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How To Use XOR() Function in Google Sheets


The XOR function performs an exclusive or of 2 numbers that returns a 1 if the numbers are different, and a 0 otherwise.

Common Questions about the XOR Formula:
• What does the XOR formula do?
• What is the syntax for the XOR formula?
• How does the XOR formula compare to other logical formulas?

How can the XOR formula be used appropriately?
• Comparing two logical expressions to determine if one is true or false.
• Evaluating logical conditions and providing a result based on the evaluation.
• Comparing cell values to check whether one value is true and the other is false.

How can the XOR formula be commonly mistyped?
• Using an "OR" instead of an "XOR."
• Using the wrong syntax for the formula.
• Putting extra parentheses in the formula.
• Some common mistypes are also XRO, XR, OXR.

What are some common ways the XOR formula is used inappropriately?
• Using the XOR formula with non-logical inputs.
• Using the XOR formula with other logic formulas (i.e. using XOR and AND together).
• Using the XOR formula without understanding the result it will produce.

What are some common pitfalls when using the XOR Formula?
• Not inputting the right data type into the formula.
• Making a typo in the formula.
• Forgetting to enclose Boolean values in quotation marks.

What are common mistakes when using the XOR Formula?
• Not understanding the way the XOR Formula works.
• Inputting incorrect values into the formula.
• Not completing each part of the formula correctly.

What are common misconceptions people might have with the XOR Formula?
• Believing that the XOR formula always returns true or false.
• Thinking that the XOR formula can only be used with two inputs.
• Believing that the XOR formula is always the best option, regardless of the problem.

How To Actually Use XOR() in Sheets

XOR(logical_expression1, [logical_expression2, ...])

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