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Send a Daily Email with Inspiring Quote - A Little Pick Me Up

About this Tutorial

Created a daily email with a motivational quote in the subject.

Video Transcript

00:01 So I was feeling a little bit down today and wanted to get a little pick me up in my inbox every day and thought, oh, I can make us Google sheet about this.
00:11 Um, this is directly inspired by Jessica at Williams tech biz girls, weekly newsletter and not just her newsletter, just her subject lines, actually.
00:20 Um, this is Jessica. This is a tech biz girl.com. And this is what her a newsletter every week on a Saturday comes into my inbox.
00:31 And the subject line is a very, not, not necessarily inspirational or like a go get them kind of a quote.
00:42 It is just a refreshing creator focused, kind of a quote. Her newsletter is all about side hustles, all about doing your side hustle better and getting your side hustle done on your side hustle time.
01:00 Uh, not doing too much, not doing too little. Uh, and I really just love how not necessarily inspirational, but contextually relevant every single week.
01:12 Her newsletter subject line is, um, and I wanted to capture these two. She does a new one every week, as far as I know, part of her research is literally doing, getting the perfect, uh, quote every single week.
01:29 And I wanted to capture this one. I wanted to get them all into a Google sheet. God, there's so many of them.
01:36 Here's 50 there's okay. 96, my God, 96 weeks. Whoa. Um, I have started reading the Mueller, opening them all up.
01:47 Um, but I wanted to have a way to email me. One of these email myself, one of these every week.
01:57 Like if I have quotes in a Google sheet, great, that's fine. And I don't really want to like share these.
02:05 I have a lot of other videos about Twitter, uh, sharing and publishing this. I want for myself, write a little, pick me up in my inbox every single day.
02:16 Just a reminder like that. Everything's going to be okay. Just keep creating, just keep going. Do what you can. Um, here's hearsay.
02:28 He went from Dolly Parton, never gets so busy making a living that you forget to make a life. Here's one from, I mean, every single one of them, so great.
02:37 Here's Oprah, whatever you did today was the way it was meant to be, be proud of, be proud of you.
02:43 Um, I mean, Tony Morrison, you are not the work you do. You are the person you are. Oh my God.
02:52 Every single one of these buts chills in my spine. I mean, I look at this. I even confirm my subscription again after I was like, I need to make sure I'm subscribed to this thing.
03:02 Um, ask yourself daily, what can I learn here? That's a great one for better sheets. Right? All right. This is a pretty different video.
03:09 I think if our video recording works throughout this, I'm not going to edit this. I'm not going to take a pause.
03:15 I might pause the video. If something externally comes a knocking on my door, or if we get into a jam, but I haven't done anything.
03:25 This is a brand new sheet. There are no hidden tabs. There are no extensions yet. Uh, no apps script written yet.
03:33 So we're going to like do this or raw. Um, first we want to get something inspiring quotes. Then we're going to create a bookmarklet.
03:41 Actually, we probably will actually, we're going to create this bookmarklet first, because if we were going to fill it in by copying and pasting, but in the future, we might want to add to this, our own quotes that we find ourselves, not just Jessica's quotes.
03:58 Um, and we want to be able to easily get those in. So we're going to use that. Bookmarklet that I love using I've created many, many times.
04:05 I've used it for my newsletter for like God, for like three years, I've used it for other things. It's part of better letters.
04:12 If you haven't yet grabbed better letters. It's uh, literally the bookmarklet allows you to grab information very quickly from the web, but we're going to use it just for the quotes.
04:22 So just text and maybe, uh, that's it, we're just going to put some text in a, in a sheet real easily.
04:30 Um, we're going to get a character count. Cause we definitely notice, right. That Google mail Gmail is the kids call.
04:40 It is, has this, um, limit, right? She, I mean, Jessica makes a Jess because she does just picks. She does an amazing job getting these to fit every single time.
