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Build a Better ChatGPT Prompt Builder

About this Tutorial

In this sheet review I take another YouTuber's ChatGPT prompt builder through the Better Sheets Sheet Makeover process. We make it more useful and more branded. Make it really look and feel cool to use. Saves users time. And makes them want to share it with others.

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Video Transcript

00:01 Hello, welcome. This is gonna be an interesting video. We are gonna take a sheet that I found on YouTube of all places from this YouTube channel the Income Stream surfers.
00:12 This is Hummish. He creates this YouTube channel and he has been writing on chat, G P T creating great epic prompts, one shot prompts.
00:21 These are prompts. All you have to do is fill in all the information and then copy paste right into Jet e p t, and it's gonna get you really great articles, really great posts.
00:32 So there's a 10 minute video revealing the one prompt that'll transform your writing forever. And at the end of this video, he mentions in the description there is a link to a doc, a Google Doc, and a Google Sheet.
00:46 So we're gonna focus on the Google sheet here, but we have also read the Google Doc here. And I want to incorporate a lot of this stuff in because too, Hummish, we need to, if we give away a Google sheet especially when we give away a Google sheet, we want people to share it.
01:04 And so there's two things that I think every Google sheet we give away as a lead magnet or a giveaway or a freebie or as even an extra.
01:12 If you're doing some kind of agency work or if you're doing some kind of services, you might want to give an extra thing away, or you sell it as an info product no matter what.
01:22 What we wanna do, two things. One, we wanna make this sheet as useful as possible in the short time that we're working on it based on all of our experience in the past.
01:33 But two, we also want to brand it. We wanna make sure that it is so easy for people to share and that they know it comes from you.
01:42 So we're probably going to spend 80% of the time in this video going over branding because this is not my domain of expertise is chat BT prompts.
01:52 This is Hamish's domain, and my domain of expertise is Google Sheets. So the first thing we're gonna do is, and we're gonna make a copy because we are doing this literally step by step.
02:06 We're gonna walk through this whole process with you in this video. Okay? So here are the points that he has from the video.
02:16 And actually he has a nice little so let's go over all the things that are involved in this first, actually.
02:22 So in the Google Doc, he has a little bit of information about his expertise about this prompt.  Here's the prompt that we end up with.
02:42 I think it ends right there. This is the prompt right there. And then he has a cool checklist. So this checklist is very, very useful and I'm surprised that it's in a Google Doc.
02:56 I think it could do very well in a Google sheet. And here's an outline of the video. You know, we probably wanna have a link to the video as well.
03:04 So thinking about this, we wanna make sure that people have one resource to get. So there's one, actually other thing that I saw.
03:11 There's a link, there's a internal linking script, which he also wrote and I think he mentions at other places in his YouTube channel.
03:19 And that link, we can actually put that in a Google sheet, in the app script. And when people copy the app script and when people copy the sheet, they'll get that app script.
03:28 So we will go grab that as well and make sure that we have that in our inside of the sheet.
03:37 So we're gonna just open extensions app script. If you are watching this video, and this is one of the first times you're watching this video on better sheets, check out my course called Spreadsheet Automation 1 0 1.
03:48 I'll walk you through app script, all of it, how to write app script, how to read app script. If you already know how to re read it, then maybe write it and get better at it and write some really cool automation.
03:58 So check out spreadsheet automation 1 0 1. It's on Udemy now. Or you can just check out better sheets.co to find out more information.
04:04 So we're just gonna hit the command s and save this here. We probably want to add a little bit more information manually collect and add it to the ad links function at the bottom of the script.
04:25 Press run script and then allow access. So I'm not sure if that's all of the information we want to have, but I'm gonna put it up here because I think it's very important to have some Information here.
04:41 Hamish was probably watching this video. I would recommend making sure that you have explicit details here. And then also make sure you have a link.
04:52 And this is a very weird little optimization, right? It sounds weird to add links that people have to copy and paste here.
05:04 But it is one of those things that we just want to keep adding our links and adding our branding everywhere.
05:11 We wanna say watch this on YouTube channel, and then we'll just get a link to Income stream surfers as well and put it here.
05:32 Income stream surfers, YouTube channel. So again, this is a little tiny optimization, but it is allowing someone who is interested in what you're doing.
05:44 They might have been shared in this doc. They might be going here and looking at this, this thing that you've already built.
