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How To Use TYPE() Function in Google Sheets


Returns a number associated with the type of data passed into the function.

Common questions about the TYPE formula include:
1. What does the TYPE formula do?
2. How does the TYPE formula work?
3. How can the TYPE formula be used?

The TYPE formula can be used to determine the type of data present in a cell. Specifically, the TYPE formula returns a numerical code indicating whether the value in the referenced cell is a number (1), text (2), a logical value (4), an error (16), or an empty (64).

When using the TYPE formula, it is important to ensure that the correct syntax is used. The formula takes the form "=TYPE(cell reference)". It should not be mistaken for other formulas, such as the IF formula ("=IF(cell reference)").

Common ways that the TYPE formula is inappropriately used include using it as a substitute for other formulas, such as the IF formula, and attempting to use it as an identification tool to assign some type of data to a cell.

Common pitfalls when using the TYPE formula include failing to evaluate the data in the cell, which can lead to inaccurate results, and assuming that a cell has certain data when it actually does not.

Common mistakes when using the TYPE Formula include using the formula to compare two cells, using it to evaluate which type of data present in a cell, or using it as a substitute for other formulas.

Common misconceptions people might have with the TYPE Formula include believing that it can be used to identify specific data in a cell, that it can be used to compare two cells, or that it can be used to conditionally execute some kind of statement.

How To Actually Use TYPE() in Sheets


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