04:55 I don't think I've ever seen one that doesn't fit in my subject line here. So we gotta get a, oh, here's Tony.
05:03 Oh my God. There's one. Tony Morrison got cut off. It's Tony Mo um, that's one out of 96, like, wow.
05:14 Um, oh, okay. There's a quarter mine. If you're 52 things to say about a topic, start a newsletter. There you go.
05:22 There's like I gamble. I was good. I totally forgot about that. That was not our, like a weird self-promotion. Um, we don't want to get a character count to make sure we get under it.
05:34 Then I think the, probably the hardest part of this whole video and this whole sheet is going to be Korean from scratch and daily email.
05:44 We will grab a random one. I think this random is going to be the hardest one. I have a couple of ideas on how to do this.
05:51 We'll get to that later. Um, one is by just having a random number in our sheet. The other one is to try to figure out Java script or Google script, how to do random number between one number and another number where the one number is going to be, how many rows we have.
06:08 All right. This is going to be very interesting. All right. So that's our job, our angle. If we are successful, what, what ha what is it look like?
06:17 What it's going to look like is every single day daily. And we'll pick the time we get emailed. And the subject line is this inspirational quote, a little pick me up for ourselves that we control, right?
06:30 We are in control. It's we're not getting, if you haven't yet to subscribe to Jess's newsletter, of course, to get her quote, cause she's going to have a whole different set of, uh, inspiration and, uh, quotes.
06:43 But if you want to give yourself a little, pick me up from a large amount of data, right? A lot of texts, how do we do this?
06:53 Right? Our that's our goal, right? To get it emailed to us every day. Now you might use this. And if we're successful to do that, you might be using this for other reasons.
07:04 Maybe, uh, maybe you want to email a group inside of your company, your Google workspace. You can add groups to it.
07:12 And once you see where you put in the email address, you can edit that to be a group. So maybe you want to send like an inspirational quote to your sales team every single day or every single week.
07:22 You can definitely change that trigger. Once we get to that point, maybe you want to do some other things. Maybe, uh, you get a book like this, a, the big book of words that sell, and you just want to send one powerful sale or sell word to your copywriters every single day.
07:39 Um, maybe it's like a challenge where you say, Hey, for 15 to 30 minutes every day, I'm going to email you this word email, you know, maybe it's a group of people and send back five tweets with that word in it, or five, uh, co uh, headlines for Facebook ads.
07:58 You know, it's maybe a good challenge for yourself. A writing challenge. Uh, if you're a fiction writer or a short story writer, write a short story based on X.
08:08 Uh, you can do that, sort of fill in a Google sheet with hundreds and then send yourself a random one every day might be a good little writing challenge.
08:15 All right. That's enough for use cases. Let's get into it. Let's let's make this little pick me up. I'm I'm getting excited.
08:21 Um, first off let's create this bookmarklet because it's going to create our form that we're going to grab information from.
08:27 So we're going to go up to tools, create a new form. It's going to load slow. We only want, would just want a short answer.
08:38 And we're just going to get quote, and you could complicate this a little bit, if you wish, uh, by adding like who it's from, we're not going to do that.
08:50 We're going to say you got the whole call. You do all the editing in here. Um, now we need to use our bookmarklet.
08:59 We need to get a pre-filled. Pre-filled what we don't need prefilled. Cause we're not going to fill anything in. So normally with a bookmarklet I fill in the title and the URL, actually, maybe we do want to do that.
09:14 Let's do that because we have the quote, let's do another one. Let's do title. This is going to be the website title.
09:23 And we're going to do another one URL because here's why, when we're online finding these quotes, we find a quote.
09:33 We may want to reference the source of that quote later on. And what I mean by that is if we get a good quote and we go back to her, she, and we're like, Hey, where did we get this from?
09:41 Can we find more of that? Can we add more? Maybe it's a reminder maybe to add more tools to our sheet.
09:46 So we do want the source. So this is the source title source URL, and let's do this. Let's get the whole bookmarklet done.
