. And now this header here, as we scroll, it goes away. So once a user gets, okay, I can join the newsletter.

I can, yes, I understand the databases live. Yes, I understand the number of companies, yes, I under understand all this stuff. Once they see that information and make a choice to not use it, they don't wanna see it again. We don't wanna keep it at the like head of this. This now provides. Now the user a large, much larger amount of space to actually get the information we want, right?

So that's one big improvement. But also, let's make this a little more interesting for the user to see. Here, let me do this. I want to vertically align down and everything to be centered, but I do want some of. Like design, right? Like this color is killer. So what I'm gonna do, I use this html color.

I'm just gonna do in, just take a little screenshot. Let's do that. And I want to get these three colors. I want this green, this blue. Let me get a bigger one here. Cause I want the extremes of this. So I'm gonna just load this up into HTML color. Let's get this screenshot, I think. Is that one? Yeah.

There we go. So now all I want is this color, this green we're going to use. Let's use this blue. It's nice and bright. Which blue? There's so many little blues cuz it is a gradient. Let's go with this one.

Because that's a nice blue gradient right there. Blue sky, green ground, that's all about electric vehicle, right? So let's go back to mine. Let's close I'll actually, we'll come back to the first one. So let's just create some custom colors here.

There we go. Click okay. Nice. We can even turn this into a charcoal here or even to white. That looks cool. Yeah. And then all of this section here, let's do this. Let's get the, that green and let's see what that looks like. We can always change it later. I want this like earthy green or this ooh, the middle green.

Maybe. Maybe we want to redo that. Grading. I didn't think about. Until just now. Let's try that. Let's get this green sort of mixed color right.

Let's look at that and then we'll also just grab while we're here, let's grab the other green, this darker green, and we'll have that available just in case we want to change it. So this is what it looks like. That green. We might even want to lighten that up or who knows, let's create custom, but we'll have 'em save once we create these custom.

Yeah, we definitely like that other one. That lighter green worked much better. Maybe even just change maybe this row to this darker one. Yeah. So now we recreate this that gradient. All right. We also want to, oh yeah, we definitely want a white text on this all here. That looks nice.

Oh, yeah. Now we're popping. Now this white text is popping. There we go. Oh, yeah. That looks so much cleaner. Next thing we definitely want to do is view grid lines off. All right. That will clean us up a. And we want to take all these borders off and I'd like to really use colors as borders and disregard these sort of extra lines, and that really cleans up a lot of the image.

Cool. So we have that, and now as we scroll down, boom, we have just this header really looks a lot cleaner, gives our user a lot more room to work. One thing I wanna change here. Okay. We might wanna add some logos and give it a little visual. Before we add the logos though, we need an extra piece of information.

I'm, I see another border. I'm just gonna kill all the borders on this whole sheet. And see what that looks like. We don't really need the borders. I'm going to do add one thing, actually. Let's add it right. Insert left here. You are url. Okay, so this is going to be, oh, and it looks like these names we really want to freeze so we can freeze this column.

That might look really cool. Oops. Oh, is there a merged? There? Is this merged? There we go. Let's unmerge that. Let's also move it over.

There. And I think we're gonna have the problem here as well. So what I want to do is maybe I can copy and paste format. Let's see. Yeah. That sort of works. And then we'll come back and let's do command y. Make that really fast for you. So we ever want to do something again just to command y? And now this green really cuts up, oops. Really cuts up the entire sheet a lot visually for our user. Instead of this instead of relying on lines and we can rely on color here. And yes, a hundred percent don't create a situation where you're you can't use it. If you're colorblind like this green, you don't have to know it's green in order to use this.

It might be a shade or a green some other thing for someone who's colorblind. But we can use this as, a nice cutter instead of a line here instead of a couple line. Those border. So let's do this. We are gonna move everything into the center, and I know this sounds really boring, but we do want to do this for our users so that we can freeze that first.

We can freeze that first column, and I think that's gonna look really cool and it'll be totally worth taking this extra five minutes here and moving stuff over One. I think it's gonna be totally worth it. And we can do one more thing. What we can do is take this entire row, let's not include that and make it like this.

And that might make it look really clean there. Yeah, that looks super clean. And hopefully we can, let's see if we can move it over. Ah, there's another problem. There's another merged. Where's the merged ones? Where's the merged? Where are you merged? It's find it there. All we didn't get all the way to the end.

