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Roast: 363 Questions VCs Ask Founders

About this Tutorial

we got a pretty darn simple and sweet sheet here with funding. A lead magnet that is 363 questions that PCs investors ask startup founders.

Video Transcript

0:00 All right here, we got a pretty darn simple and sweet sheet here with funding. So funding made a lead magnet that is 363 questions that PCs investors ask startup founders.
0:14 Now the key word here is curated. Okay. So their claim is that it is a curated list of 363 questions.
0:25 Um, what they really did was it's, it's a 363 copy and pasted questions. Um, and you can see the source here.
0:33 So they've curated slash copy and pasted from Forbes from early growth from Benjamin Lee bore. That's a lot of that. Newman has a lot of questions.
0:45 Startup hacks has a lot of questions. All business has a lot of questions. So a lot of different sources, not, not a lot of different sources, mine that is a few sources and copy and pasted directly from there.
0:59 So two things I would like to see in this sheet that I think could make it better. Um, one is darn right simple.
1:05 And if you're trying to put out a lead magnet, if you're trying to put out something free in a Google sheet that is going to then get you more interest or engagement or help, you're really it's going to like, it needs to help your audience.
1:20 Right. Um, and funding that a really funky little thing here that I haven't seen before. And I like it, it's they copy and pasted their, um, branding over here on the left.
1:32 Um, and, and now it's not a banner at the top. Um, I would have said like put a banner at the top and then exactly.
1:39 Um, as I said on another sheet, it's like a freeze this question header, and then right under it, put your brand name.
1:46 And then as people scroll up, that branding goes away, but they wanted the branding all over the place. I think this is really good.
1:53 If you are interested in getting screenshots of your lead magnet onto Twitter, onto Facebook, onto Reddit, these kinds of things.
2:04 Um, one thing I'd like to see is I think it would work better though, sort of every 10th, 20th, 30th, if you put a little black bar that says, this is curated by funding, like instead of a large one have like a nice thing there, maybe make it so it's screenshot bubble and it always has your brand name
2:24 in there. Um, what other thing is, I would really make this crowdsourced, one of the absolute best things about Google sheets is the ability to, uh, bring in a lot of validated data, uh, sort of formatted data into a place.
2:41 So looking at these questions, um, and I'm gonna, I'm going to offer a couple of suggestions about crowdsourcing and a couple of different ways.
2:50 One is yes. The immediate thing you think about is let's just get questions from startups. Like what are the actual questions that startup founders got, um, what these are, are curated from curations.
3:04 Um, and so we're sort of a little bit abstracted or aggregated a way it's a sort of an aggregation of 305 questions that VCs ask startup founders.
3:14 What I would like to see is, yeah, some submission, like talk to us, engage with us, right? A lead magnet should offer you like a chance to help someone.
3:25 And then whoever gets helped the most will end up signing up and you'd get a better relationship, but you can also make the lead magnet itself engaging.
3:34 And people want to like help that and really make the community come in and add to it. So the first thing you would think is just get submissions.
3:42 What have you been asked? What are some questions that you've been asked? Here's the second thing that I think could be added to this is a little upvote system, um, a way to say, like, do you, did you get asked this question?
3:56 Yes or no? Um, and then yes, it would be like an upload and a no would be not a downvote, but like a, maybe it's just like, have you been asked this question, click here and what you can do is you can add click tracking.
4:09 I've actually made click tracking, uh, available in Google sheets, uh, in co it encompasses, um, creating one sheet where you have all of the, like, uh, link, um, small link and then the large link.
4:22 And then there's a web app you can create in Google script. Um, and I give away that code. I have a video called add click tracking to add, click tracking your Google sheets.
4:33 Um, and I give away the sheet that you can copy and paste and get that script and add click tracking.
4:38 So what you can do with click tracking is, you know, how many times that that button has been clicked, then put that in the sheet and be like, okay, take all of these questions.
4:50 Here's the list. But then on a separate list, sort them by the number of clicks and have the click be, Hey, have you been asked this question yet?
4:57 If yes, click here. And so you could create an upvote system inside of Google sheets. And then, um, this becomes, I wouldn't say it's like a product hunt for questions, but I would say like, it's an aggregation of here's all the questions we think people get asked, but then we've now asked the community
5:16 . Um, and here's what they actually get asked. Um, one thing is, while I think maybe this is on funding and maybe this is a, or a second sheet that you might want to add is what are the best answers?
5:28 What are great examples of answers? This sheet is really simple. And I really like it for that. Like it asks these questions and it doesn't give the answer.
5:38 It's like, you should have this answer. You should know it. Um, one, here's a crazy thing that she could do, um, sort of like a plug and play.
5:50 Like if, if there was an answer that is, um, sort of by format that say, here's how you format your answer.
5:59 And then in that format, you, you say like, okay, here's your startup name? Here's your market, here's your opportunity. Um, you could create a plug and play system, like, Hey, answer these 10 questions.
6:10 And now you have these hundred questions already answered and here's the format. I think that'd be cool. I've created another sheet, another, she called headline generator based on, um, headlines, um, actually based on the headline.
6:24 So headline is like an AI headline generator. I made a Google sheet based on that. And, uh, it doesn't do all the functions that headline does, but it shows you an opportunity to like, here's how you can create like take 10 answers, like simple, like little short answers and then create like a hundred
6:43 actually just a real questions. Um, like market opportunity is one part of like the total rate of growth and possible growth and projected growth.
6:53 Um, so I think that's a really cool thing to do. Um, but I really like this shit. I like the simplicity.
7:00 I think that, I think the last thing I would say you say that you must change is the font. Um, you have a really cool font here funded, um, really nice here, but like Ariel is just, I don't know.
7:14 I don't like it so much. You just got it, just change it to something, something else. Um, and that's my rose to fund in a curated list of 363 questions that VCs and investors ask founders, like.