09:53 Now. We need to get a pre-filled link. Uh, title is going to go here, title URL. We're just going to type in URL, get link just so we know which one is, which copy that link.
10:06 Okay. We want to go back to our, um, here and let's just put the link here. We're going to use this in a hot second.
10:15 We just need this, uh, ID first off, right above my face. It's a little hard to see, but we just need the ID of the form.
10:25 I have a bookmarklet saved already. Uh, let's edit. Let's use that. If you don't have this yet, you can, uh, check out my video.
10:39 I think on better sheets are code. There's a video called bookmarklet. I think it's called. Let's get a bookmarklet but it has the word bookmarklet in it.
10:47 All right. And you can get this code and it'll show you exactly how to do what I'm about to do.
10:51 So I'm just copying this. I'm going to create a new one here. Just drag copy, drag, edit that. I'm going to add.
11:00 Plus quote, this is just for me to remember that the plus sign is for me to remember, this is adding to a sheet plus quote.
11:07 Um, the URL is, is what I just copied. Um, the entire bookmarklet it's a little JavaScript code and really all we need to edit is this ID.
11:19 Let's go back up, edit and look for this ID. And here we have this form. Great. Awesome. So here it is.
11:30 Here's this, the old ID of the form. The other form we just used. We're just going to select all of that very carefully.
11:40 Oh, very. It's like doing surgery very carefully. We're going to delete that and paste our form ID. Now we need the entry numbers for the title and the URL.
11:53 So if we go back to our, let's go back to here. Let's make this a little bit bigger. So it's easier to see.
12:04 All right, we have your form entry. 8 5, 3, 2 equals title. Perfect. Go back, edit our injury title. There's the document that title.
12:21 Now we need the URL. That's the URL entry. Edit that. Where's that? Where? Ready here? Back, back, back, back, back.
12:35 All right. It's like, it's like performing surgery, like open heart surgery here. All right. Now we've saved our bookmarklet. Let's double check it.
12:43 Right? Let's put co let's rename this quotes, uh, lowercase quotes. Now we're going to get a quote, title, URL. I'm gonna go find 10 great quotes for creators.
13:01 All right. We got 51. We need a short one, right? We need either right. S something worth reading or do something worth writing about why you waste a sentence and saying, oh Seth, Godin's a good one.
13:16 Let's do that. You go scope. Plus quote let's let's cross our fingers. Boom. We got our title. We got our URL.
13:23 Thumbs up. We got our quote. We want Seth Goden. Bam. Thank you very much. This is working right away. There are a quote in the B column.
13:35 Awesome. So we can close these Jess, let's go grab some of your quotes. We just go to the here now.
13:44 Let's see what happens if we just grab this quote, right? And we hit the quote button, our title URL. The title is blank.
13:53 Cause it's just like Gmail. This is Gmail. So this is fine. We can even say, Jess is our, uh, title here.
14:01 And our quote there submit. Now I'm gonna hit command back a couple of times to try to go back to our, um, there we go.
14:12 Now we found more. Let's go find the longest one. That Toni Morrison one that went over, uh, this actually this Jack Winfield one.
14:21 That's probably a good one. This is probably the longest we want. So we go quote, we can hit the command and I'm I'm holding down command and opening that back up there.
14:34 Put that quote there, say it's from Jess again. Go submit, go submit those subscribe to her newsletter. Let's go back here.
14:48 Let's see. Hmm. This Jack cornfield one. Okay. Let's look at our character. Count character. Count. This is just going to be equals Len Len or length of B2.
15:05 But now if we just copy and paste this down, we were going to lose it as a Google form, inserts a row and it won't hold this.
15:15 So we do a Ray formula in the top or a formula array. If you can smell a right formula, then on the first go, that's great.
15:24 B to column B, we have a bunch of zeros. We don't want zeros. So we go, if is blank B to B And now we have no zeros and we have a reference error.