Okay. So probably screaming at me. Oh my God. There's that one more. You got one more to do. And then we have to remember everything we did to it. And now these hoping to go public soon, let's. I liked this idea of seeing these on this sheet, but let's make them actually look like this, like they belong here instead of just an afterthought.

Right? There you go. And let's see. Let, instead of hope, let's just say going public soon, who knows? We might want to change that. If you're watching, then it actually isn't, and you have some legal ramifications of, you can't just say it's going public soon, or My belief then totally change. But now these look like they belong on this list.

Cool. So now we have this frozen column as well, and as if we ever add more stuff here to the right. Which we will in just a hot second. We can scroll through here and that's it. Maybe we wanna also keep the We might want to change a stock ticker over here or Yeah, make it instead of a company name here, you might want stock ticker only so that it gives you just a remem you remember slightly what it is.

And maybe a company name. You actually, these are really long, long, so actually let's do that. I want to move that stock ticker over. And just have a, reminds you a little bit that it's there, right? We don't need the entire name as we scroll over. Like we, we know we're looking at Tesla Motors.

We're looking at tsl. Tsl, all right? But here's one thing we want to do. And it's a little complicated, but not really. We need a url. Okay? So we're gonna do just tesla.com. I think it's tesla.com. We'll double check. Let's do Nicola Corporation. Let's find there.com. And what I'm about to add, I'm not gonna do the entire thing, it's just Nicola Motor.

But I'm gonna show you how to do it and you'll be able to add the URLs yourself. If you want to actually put these on the sheet. Okay. Let's do glove. Where are you? There you are. So we have our dot coms here. I'm gonna go over to another video. I have on YouTube. If you haven't watched this yet on YouTube or if you're a member of Better Sheets, you have it as Access I add icon.

You can add your icons to a sheet with just a domain name. I have to share this really cool little thing that pause that video. So the script is, it's not actually a script, it is literally a URL provided by my friend James over on Twitter. We have this url. I'm just, there it is.

And we're gonna add a logo here. Okay. A logo. And all we need is this image url. And what we're gonna do is we're gonna change this a 10. We need that domain to be J seven. There we go. And so this all it does legitimately, all it does is go to this Google user content, look for favorite cons for the domain, and it'll put it here.

You can change the size. We'll try 64. Let's see if that looks nice. So now as I, if I copy and paste this down.

Oops, we have these let's do this. Let's add one more.

Yep. My mistake here, let's move it over. Paste. And that didn't work. Let's take the entire thing. Cut it and move it. There we go. And we're gonna, let's just, there we. And come in c and I'm gonna just copy and paste this all the way down. And there we go. So now you have a logo of the company. As long as you have their URL here.

And we can see if, what is this company? We will find out and we'll put their url. Good. Alright. So spy yd.com. Great. And let's double check that they have a logo.

Oh, no logo there. So sometimes this doesn't work. Let's see if we just do bid.com. Let's see if that changes. It might not change that, so some of them won't work at all but some of them do, and it looks really cool. Let's see if we can get this logo, see it just a couple more before we move on.

But I think you can move the, oops. You can move this logo over to the far left, I think, and it would look super cool. Yeah, I think this is gonna look super cool if we move this logo. So let's let's do view freeze. No columns. We're gonna move Kay over and we don't even need to label this logo, right?

We can just make this a really cool thing that just pops up.

And also, let's just make this a little bit smaller, and they will, the logos will morph down a little bit as you make your cell a little bit smaller. Let's make it a square here. That always looks nice, design wise. Let's make it 20 and then all of these just give these a little bit more room inside. I always like doing this.

Making them very specific sizes. You know what? Let's make it bigger, 50%, bigger, 30 that, oh, yeah. And that gives 'em more room. And then let's just make this bigger 30. Now this is a square. You can add some another column here if you want to give it a little more space. But I think it's really cool looking and it will add a little pizzazz to your.

If you use it again another video on my YouTube channel. And if you're a Better Sheets member, there's also a video in the folder you have access to, to give you this link here. Also feel free to go back and pause the video over there and just copy down the link. You can use any domain whatsoever and sometimes as you can see here, it's not gonna work.

But you can also put the domains over here, hide them a little bit. One more thing I want to do. So we have this color here this red and. And this is pretty cool. It shows you the change percentage of that particular number. Sometimes though, I find that numbers and colors are really hard to read, so we want to actually make the graph itself also go up and down.

Meaning change of color. We can do this, right? So if you, if we go over to the spark line let me put in. Here, spark line. We have some options here. Let's do this. Let's put our options here. And I think it's gonna be color. I think it's only gonna be color. I'll double check this if it doesn't.