05:51 And it's so much easier to put it all in a Google a Google sheet. Speaking of everything in a Google sheet, I'm gonna create start.
05:59 And I always do this when sh with sheets that I try to sh that I want to share. And I would put all of this information, everything here into this sheet.
06:09 I would also make this a separate sheet probably. So I would create like checklist and literally I would add insert checkbox.
06:25 I would put some check boxes there. I would design this a little bit more. Let's, but we're gonna do that in next step of this video.
06:39 For now, we're just gonna put our information here. So I gotta start page, Hmm. So here I might put some instructions.
06:52 I might make a little headline here. And I would definitely change all of this font. Maybe not to Carla. Mm, this might not be the best one.
07:16 Maybe that's okay. Something other than aerial here. But let's delete a bunch of columns. Let's delete a bunch of rows.
07:26 Let's make this a little easier to read. We're gonna center it as well, that will, feeling one prompt might even change this to something like a header and a subheader.
07:49 So we can make this way bigger and way more woo nice. I think actually the number will look better. Cool.
07:59 So let's look at income stream surfers videos to get a sense of the colors he's using. He's using very dark colors and this cute sort of Blue teal color.
08:14 And he uses the Chachi PT Green over here. But it looks like he's using the two Chachi PT color, some dark mode Google here.
08:26 It looks like he likes the dark mode better. Sort of a darker background and a, and a bright foreground or text even in these videos that he has.
08:38 The, the thumbnails are a little older. It's still a colored background. It's still some darker, you know, again, using chatty pt.
08:48 So that's sort of always the background there. But even this easy digital downloads he's using a dark color. I'm seeing more dark than light mode here, even in this green, right, A green colored background.
09:02 So let's do that. Let's, first off, well, let's take a screenshot of his newest ones. Cause I think these newest ones have this cool yellow or gold color.
09:11 And I think these look hot. So let's take this and go to HTML color codes and grab it. Let's go get some of these colors.
09:25 Let's see if we can get this teal first. Yeah, sweet. Let's change that text over here to that. Oh, actually, no, we're gonna use this on the borders.
09:39 Let's use this on the borders. Thick border. We're gonna use this. A custom color. We want a thick, there we go.
09:50 Next we want, what is this? Black, this is not 0, 0, 0 black. So that's good. We're gonna change all of the background to this.
10:02 Our text is going to end up being, we want our head, head orex to be something like this yellow. I wonder if this yellow's different.
10:12 Probably is. That looks bright. I want to go with this gold one though. Let's see if we can find this gold.
10:19 That gold looks cool. Looks very different than just yellow, right? Let's change it. But let's, oh, go grab that other yellow as well.
10:29 Maybe. We want to use that somewhere else. Is it this yellow? There we go. We might want to use this somewhere else.
10:39 So let's use this like right here, just so we have it in our saved colors. Yeah, so that looks cool.
10:47 We can actually, I don't know if this Josephine no. Okay, now we're looking better. We're, or at least not necessarily better, but we're closer matching to his all caps with the on the thumbnails, bright, bold colors on a black or gray background with a blueish or greenish tint or shadow
11:12 . We can do something cool here too. Let's see, let's close this. So what I was thinking is we could add a, if you want, like very thick borders, which we don't necessarily wanna do, but I wanna show you how to do this.
11:32 We're gonna add a column to the right. We're gonna resize this column to eight, and it is thicker than the border, but it's a small column.
11:43 So we're gonna cop actually first color. This the same, just this one cell, no, two cells, nope, three cells. We're gonna color this, that, see it now, it's thicker, much, much thicker.
11:59 We're gonna do this, we're gonna copy this, and then take our hand, move it over, and we're gonna do the same above this row.
12:15 We're going to resize the row to eight, and we're going to color that cell. Now, we can also do something like make it look more like a shadow.
12:28 So again, if we wanna have this boldness around, I'm gonna undo that actually, because I want to do something with the borders.
12:36 Instead with the borders, still gonna use this, this color, but on the top I'm going to put a smaller border.
12:47 And on the left I'm gonna put a smaller border. So now this looks like a little bit of a shadow.
12:54 Just changing two of the borders, right? Makes it a little bit more interesting. Now, I'm gonna get a little bit more text in here to add more information, right?
