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Sheet Improvement: Better Band Bureau Better Schedule

About this Tutorial

A few tips: Delete extra columns and rows to improve readability, change the colors and fonts to incorporate branding, and adjust the sheet to promote the Better Band Bureau podcast more.

Video Transcript

 Hey, we are back with another sheet improvement. This time it's from James from the Better Band Bureau. Love better things cuz this is better sheets. Um, and let's get started on this one, I'm not gonna go through every single sheet. We're just gonna change this schedule around. We're just gonna make it look a little bit better.

Um, so first we've gotta make a copy. Um, it's gonna be really, really confusing because it's gonna be better blank tour sheets. Um, But his, it's the better Band Bureau. So better sheets, , let's call it. Um, so it's not as confusing for him or you. Let's see what we can do with this. Uh, right off the bat, I see that he's already, it looks like he hid the grid lines and then added some, but, um, we're gonna make, let me move my face over here cuz here's our schedule.

Um, God, where, where do I start? First, I would just delete all these, um, extra things. Ooh, we have some data down here that we didn't even see. And look, this is one of the pet peeves of mine in sheets. Whenever I have a sheet that I know exactly its length, kill every other, um, column, every row. Um, so you don't get into this abyss of.

sheet. This is like, I have nightmares about this stuff. Like where am I? What row am I on? Where's my data? Those kinds of things. So we, that's the first thing we're gonna do. That's just a pet peeve. I do shift command to the right arrow and it's gonna go super slow. Cause this is a big sheet it seems. You can hear my computer ratcheting up.

Um, ratchet. Uh, you have these interesting things here, so we want to keep those. Let me, um, delete everything down here

and that's just a couple of keyboard keystrokes there that I've put to muscle memory. It's like shift command and down arrow, or right arrow or up arrow, wherever you want to go. Alright. . Let's see. Oh, grid lines are on. That was confusing. All right, well turn those grid lines off. First off, get out of the here.

All right. We have a schedule. We have date venues, so this is interesting because it is, James is helping bands and this, this is an advertisement for his podcast. It's a tool for people that are, Bands that are wanting to use this. So we have to consider, we really wanna make sure his, um, branding is full and full of branding.

And we can click this, see like, here's an interesting problem. We can't click this link and we wanna click the link. Like I'm, I'm trying to physically click, click the link. Um, one way you can fix it. We're gonna come back and do more, but we can just combine, merge these cells. . And now we can click this link.

So this is a new thing where, this is a new thing in Google Sheets where you can select just some text. Let's go here and take a look at what he's doing here. Um, what it looks like. We have this great green color all around. Is this everything? Um, let's see what this got the, listen, what's.  give this black, this green, this white, these great colors.

Let's use these colors in that promotional sheet, cuz maybe this is gonna be sent for free if this is sent for free to bands. We definitely wanna put our brand all over the damn thing. If it's being sold. We wanna be a li we wanna limit it a little. Ah, great. So it's white with this green, um, logo. This logo looks nice.

Um, but. , this image pops out at me. I wonder, I wonder what we could do. This green play button just like screams. Click me. You want that? Okay. I'm gonna grab this. I'm gonna, I'm just gonna copy the image address for right now. I think this, and I'm gonna put this up here. He wants that podcast. He wants people to listen to the podcast, which is fine.

Let me add a row. Let me just see if I can just insert a row. I want it background white. I just wanna see what this, um, this image is gonna look like. Here it goes, image. And then I have that, uh, in my clipboard. Man, that's a lot more.  readable. Um, but let's, let's do something fun here. Let's get this color first.

When I get this color, I wanna make, I wanna make the text in this color here for better band dot listen. And I want to, um,  Moo, I want, but this is really cute, right? So what's gonna happen is this covers what we need to use. So a lot of people are gonna be pissed about this. Link. So let's give it a little more room.