Green. There we go. See, now that's slightly green. You can barely see that, but you can tell if it's in red, there's red. But this one is going up into the right. And we know this is up cuz this is green here. 5.2%. So what we can do is this, we can take this spark line and go if this is greater than zero.

Actually, yeah. Then what do we do? We say if that's true, we want the line to be green. If it's not true, if it's false, we want the line to be red. So here, so we take that and now we can copy and paste this all the way down and see. But this is also very interesting because this percentage is from previous close.

So this is only one day, but this graph is showing you the last 90 days. So what you need to do is figure out the price from 90 days ago and the price of today, do the math, and then if that's greater, then, so if, let's see here. Let's do the over here. So now we know how to do this, right? We have these spark lines.

We just changed the color, green or red. I'm gonna delete, not all of this, I'm just gonna delete, we'll come back to this. So we just need Google Finance price of today.

Minus 90. There you go. And then we're also gonna need Google Finance E seven price today. Okay. So we have these two prices. We need to take the price of today minus the price from 90, 90 years ago, 90 days ago. And now we have this number, right? Let's see. What happens here?

Turn no data. One second. All right, so we're back and I figured this out. So we have the price of today with just the same thing that's in our column E. And then to get the price of 90 days ago, we have to do a little bit of indexing. If we check out what does Google Finance look like 90 days ago it has this reference error and it.

Table, this table is really useful when we're creating this spark line, but it's really unhelpful cause we really just want this 4 49 from 90 days ago. So we use index around that. And we can just do two, two to grab that second column, second row. And now we have 4 49. So that's the price. It was 90 days ago.

So let's cut that and. Do a little function here. We're going to wrap this in a we're gonna take the price of today, minus 90 days ago, and we're gonna get some difference, right? This 2 0 6, so 90 days ago. This is the difference between this point and this point on the graph. Okay? So all we need to do then is wrap this in if, and say if this is greater than zero.

Then what should we do? We should just give the graph in green. So I'm gonna do this and I'm going to copy and paste this. Actually, I'm gonna move this over here so we can use that there. Copy paste this. We have this saying it's green. If it's greater than if just that F seven is, but we really want to replace it with all of this.

So let's go here. Not F seven, but this entire thing. So now we say Google Finance, get us the price today minus the price 90 days ago. And if it's over zero, we want it to turn green. If it is not, then we want it to turn red. Okay, so you're probably wondering what else we can do because there is going to be what is going on?

D seven.

There you go. So there is gonna be a problem where they're the same. Oh, they're all green. Let's do, let's make sure this works. And it actually turns it red. There it is. So now that's red. That should be red as well. There we go. So we have some red, we have some green. And again, this is really important to note that if you struggle with colorblindness, this doesn't preclude you from knowing what this graph looks like.

You can literally see the line that's still going up into the. It, and you should have some number somewhere that says, this is a positive number. This is a negative number. These are obviously these are from previous clothes. These are daily. So it's probably better to notate this in some way.

This is daily. It says it up here, previous clothes, right? But the green and the red give us just a little bit more interesting to thing to look at. So far we've added URLs. We've added icons, we've added these colors. We've added color to the graphs over here. We've also deleted all of the excess information or lack of information, the blank things.

The last thing we wanna do is we wanna create a nice, we want to put this information in a nicer manner. Now we have some room, right? We might even be able to delete a couple of these rows, but for right now, let's see what we got. I'm gonna move this information let's yeah, let's move this information over here.

Outside of this,

There we go.

What else can we do? We can also move this over here. We're gonna do something else with this. Give it a little more interesting thing. Let's go back to our ev universe.io and take a look. Get our free newsletter. We have this image. Perhaps we can take a screenshot of this. And insert that. Let's try that.

The reason for this is that once somebody clicks that button, we want them to visually realize what they should be doing there and we should match that, right? So let's do this. This is what we started with. This is where we are now. Let's delete this cause we just need to get to eve universe.io and let's inserts see what this looks like.

Image in.

Let's upload that. Let's just see what that looks like. It may or may not look the best, but we should just try it anyways. Get our free newsletter. And what happens then? Oh, the screenshot took that little yellow thing. Oh my God. Let's take a better one of that. But actually, I don't know. Let's see if this looks better.

Or this, oh, it's gonna always do that. Okay. If you wanna use this, maybe insert a different screenshot when you're not record. When I'm not recording a video, but you get the idea, we can take a screenshot, but let me look at what does it look like if we insert into the cell that whole thing.