13:07 So, Hamish, if you're watching this I would just recommend going in here and writing what you wanna write. Here, instead of having this Google doc, right giving two links to something you're gonna get just some amount of people who don't get both.
13:25 And having everything in one place is going to just get you, it's easier for the user and what's cool, and you think like, oh, well, I can just write a, a Google doc and I can submit it and, and, and done.
13:36 But with this, you can sort of create a template and then copy the sheet again and again, and create more prompts and create more prompt sort of builders here.
13:45 So we're gonna go here, prompt builder. We're gonna start talking about the usefulness of this. So again, we are gonna have a start here.
13:53 We're gonna have a checklist here. I'm gonna change all of this to the kind of text we want. We might not want white.
14:03 And oh, something cool here we can do is change this text every other row. This might be a little much, but it looks pretty cool, right?
14:14 We can even change this. I know we wanted to save these yellows for like headers, but it might add a little bit of a cool little thing here.
14:22 If you want to add more columns, what I would recommend in the column is putting any links. So and now this is much less text you need here.
14:31 You really just need to say, say, go to extensions app script and check it out. It's already saved here. We can even name it one prompt to, I don't know, to rule them.
14:45 Let's say one shot prompt. That's the name of the doc. And then this code is this link checker, right? Sorry, it's like a link inserter, ad links.
14:56 All right sweet checklist. Again, we can do this also the other way around. We can make the check boxes the, the colors if we want.
15:08 I'm, I'm gonna rewrite this and say, go to like, all of these instructions could actually be in a different place.
15:26 And we can say run, add links the run, add links code. This could also be like here where we can duplicate this, Delete this part and say add links script.
15:49 And now we have a place where you can have that one piece of information. Anytime you create a prompt and you release a new sheet, you can have this in the same place.
15:57 And it's all of here. This text is wrong now, right? Because it's going to a Google doc, it's going somewhere else and say, copy paste it here.
16:04 But we have it in our extensions, so it's gonna be much easier to write. And it's also gonna be much easier to get for your users.
16:11 Here we go link script. And on our checklist, we can delete that so it makes our checklist much easier. And we can even add a command K, add a li add links.
16:24 So if we, we can link to the sheet that has the instructions. So we can also take the, take that away.
16:33 We can, I'm gonna actually change all of this to white because I wanna do something cool with the check boxes.
16:40 You might not know this, but check boxes. Let's actually Verti center that check boxes when we enter them, they're gonna be set based on the font size.
16:51 So this is all 10 font, and I hate 10 font. I, it's just hard to read. I'm an old man and I don't like aerial.
16:59 So I'm gonna use like, ah, Freddo, go Freddo, go on. Not a good one. Maybe encode sands. But I like my, my favorite font is Carla with a k always is not alwayss.
17:12 It's been recently but now it's a 14 font. And our check boxes are still 10 font 10 font size. We can change this.
17:21 What's interesting is you can change this beyond the scope of the cell. This is sort of a weird aside, but you can make it a hundred and look, it doesn't look like there's anything there, but you click it and there's a check box.
17:32 Just a weird aside. So we can make this like a 20, right? And that's just very different than university. You always see like, check boxes that are relatively smaller than the text, or same size because it's the same font size, but make big old big fat fonts for your check boxes.
17:52 And it just looks really cool, I think. I think it just makes a little different look. Now we can even just a tiny little thing, take the each of these and color them differently.
18:07 Just adds one of those personal touches to the branding. There. That's it. Maybe <laugh>, I can maybe add the border here between them.
18:23 Do something like this. Might add a little bit too much, but we'll check it out. We'll see what, not that bad, right?
18:32 Not bad at all. But I'm gonna delete, I'm, I'm gonna reverse that. We tried, it was a little bit too much.
18:39 You might have a little header here. In that case, I would add, I would make sure to unh or hide the grid lines can hide the grid lines everywhere.
18:48 Just make sure and just add our own grid lines. Got a checklist. Now we go to prompt builder. Let's work on the prompt builder.
18:57 All right, we have a tone of voice, a topic, specific information about your brand, specific information about other brands. And I couldn't find where this is sort of all coming together into the prompt.
19:13 So let's look at this. I'm gonna review this and make sure we got the prompt right. So I have a few ideas on how to make this a little bit better and a little easier to use.
19:24 I'm not sure if this was intended to be this way, but we'll, we'll change it for a little thing. This is only gonna be one tone of voice.
