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How To Use TO_DOLLARS() Function in Google Sheets


Converts a provided number to a dollar value.

Common Questions about the TO_DOLLARS Formula:
• What is the TO_DOLLARS Formula?
• How do I use the TO_DOLLARS Formula?
• How can I convert a currency to dollars with the TO_DOLLARS Formula?

How can the TO_DOLLARS Formula be used appropriately?
The TO_DOLLARS Formula can be used to convert a value from one currency to another. It accepts currency values in the form of text strings as input and returns a numeric value with two decimal places. It can be used to compare currency values in different countries and determine the equivalent dollar value.

How can the TO_DOLLARS Formula be commonly mistyped?
The TO_DOLLARS Formula can be commonly mistyped as T_DOLLARS instead of TO_DOLLARS. Additionally, if there are spaces around the equation, errors may be generated. Other common misspellings are TO_DOLARS, TO_DOLLRS, TO_DLLARS.

What are some common ways the TO_DOLLARS formula is used inappropriately?
The TO_DOLLARS formula should not be used to convert a currency to a dollar value if that currency is not supported by Google Finance (e.g. cryptocurrency). Additionally, the formula should not be used by itself to convert multiple values; if multiple conversions are needed, it should be used in conjunction with an array formula or an ARRAYFORMULA.

What are some common pitfalls when using the TO_DOLLARS formula?
• Using an unsupported currency.
• Not ensuring that the value used is in text format.
• Not using array formula for multiple conversions.
• Not including all the necessary parameters.

What are common mistakes when using the TO_DOLLARS Formula?
• Not using the right type of currency for the conversion.
• Not using accurate exchange rate data.
• Not accounting for currency exchange fees and other related costs.
• Not properly formatting the input values.

What are common misconceptions people might have with the TO_DOLLARS Formula?
• That the TO_DOLLARS Formula is the only formula needed to convert currencies. 
• That the TO_DOLLARS Formula can be used for converting all types of currencies. 
• That the TO_DOLLARS Formula will always return an accurate conversion rate.

How To Actually Use TO_DOLLARS() in Sheets


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