15:46 Great. Okay. We can't do should be able to do that. Oh we can. We have to put array formula around the whole thing around the whole world.
16:08 Wow. We have some, there we go. He just had to put a rate formula around the whole thing. Awesome. We have character count.
16:17 Let's go back to our checklist here. Let's see where we are in our endeavor. We've created a bookmarklet thumbs up.
16:29 We got some quotes. Great. We got a character count. That's awesome. Now we just need to email ourselves a random one of these quotes every single day.
16:40 How are we going to do that? Let's not worry about the every single day part yet. Let's um, get a few more.
16:50 I like all the fees, every single one, every single one of these is great. Uh, we can even go back here, Jess.
17:07 Oh, I like the one tree hill. Wow. She gets, she gets some from crazy places, but again, they're all just so awesome.
17:18 Um, and again, you can put as many as you want here, but go check out tech biz girl. We can add more, but five's okay.
17:27 Let's for our next endeavor. Our next adventure in this video, how do we email? Ah, this is going to be fun.
17:38 Let's go to extensions app script. First, we got to write an app script. We're not going to have any on edit.
17:45 We're not going to do anything funky. We're just going to say, send email and we don't have anything to put in this bracket.
17:53 We do have something to print in this curly bracket we need, what do we need? We need to mail app.
18:03 Now Google mail app, uh, app script. There's a few of them Here. It is. There's a few options we have here.
18:14 We can send email message, but we don't want just the message that we want this in our subject line, right?
18:22 The point of this is that we get something like just seeing that inspiration right? In our subject line. We don't want to have to click on the email.
18:30 We don't, we just want it in our inbox. Right? So we can use that. Send email. We can do this 10 email recipient, subject body.
18:38 That's probably a good one because we don't really need any options. Don't think so. We're going to use this. Send email recipient, subject body.
18:50 So we got mail app. That's an email recipient. What is the recipient variable re symbiont is equal while we're going to put in quotes our own Andrew, a better sheets.co.
19:13 And you should probably edit that. If you use this, if you get this sheet subject, now this is the tough one, right?
19:24 Let's put a quote here. Um, how do we get this quotes? Right? We need a few things. We need variable S S equals spreadsheet app that get active, no spreadsheet.
19:44 I think we need bread sheet, get sheet by name quotes, uh, the quotes. We put the quotes and then the word quotes here.
19:56 Uh, then we need variable. Need the row Equals S S actually we can change this, not from quotes, quotes, page quotes, dot get range.
20:15 This is what we're going to need to do this differently. But for right now, I'm going to do B too, just to see that this email works get value.
20:29 And now our subject is going to be this, uh, let's call it sub quote for subject. Okay, we're going to need to fix this get range thing.
20:44 Cause we want it to be random. But for now, let's just make sure this works quote for subs. So the subject, it can be this cool, whatever this value is and our body is, should we just do the same thing probably.
21:01 And there's no reason to have a body, right? Maybe, maybe we want the link to the sheet. This is sort of up to you to decide.
21:10 I just want the subject here right now to test this. What we need to do is the first time we run this, there should be some authorization because we're using mail app.
21:21 Um, And because we're using mail app, we're going to authorize it first and then it might not run. We might have to run it again, but maybe it'll run this time because Google apps script has changed a little bit.
21:32 It used to be that you had to authorize and then run it. But let's see, let's send an email run.
21:36 Let's see if we get any errors, right? We'll have to debug this on the go. This is a little high flying act right here.
21:43 A high wire act I'm doing. Cause I haven't debug this at all. All right. Review permissions. Good. We want to use our, this'll be your account that you authorized with on to allow execution started mail app is not defined.
22:00 Okay, there we go. What do we have to do to, to find this? Um, let's look at this example here.
22:11 Let's get something wrong here. Send email. What not define that's weird. That just says duck, Cindy email. Well, we can do is we can copy this.
22:42 Maybe Oh, I have to do all of that. Nope. Should be just to that person, to that subject body. Let's see.