19:32 So I'm gonna change this to tone. I'm gonna change this to topic, and I'm gonna change this to information info.
19:41 You'll see why I make these shorter at the top. Others keywords. I think we'll change this to keywords, okay? The others are gonna be a little bit hard because we don't know how many there are going to be.
19:57 We know there's only gonna be one tone. We know there's only gonna be one topic and one p bit of information.
20:03 So let's do this. Let's just put these together labeled. Let's put the others exactly where they are, keep it sort of same, can maybe even make this ro column smaller.
20:28 Let's add another column between here, but I don't want anything else here, even though what I want to do is I want to have everything written there.
20:38 Hmm, Let's do this, let's move this down here as well. And now our keywords, we can add as well. Keywords here, okay?
20:50 We want to then do what we did on the other pages. Change this to darker and have a brighter, just have white for now.
21:00 Make the headlines, maybe this, this color others and keywords, right? Okay. Now we're going to copy and paste this whole prompt into here.
21:18 Do not worry, we're gonna we're gonna do something different. Two I'm gonna move, put all of wait, these keywords doesn't have to be this big.
21:31 Move this around so I can, you can see what I'm doing here. I'm gonna move, merge all of these. I'm going to also move it to the top.
21:42 Okay, this is our prompt, but we want to be able to say this tone in here. And so what we're gonna do is I'm gonna take this prompt, this whole column, paste it over here, prompt to prompt format.
21:59 I'm gonna call this, and then I'm going to delete all this and go equals when I'm gonna select the prompt format.
22:13 Actually, I'm gonna do sub substitute, and I want to search this text. I wanna search for tone, the B one, and I'm gonna replace it with whatever is in b2.
22:32 It's not gonna find it yet because we wanna put a little more code. So I'm gonna add two square brackets on either side of this.
22:41 Let's change this to Carla and also 15, so you can see what I'm doing a little bit better. Okay? So now if I go to this prompt format, and instead of in the style of Charles Bukowski, I put in two square brackets, tone in all caps, and then two square brackets to end.
23:02 Now it, it says, it, it, it replaces this tone, this code word for Charles Murkowski formal. So actually I can even delete formal.
23:15 And now you see it deleted the formal out of the prompt. But I can go also do not mention. So I can say in the style of the tone, but do not mention tone and it'll do the same thing.
23:30 There we go. So now we change one thing. This b2, instead of Charles Bukowski, maybe it's Walt Whitman. Now Walt Whitman, it says, I want, in this prompt, it says, I want you to write in the style of Walt Whitman.
23:43 Be formal. Do not mention Walt Whitman, Whitman. I, I have an extra eye in here somewhere. Tone, there we go.
23:58 The topic. And then now we're gonna do the same thing for topic. Instead of having topic, we'll have two square brackets, and then topic.
24:06 No. And, and the reason we're doing that, adding those square brackets is so that we don't substitute literally the word topic when we want to use the word topic.
24:14 We want to deliberately use square brackets topic. And is it, here it is. The topic of the article is going to be two square brackets, topic N square brackets.
24:33 There we go. And now what we need to do for this substitute is we're gonna wrap it with another substitute to get topic, substitute text to search is gonna be all of that within, we're gonna search for topic replace with whatever is in B five here.
24:50 And now we have done two types of things, right? We've, we've replaced substituted tone twice, substituted topic again. And we're gonna do that for info.
25:01 We can do that for others. We can put together the, we can join these others in a different way. So let's look at this.
25:13 We have, you want to include the following Italian brands, all of this. There we go. We're gonna delete here and we're gonna do two brackets.
25:28 We're gonna do brands, I guess, but actually, what is the name? Others, sorry, not brands. Others. I should have known that others.
25:39 But what we're gonna do over here in our substitution is a little bit different. Info's gonna be the same, I think.
25:46 So I'm not gonna cover that. But let's look at substitute, sub substitute. And we're gonna substitute the search. We're gonna search for others.
25:57 We're gonna replace it with what are we gonna replace it with? It's not one single thing. We're going to replace it with join with a comma B, 11 to B.
26:11 We'll just go down to the end. Okay? Now we have some issues because we have many extra we could fix it.
26:23 But right there, we're just gonna delete all of that. And now if we add more, it'll be added. But look, we have it in there.