Ooh. Yeah, we need some more room for this. So maybe what we also need to do is all of this information here we need to put on somewhere else. Let's, we have a contact list. We'll come back to that soon. We'll design, we also, ooh, let's do this, let's just copy this and we're gonna call this information.

This is extra information. We can know if we want to get, more information about the sheet. We can also recall this, like settings or something. But yeah. Let's just move all this text over here to this,

and maybe you wanna put some, I forgot what it is. Like not trends, not policies, but like extra information in order for you to, get additional, enrich your knowledge about this sheet. But if we get rid of all of this stuff, I think it's gonna clear up a lot of room that we can give that one clear call to action. Sign up for a newsletter, put it right front and center, and then also allow the user to get rid of it, right? But when if they don't want it. So let's just delete all that. Oh, let's take this as well.

We can always come back and design this in a nicer way too. We can view just quickly do that now. We can make this even bigger. Make this what? Bigger, not smaller bigger. Let's delete all the extra rows here.

Okay. Maybe not that big. There we go. So there, oh, we want to make it definitely Helvetica. Oh yeah. Maybe make this one wrap around. There we go. That looks nicer. Let's even give this background that blue. Ooh, this looks garish already. I already don't like it. Let's give it this green. Just gonna go through here.

This probably looks terrible to someone who actually has a good design eye, but it just gives you that idea that we can make these pages a little bit nicer than just black and white as well.

Let's do that.

There we go. So that looks a little bit better than just black and white. And also it takes away all that extra information that we had. And gives us a lot of room to work with. This right here. Let's, there we go. Get our free newsletter front center right away. Let's put a link here. Eu, ev, universe.

There we go. And now we have, oh, images Don't do it. So we can't do that with image. But we should be able to one second. Okay. Here's a little bit of a change of our plan right here. We are going to make this text look super nice and we're gonna say equals hyperlink. Here we say, first subscribe to the universe.

Oh. And then we want the link to be e the Universe.

Oh, I definitely switched that around. That is good reason for errors to exist. So they tell us, what did we do wrong? There we go. Subscribe to universe.io. Let's give it a little bit more pizzazz. Let's use Pacifico here. That might not be the best, but let's see if it's, Ooh, that is hard to read. Let's not go with Pacifico.

Let's go with VEA again. Cool. We can even make this the same. Length, and that looks a little bit better. So now as we scroll down, we use these colors to give us that line across. We've added these logos. Now. Once we scroll down, we have all the information we want. So as a user, I get all this information.

Awesome awesome sauce. We can also make. A little white here. Let's see if that looks, that, that sort of looks good right there. That looks nice. It gives it a little bound. Makes it not go all the way to the boundary here. We can do similar. We want to, we broke up something here. I know we did. I know we did.

Huh? I guess it's been fixed. So we have that line all the way across. Now we have more room to actually use this as a tracker, right? We can see our names, our numbers. We can see our company names. We have our contact information here, just like a website we added here. We're gonna come back to that.

We have our information, but let's make this contact sheet a little bit more interesting. What I'm gonna do now is something that is super fun. To do, make these look like buttons, and it's pretty darn easy once you know the steps. We're gonna go, we're gonna add one more column here. I'm going to resize these perfectly symmetrical resize columns.

We're gonna do 30, and we want these columns to be the same width as the height of these. You'll see why soon, it'll just look nicer. We want it to be 30. There we go. And now we have here is this text here is in the center of this sort of nine box rectangle. This nine box rectangle isn't gonna mean nine boxes.

We want to merge right here. These four. What this is gonna do is allow us to make a little shadow right here, and we do that with. We can use, let's use this first and use this box. We're gonna make the, this one we're going to change the text to white. This case, I think it will look better with Pacifico.

My God now is almost unreasonable, but it makes it really fun. Let's do this. Can I, you take that underline off and now this looks like a button, right? What we have to do is we'll get rid of all these lines. It's gonna look a lot cleaner. Soon enough we're gonna view grid lines, take those off.

Oh, and then this center one, we li we are gonna make a lot. And now we're gonna center everything center, Berkeley Line Center there. Now that looks like a big clickable button, and it is, it's a link here. We can then also, let me see if I can just commend c and paste format. I wonder if this works worked.

It got a lot of things done. Let's make this email way bigger and let's make this text. Let's move this text down. One, give it a little more space. We can also, because we're not like all of our text is not scrunched in together, we can write this out. We can say, let me know if anything is missing and we will put one.