23:05 Hmm. Oh, you know what? It's this capital a, this app is not capitalized. What's so weird. It changed to purple or pink, whatever.
23:19 Anyways, but now we should review again. Uh, let's see if this works. I can't tell if that's going to be the issue.
23:27 I, that would be hilarious. All right. Could that it was it. That was what? A stupid debug issue. All right.
23:34 We've let's see if we get it in our inbox, right? So this is cool. We have it in, we have sent it to ourselves or another alias.
23:47 Um, we can, and this is it. This is the subject line. Here is the body. Same thing. We just did it for B two, a thick B two, which was this one.
24:04 Right? Perfect. It perfectly sent. Awesome. So now how do we, how do we randomize this? Here's what I think we can do.
24:16 Here's sort of a simple way to do it. It might be more com might look more complex, but uh, bear with me.
24:23 So we have let's call this random R a N D Rand, and let's go equals Rand. Between low is going to be one high is going to be count all on here.
24:45 How many quotes we have? Okay. If we're going to count all quotes, but we actually want to do B two.
24:53 So the highest number is going to be however many. There is this five lowest number is going to be one, which actually we want it to be two, because this is row.
25:06 One is the literally the word quote road two is where we start. Okay? So now we have this ran between now, how do we iterate this?
25:15 We might have to do something like this. Go to our settings, go to calculation and see this recalculation on change.
25:21 We might have to change this to like every minute and a save their settings. And now this will automatically change every single minute.
25:31 I wonder if we're going to change it when it's not, when it's not open though, that's sort of a wonder.
25:37 And now, instead of getting this quote, we want to get range where let's look at this. Cause it gives us a little hint here.
25:47 It says, get range, row. Any is going to be random. And column is going to be two. Why is that?
25:56 The, is the question, right? Is that if we go back to our quotes, we're looking on the quotes tab column B is row column two and our row is going to be there.
26:08 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, however many count. There are. Ah, I see what one issue is. We actually do want to count all including the B one.
26:21 If our ran between this 2, 2, 2, the count of everything in that I think is the issue. Right? All right. This might be a little messed up, but it'll be fine.
26:33 Six. Yeah. Between two and 600. We want the actual row. We don't want to lose the last one. Right? Okay, good.
26:40 We fix that. Now we need random, right? We need variable random equals. Um, now for this, we don't need courts.
26:53 We need this spreadsheet app. Let's be cut. Variable. S S equals this, go back here to SS. Now that'll work.
27:05 Now we go variable, random equals S S dot get sheet by name. What was the name of that? Was it random?
27:16 Yeah. Rand in all caps dot get range. We know the range of our random number is a one. There must be another way to do this.
27:31 I, and I, I think we're gonna search for another way to do this, but for the end of this video get value.
27:37 So now what that's doing is saying, go to the active spreadsheet, go to those sheep called Rand, go to a one, get whatever value is there, which at this moment we're going to save when, look at it three.
27:51 So if we send this email, let's run it again. Let's go back to our inbox and see it's probably going to be in here somewhere.
28:03 We can also look at scent. There is our scent. I hope you feel free. That is this one. Why is that?
28:17 Why did that happen? You row is going to be three column 2, 1, 2. Is that correct? Hope you feel it? That's the one, right?
28:40 Hm. That's a bugger. Hmm. Unless it changed. I mean, it might've changed in that moment. Interesting. All right, let's get a better random here.
29:02 Let's do get random number. Uh, Google stripped. Let's do it in script without having to do this weird work around.
29:10 This is we can create a random number in, uh, we did ran between. Let's try to find the code. I think it's going to be math, math, that floor.
29:20 Great math dot floor. We can just take this as let's look at this variable, random equals math dot floor. Oh, we have math dot random first, which is going to be like a number between zero and one.
29:51 So we have to get how many there's a bit difficult. Right? We need to know how many rows are there in quotes.
