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How To Use YEARFRAC() Function in Google Sheets


Returns the number of years, including fractional years, between two dates using a specified day count convention.

Common questions about the YEARFRAC formula include:

What does the YEARFRAC formula do?
How does the YEARFRAC formula calculate a fractional year?
What are the arguments (inputs) for the YEARFRAC formula?

The YEARFRAC formula can be used appropriately for various financial calculations, such as calculating loan repayment schedules, bond duration, and other transactions that involve interest rate or time-driven calculations.

Common ways the YEARFRAC formula is commonly mistyped include:

YEARFACT – this looks like the expected YEARFRAC, but the formula is non-existent and will produce an error.
FRAGEAR – this is an incorrect spelling of the expected YEARFRAC, which will produce an error.
YEARFCAT – this is an incorrect abbreviation of the expected YEARFRAC, which will produce an error.

Some common ways the YEARFRAC formula is used inappropriately include using the incorrect arguments, entering invalid data into the arguments, or using an incorrect date format.

Common pitfalls when using the YEARFRAC formula include misinterpreting the output or confusing the arguments, which can lead to incorrect calculations.

Common mistakes when using the YEARFRAC formula include using incorrect arguments, entering invalid data, and mistyping the formula.

Common misconceptions people might have with the YEARFRAC formula include assuming that the calculations will always return an exact numerical value, that the formula works for all dates, and that the formula can be used without taking time into consideration.

How To Actually Use YEARFRAC() in Sheets

YEARFRAC(start_date, end_date, [day_count_convention])

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