And make this a big button as well oh, it is all there. I just need to change the what is it, the size. There we go. And I'm gonna make this all the same size. So these look the same. So we size select. Let's make this 50. See what that looks like.

I'm gonna pay special format only. Great. Let's just change this. Can we change it to, there we go. Buy me a. Here's the email. I don't like this Pacific. Pacific. I thought it would look way better. I'm gonna do something crazy here. I wonder if comic sand, this is gonna look okay. That looks way better.

No one in their right mind is gonna use comic sand, so I'm gonna use it right here for this. I think it looks really cute. I think we can also change this to. Vea. Yeah. And we're gonna definitely change this white background. What should we do? I really like darker backgrounds. Let's see what happens if we use pure black right here.

It's, I think it's gonna look a little too neon. A little too contrasty, but let's just see. Can quickly make this all black. And already I can see it's a little too. For me. So we're gonna change it to charcoal. We have, do we have an extra line? Oh, we do have an extra line because of that text. But once that text shows up, it's not gonna look so garish.

So let's just change that to white. There I go. Let me know if anything is missing. Also, you can take that off. I don't think that's a super people will email you if they really need you, if they really need to or want. We have extra rose. Oh my God, we gotta get rid of these. Why didn't we get rid of these in the first place?

There we go. So now we have this nice, cool looking like a link a link tree. We can take the I felt could take. There we go under, take those underlines off. And once people hover over them, they're gonna get that link. But let's change this to charcoal. Oof. Ooh, yeah, that one's better.

What this does, it just doesn't hurt people's eyes when with that contrast, and you can still be able to read this much easier, easily. There you go. That looks super elegant. At least it looks a lot better than what we had before, and we can also change this as well. I didn't like this green. I thought green on green is a bit weird, don't you agree?

And you can also make these labels the same way they look like they can look at buttons. I think it's a cool aesthetic to have. But yeah, we've definitely made this a lot easier to read, a lot easier to use for users. We've made this big call action right here at the top. Let me go through all of the changes, but let's go and look at where we came from.

We came from here. We came from this we had this black and white. These frozen rows cut off pretty much 35% of the screen. We want this information on our sheet, but we want it when we need it. Also we used a lot of borders here and we kept those grid lines. So what I did first off is I killed those extra rows and columns.

I killed those grid lines. We'll make our own. We used our own grid lines with colors. We took all a lot of that information. Most of that information that we put on the. We put it on contact and information sheets. You can also rename these. We made a cool little almost link tree style button list here.

We made these into buttons. I love doing that. I think it makes it a really cool aesthetic. We added some visual elements like these icons. Definitely go and check out that other video. If you're watching this on YouTube, I have another video thing, if it's called At Icons to your Sheets, Google Sheets with just a domain name.

If you're watching your Better Sheets member, you have access to it in the same folder. We also did a really cool thing here with these graphs instead of just relying on the physical look of the black graph, cuz sometimes those li you don't know where those points at the beginning end look like.

We did some math and we figured out is there, is it a again or is it a loss and we now color it green or red based on that. We very similar to this here, but we did it on a graph. What's cool too is if you are fanciful, if you want some, if you want a task or a. Add another if in here to say if it's equal to zero, if the difference is absolutely zero or even not a major difference, like maybe under one or between negative one and one, make it black so you can add that I I rely on you and I challenge you to try that out.

To add another if you were having difficulty with that and you actually try it and you wanna know how to do it. There are a few better sheets, videos where I go into how to use if and multiple if functions. But also feel free to email me and be like, Hey, I tried to do this and I couldn't. I'm more than happy to help you out and where your problem is.

Cuz it is a little confusing sometimes. Put putting those. Functions in between each other. If you want the maker of the sheet can add these URLs here. And what you'll do is you'll be able to, and all of these images will then pop up, right? Or not all of them. The ones that have a favorite con will show up if you don't have a favorite con.

It'll look like this. We also, we took colors from the original site, so this is EV universe if you are interested in ev. Go ahead and subscribe. And if you are interested in making better Google Sheets consider subscribing to my newsletter, better sheets.ck.com. Everything you wanna know about Google Sheets and making better sheets, you can find a better sheets.co.

There. It will always be a lifetime deal. It is not a monthly service or a fee. They will always be available. A lifetime deal. Right now it's available on AppSumo. Get for $19 Ev forever. I'll never charge you again. Go ahead and have a good time. Hope you enjoyed this sheet improvement and making EV universe AO a much better sheet checker for their the EV universe of stocks by.