26:30 It's already in there automatically. Wait, it's not <laugh>. I think we had to do. There we go. Oh, we, we, yeah.
26:42 So we added the others with the quotes with the square brackets, and now it works. Whoop, magically. So that's pretty cool.
26:49 So magically we're adding this stuff. Now we can add the keywords as well. If we want, we can do it exactly the same way, right?
26:57 We can join them with commas under here. When possible, I want you to include these exact phrase match keywords and concepts.
27:05 You can do that as well. Change this to brackets keywords. You can also, instead of having to join within the substitute, you can just add them all here with a com, a comma separated list, right?
27:17 In the video Hamish, you put the, the keywords all in on their own line. So maybe you wanna add a new line, and that's gonna be slash forward slash n I think, or slash n, whichever one.
27:31 It's gonna be one of those. You can add a line there. And there's the last thing we're gonna do is we are gonna make sure that people know where this this is from.
27:43 It's this video here. And we are going to add, we have the script here. That's cool. We have the start page.
27:57 We're gonna add a row. Maybe we're gonna do this the opposite way, maybe this gold. And with black text, we're gonna say, watch the video on YouTube.
28:16 Now, again, you might think, this is so weird, right? Because it's like, oh, they're coming from the video to here.
28:21 But once we release a a sheet, once we put this into the ether, into the, the zeitgeist, we don't know how people are gonna use this.
28:30 We don't know how people are gonna share this. We're gonna add a link here, hit what is going, oh, just did not have a proper url.
28:41 We don't know where people are gonna use this. We're gonna change this back to, nope, not white, black. Don't want it underlined.
28:51 We can make this much bigger. Nope, that's too big there. And then take this command s and just add another row right above there.
29:04 Boom. Same thing on all of this. On the first row. We don't know where people are gonna go with this, right?
29:12 We don't know what's gonna happen. We don't know if people are gonna share this. We want them to share it.
29:19 We, we don't wanna restrict this, so we want to get more views of our videos, right? I'm gonna go show grid lines.
29:25 Take those grid lines out. And so like, if this is super useful for someone, they're gonna be like, Hey, go grab this sheet.
29:32 I mean, go grab this prompt builder. It saved me not just minutes. It saved me years of my life, right?
29:37 I didn't know how to build a prompt correctly. I didn't know, oh, I had to have all of this information about the others.
29:42 That's what that video covered is this key information at the end was like so different for me when I was watching this video.
29:50 That's what prompted me to like think, oh, I, this, this prompt builder could be way better. We're not just like concatenating all of these together.
29:57 We're actually replacing them using the substitute formula. A a key part of Google Sheets is formula that does really cool stuff.
30:05 We're using substitute again and again, and we can wrap it and we can use join to put it in the keywords to put all this stuff in.
30:11 Pretty cool stuff, right? We're using Google Sheets to the max and we can brand it, right? How much we can brand it so much better than just aerial font and using black and white of Google Sheets.
30:25 We can also put everything in one place, right? One Google Doc, one app script, and one sheet is now one sheet that people can share easily.
30:32 You want 'em to share easily. You want links back to your website. This is a great lead magnet, right? This is a great way to get people involved in your YouTube channel and involved in making great better prompts for themselves.
30:44 It's super useful and it's well-branded to look like well look like your brand. So other things, Hummish, if you're watching this and anyone else who's watching this who wants to make this sheet better, I would add more links to a website in addition to a YouTube channel.
31:00 And I would have like na your name all over this. So I would put your name instead of iss. Say the name of your YouTube channel in the title, put put it on here.
31:11 I would also have your name. So put you know right here by Hamish. Put a circle photo of yourself, something other than just a square photo, but put a circle circular photo so it stands out amongst the black and white and the grid line of Google Sheets.
31:29 Those are some extra little tips I would add. And let's just review. This is what it was. This is what the Google sheet was when I got it.
31:38 And now it looks like this. How it was before was we picked the tone of voice, we typed it in, we entered the topic, we entered the specific information, and then we wanted to like put it all together on a prompt.
31:48 But now it adds all of this stuff automatically for us into this prompt as we change it and add hummish right there.
31:56 And it adds Aish twice into this prompt. It adds a topic. It also joins all of the other pieces of information here quite as easily into this sheet.
32:04 And also, I've left a little bit more for you to do. If you're watching this and you wanna make a cool sheet, let me know.
32:11 Bite.