30:01 Um, okay. Rose last borough. It's probably going to get us that get quotes dot get last row. So that's why this is the last row number.
30:22 Now we have last row as our maximum number, and now we have math up floor, math dot random times, the number of rows that should get us a random number.
30:36 So let's do something here to look at this logger dot log and we can look at what is this random number?
30:44 And we can double check this, right? We can run this a number of times. Uh, I'm going to delete this random from here.
30:51 Actually, we don't even to delete it. We can just put in, uh, put two slashes at the beginning. So it comments it out and what's going to happen.
31:00 Let's look at executions in another tab. Our executions is gonna show us here what that number is. So we don't need to do to go back and check our email to see like, did it get something we can run this And get, oh, I know why.
31:24 Oh, this is funny. We got a huge number. 9, 9, 4. We made a silly mistake. We made a very silly mistake.
31:33 Oh my gosh. This last row is kidding. This array formula and it's. Oh, okay. So we cannot do our character count.
31:44 We have figured out we cannot do our character count on here. Uh, we, we might not need a character count in this case.
31:53 If we just let's delete this, let's just see if, if are we just delete that and run it again? There are five boom.
32:04 And now that random number here. 5 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 should be, uh, it's weird. Let's go back to scent. Oh yeah. It was the same one.
32:22 Hmm. Interesting. Let's do run again. So we, again, we don't have to nest three. Oh, perfect. This is getting different number each time too.
32:32 Who run this one? Oh, fantastic. So one, wait one is going to be, uh, we don't want one, right? Cause one is going to be the word quote.
32:42 Oh, geez. Let's see. Scent poor. We have the word quote. Okay. We got to get rid of that. So that's a four plus one.
32:49 There we go. That should get rid of the one and save command. S whew. I'm sweating here. This is tough to do live on, on a video, but you get the raw deal.
33:02 This is how we cope. This is how we do it. All right. So if you want to use this, we should be good.
33:08 Now we can run it a few more times six. Uh, does that get something right? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Your art matters should be.
33:19 There are no. So, oh, we have, haven't done. One more thing. We need to get a daily email. Oh wow.
33:28 You might be sitting around Warframe. When are we going to get to that? Well, we'll get to it now. All right.
33:34 Let's send this email. Now we can send this email. We can send this email at the click of a button, but we don't want to click this button.
33:39 We want it to go automatically. We want to turn this script into an automation. How do we do this? This is fun.
33:45 Let's go to triggers over here on the left. It's this clock thing on the bottom. Next to my face. You'll add a trigger.
33:55 We want to choose which functions send email, choose which deployment. There's only head. We can't change it from spreadsheet, from the spreadsheet.
34:03 We do not want to do. We want to do time-driven. Now we have a couple more options. Select time. Uh, yes.
34:11 One hour. Nope. We want day select time of day. Now. Uh, if we start our work around 5:00 AM, we want to send it before 5:00 AM.
34:22 We want to in our inbox before we work, or we want it in our inbox during maybe a transition, perhaps if this is really a little pick me up, we want to do it when we have a little coffee, right?
34:33 Hmm. Still warm. So I get my last coffee in the day around 2:00 PM. So between 1:00 PM and 2:00 PM, I want this email a little pick me up in the afternoon.
34:49 And if we fail, we do want to notice. No, no, right away each day. And we hit save, Ooh, this is cool.
34:58 So now this trigger will trigger every single day. Same time just before I make my last coffee of the day, just before I have it.
35:09 And I'll give me a little pick me up inside my, uh, inbox. So let's review what we've done here. We got inspired by the subject lines of Jessica Williams, uh, tech biz, girl newsletter, Jess pics.
35:26 We got a few, but we can add now, now in our bookmarklet in our, uh, bookmark tab, we have a button that anywhere we find a quote, we can copy that quote and put it right into, uh, right into Google sheets, our Google sheet right here.
