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How To Use WORKDAY.INTL() Function in Google Sheets


Calculates the date after a specified number of workdays excluding specified weekend days and holidays.

Common questions about the WORKDAY.INTL formula include:

1. What is the syntax of the formula?
2. How do I use the formula to calculate a date in a different country or region?
3. What arguments should be included in the formula?

The WORKDAY.INTL formula can be used to calculate the number of non-consecutive working days between two dates, taking into account locale-specific holidays and weekend days. It is typically used to calculate project deadlines, calculation of difference between two dates, and creation of a calendar view of events.

The WORKDAY.INTL formula can be commonly mistyped as WORKDAY, WORKDAYINTL, and INTL.

Common ways the WORKDAY.INTL formula is used inappropriately include not specifying all the arguments the formula requires, including incorrect arguments in the formula, or not setting up the correct locale code when inputting weekend days.

Common pitfalls when using the WORKDAY.INTL formula include forgetting to include all required arguments, using incorrect arguments, forgetting to specify the locale code, or forgetting to use absolute references when including the start and end dates. 

Common mistakes when using the WORKDAY.INTL formula include forgetting to put in the proper arguments, misstyping the formula, or including extra parameters in the list of arguments. 

Common misconceptions people may have with the WORKDAY.INTL Formula are that it is only used to calculate business days, or that it is a formula for calculating the number of days between two dates. In reality, the formula is more versatile and can be used to take into account holidays and other non-working days, depending on the settings used.

How To Actually Use WORKDAY.INTL() in Sheets

WORKDAY.INTL(start_date, num_days, [weekend], [holidays])

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