Um, I'm thinking about a whole lot of stuff here. Let me pause and recom back. Alright, so this is very, um, personal. Hi there, James from Better Band Bureau here and you can listen. Well, I found on the Better Brand Band Bureau his. We really, if we're gonna be promoting this, and we're gonna say, hi, it's me, James, and not hi, behind this better Bra Band bureau, um, logo.

We want that image. So let's, I'm gonna replace this with image and need a parenthesis here. Let's replace it with this nice image of James. Um, I'm gonna, you know what? I'm gonna do something crazy here. I'm gonna insert another column. I'm gonna bound this because this schedule is very important, but this branding up here, we're gonna, um, we might be able to use this branding in other places.

So I'm gonna move this over here and give it some more cells. I'm gonna move his image here. I'm gonna make everything white. This blue is not part of the Better BR Band Bureau, and this will create a nice, clean, uh, white backup. This, um, borders. We're gonna do something special with these borders. I'm gonna grab the green, uh, color here from his, um, logo, and we're going to figure out what that is and then we're gonna use this border.

Okay, so, um, I just got the URL of the image and so I got this here. And all we need is this color code right there. Bam. I think it's gonna be this. Let's just double check it. Um, is correct. Let's put it right custom here. Okay. Okay. Nice. So now we have our custom color. Okay. What are we gonna do with this color?

We are going to change the. Um, border color. So right now border color is that, um, oh god, I got it. Lost a little sound. We're gonna also thicken it up. Did it change? Nope. Did not change the color. Try that again.

There we go. Ooh, that's sexy. Ooh, that's sexy. And now if I do that all the way down, okay, the top, we're gonna make thick, but this one we're not gonna make as thick. Ooh, that's sexy. Ooh, that's so sexy. Now. Now this text, Ooh, now we gotta do something about this text time's the enrollment. It's eight. Um, let's make it 10.

At least we want to make these a little wider. Ooh, we have this weekday. We can do this. Let's see if that helps. Oh, that doesn't help at all. Um, let's move these to the center, and also I'm gonna center them here. Why? Because it looks a little cuter. . And what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna, actually, I'm not gonna pick this color.

I'm gonna pick a custom color that is what's the, um, complimentary. Let's just use a very, very light green, super light green on the yellow side. Let's try that. Ooh, now that's sexy, right? Ooh, baby. . We don't need a colon there. We can actually make this all caps schedule. That's what we need. And times in Roman, all caps does not look good.

Let's try Oswald. Ooh baby. We are pump. Let's make that even bigger. 20. Yeah. Oswald's good because you can make the super big tech size. Let's see what happens if we, um, Do Oswald as well. I love Oswald. Yeah, it's, it's readable. Let's try 12. There we go. You know what? I don't like that these are, um, on two lines, so let's do that.

Ooh, yeah, let's even, I bet there is probably a reason. You have more here than the rationale, but these probably could all be the same size probably. And let's make it just a little bit bigger than that. There we go. Now this looks just a lot sweeter, right? Um, we can move these all around. This is, this looks printable.

We wanna print it. Let's change that from, um, I don't wanna use Oswald. Pirouette. That's really hard to read. Let's increase that size a little bit. We're gonna center these as well. Center these as well. Center them on that way too. Ooh. Yeah. Um, but this pirouette, we gotta fig, do we wanna do Oswald? Not bad, right?

That looks a little bit better than the other sheet. Already we look a little bit better than the other sheet. . But let me do something right here. I want to decrease these a little bit cause this isn't what we need. We need to do 10. Okay. And let's decrease this just a little bit. Boom. Nice. Harder to read.

A little bit harder to read here. Totally fine. Um, because we'll know these eventually, they just looks good. We just need to have it look good. We can actually, you know what, also I'm gonna take the griding off of this. Ooh, that's sexy. And then also off of this one, and I'm gonna bound this right here. So we just need the border on this side.