35:44 We can get a character count if we want. We did want to just get that like max character count around a hundred, just to know, uh, what we can do or cannot do.
35:54 It gives us a good idea. We can also not have it. We can do it on another page too. Let's keep it in our, in our, um, sheet, we're going to do a re formula, a quotes B colon B a no quotes.
36:14 Let's get that, all of that. And then do the exact same thing. We did array formula for character count, uh, re formula.
36:23 Now we don't really need, we don't care about the zeros, right? We just care about the Len a TA. There we go.
36:32 Now we have a character count. Uh, we can also move this if we want. Actually, I just realized we probably want a two there.
36:40 We probably want a header CA count character count. And, uh, yep. That's it. So now we have a character count, right?
36:50 We can add the F is blank. If you want to go back in the video and check that out, how to do that, uh, you can see that if you want to add a little extra and so you get rid of those zeros.
36:58 It's okay. Um, character count. Cool. So we have the character count. We got the, our quotes, we got the character count.
37:11 And then we wrote the script over here, uh, in editor, where we send an email every day, we did our random two ways, right?
37:21 We did it in our sheet, which I was like, oh, that might be a little jenky. Let's do it in script fully.
37:26 So we use math dot random math dot floor, uh, to get a real number. Math dot random is going to give you, get you a weird number between zero and one.
37:33 You don't necessarily need it. It's not useful. We want to multiply it by the total. What's the maximum number we have.
37:40 And then we use math that four. And then we have to add one because we don't want the number one.
37:44 We want everything up above that, up to this pastorate. Um, we can log this and we do log it each time, just in case we want to look back at it.
37:55 And then we send an email mail.app, our mail app dot, send an email. We send to a recipient, which is ourselves.
38:02 If you want to use this, definitely, uh, edit this email who it's to this subject is our quote. Our body is our quote.
38:11 You can add more to that body. If you want to add a link to your sheets, say, uh, or a link from the sheet.
38:16 So now you saw this, right? You saw this quote for subject. If we let's say we wanted the, uh, URL that it's from or the title, right?
38:30 How would we do that? We can just do this. We can copy this whole line. We can say URL for, let's say body.
38:45 And we want the same random number, but we don't want column two. We want column four. I think it is URL is the D column.
38:55 So it's 1, 2, 3, 4. Great. And now we do this URL for a body and we paste it there. And now when we send it, just look at it, there we go.
39:12 Oh, it's sending home stupid me. It's still sending one. Hmm. That's that's unfortunate. So this might be zero. So we have to add two then to it.
39:31 Hmm. That doesn't sound right. We're going to get six. Let's look at that because we, because it's blank probably. Oh yeah.
39:49 This is blank URL URL. If there was a URL run for There's the whirl. Perfect. So we get the, where it's from.
40:04 We get the URL. Very nice. So hopefully that was a little learning experiment. And I would say experiment with this.
40:10 And as we add more, this last row is going to add up, up, up, up. So we can always have a random one from our selection.
40:17 Probably want to get like at least 20, 30, 40, 50 to really make it random. So you don't have the same one each day.
40:23 Um, cause it really is random. It might have the same one a day later that might happen. So you want really high numbers, maybe 50, 60, maybe 200.
40:33 But these quotes are pretty simple to get, well, I say simple, but I swear. I think Jess spends more time getting a quote then working on a newsletter.
40:42 I think like it's like two hours a week. I think, I think she spends four hours a week on a newsletter.
40:46 I think two hours is figuring out the quote. It's very hard and she got an amazing one. She's gotten 96, right?
40:53 At least since I've known her, she probably has more than that in additions. Thank you for watching this video. I hope you got something cool out of it.
41:03 I hope you got to see a little bit of raw, uh, how to code, how to create something in which we get sent an email.
41:11 I think that's the coolest part about this when we also trigger it every day, um, get a little, pick me up in our inbox for all of our creative work around 2:00 PM every day.
41:22 We'll get an email. Thanks so much for watching.