Remove Second Row

A Google Apps Script function that deletes the second row of a specific sheet named "Sheet1" in a Google Spreadsheet. Use Cases: Removing Placeholder Data: If the second row contains placeholder or example data that is no longer needed once the spreadsheet is populated with real data, this function can be used to remove it. Deleting Headers: If a new set of headers is to be inserted and the old headers in the second row need to be removed, this function can delete the old header row. Clearing Outdated Information: In scenarios where the second row contains outdated information that is no longer relevant, such as old dates or obsolete entries, this function can be used to clear it. Maintaining Formatting: If the second row is used temporarily to apply or test formatting styles, this function can remove it once the formatting tasks are complete. Workflow Automation: As part of an automated workflow, this function might be used to clean up a sheet at a specific step, ensuring that any temporary or intermediary data in the second row is removed. User Input Cleanup: In cases where users enter data into the second row for initial processing or validation, this function can delete that row after the data has been processed and moved elsewhere. Resetting Templates: If the spreadsheet serves as a template that gets reused, this function can delete any existing data in the second row to reset the template for new input. Error Correction: If there is an error or a mistake in the second row, such as an incorrect entry or a duplicated row, this function can remove the erroneous row to correct the data.

function deleteSecondRow() {