There we go. Now that looks a lot better, lot less lines. All of this here too, can absolutely be changed to. Less text. We have this photo here. Let's move this all away. I wanna move this here, but I'm just gonna grab this, um, text and I'm gonna move it right to there. Merge those, put that text in there.

Nope. You know what? I'm gonna unmerge those. I want, I want that text exactly like that. There we go. Now, . All we are gonna use this second row for is a little white space because this is gonna have our branding, it has better brand beer Band Bureau. Here's James. I want this all the way over here. I want this like that.

I want it merged. I want this on the right and I want this on the left. So let's merge. Put that. I want those right next to each other. I want James to be in this. Image. Everyone should see this. And this actually should be a face, right? I like that. It is him in front of a console. It looks like he works for a band.

It looks tiny. That's the only issue I have here. I would replace this with like a face. Um, I would also replace this. I would go into Photoshop, put a little circle around it, make it a circular thing, or make it this shape here that, that might be too cute. Um, but I would definitely use. , an image here is a different, um, shape than, uh, straight lines.

I would, I would either do the, a circle, I would, I would prefer a circle, but, and I would pro prefer a big face, but I get, you know, maybe you want to punch in on that, that console and him, um, didn't do much change here, but definitely can cut down on this text a little. Um, I'll do that right now. James from Hi James from Better Brand Bureau here maybe.

I'm James from The Better Brand. You can listen to our podcast all about improve. Maybe make this a little more, improve your band's business.

The store podcast.

There we go. That changed it. I'm going to add a little, some, a bit of space there. That's fine. We will increase this a little more because it's a promo, right? If, if this is being sold, I would make this super little, like tiny. But if this is a free schedule, I would make this big. I would also change this probably.

I'm gonna change it to Oswald. , but it doesn't look cute enough. Right. We have some other ones, probably. Oh, comic sands. Oh God. Oh, somebody cringed while watching this video, but yeah, I'm gonna go with comic sands there. . That's a bit of a fun thing. I would cut this down too. I would maybe make it a add.

Another line. Ooh, we couldn't do that. Insert a one above. It's gonna be the same size, but I'm gonna make it super tiny. . Um, I might even do this. This is weird, but, Hmm. Maybe put it on underneath here. Change that a little bit.

Hmm. Wanna merge all that? That doesn't look good. I'm gonna undo all that. We tried. Yeah. We've cut this down. Uh, James from

maybe cut this down to two lines. Oof. Let's see, what does that fit there? Maybe I would, I would try this a little, few more ways. This is, or just increase the size a little. There we go. Make these pictures a little bit bigger. Maybe make 'em a little bit smaller now that I think about it. Um, yeah, so we made a bunch of changes to this, but just visually everything was in the same place, same spot.

We brought that. Uh, this might even do better. You know what, I'm gonna try it. I'm gonna just do that. I'm gonna make the text white. There we go. Woo. That's sexy. Ooh, that's sexy. We can even make that even bigger. Oh, yeah. Um, let's make this wider.  fit that. I think these we can even fit in a little bit more.

We're not all the way out of viewport yet, but yeah, we couldn't do that Now. That looks awesome, right? We've improved that. We haven't messed with this at all, which you can absolutely probably want to do something like this with white text and make it like super big. Maybe make it like, um,  can do Oswald, but we're gonna have some issues there that total mileage.

I want to fit. Why doesn't that wrap? There we go. Wrap it. We can pop this to there. Total mileage. We can also move. I'm doing, I'm doing this. I'm gonna move this and merge these, so that looks a little nicer. This all here could probably go up somewhere here. Next to the schedule or under it, or you should probably go on a separate sheet, like a summary or something.

But this probably has some printable need for it, so we might wanna keep it on there. So I'm not gonna move it. All I did was move that this one over one, just to give this a little more space. Um, give these two, I would actually also do that and move that even over one more. Um, There we go and have this probably over here.

Yeah, we can do a little bit more, but this schedule looked sexy and we hopefully have improved it. Bye.