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How To Use TIME() Function in Google Sheets


Converts a provided hour, minute, and second into a time.

Common questions about the TIME formula:
- What does the TIME formula do?
- How do I use the TIME formula?
- What arguments does the TIME formula take?

How the TIME formula can be used appropriately:
- Calculate the elapsed time between two different times.
- Find the difference between two times.
- Compute the total time taken for a task or project.

How the TIME formula can be commonly mistyped:
- Typing the formula with a capital letter in the wrong place.
- Putting the wrong argument order.
- Omitting the colon between hours and minutes.

Common ways the TIME formula is used inappropriately:
- Attempting to add two times together instead of subtracting them.
- Using calculations with different units of measurement, like minutes and hours.
- Forgetting to adjust for the conversion from 24-hour to 12-hour clock.

Common pitfalls when using the TIME formula:
- Not entering the durations in the correct format.
- Not verifying that the result is in the same format as the input.
- Forgetting to double check the result against your expected outcome.

Common mistakes when using the TIME Formula:
- Mis-calculating the difference between two times.
- Omitting the semicolon between the hour and minutes of an argument.
- Including a greater than > or lesser than < operator in the formula.

Common misconceptions people might have with the TIME Formula:
- That the TIME formula can be used for any calculation. 
- That the results will always be in the same time unit format as the input. 
- That the TIME formula can add or subtract arithmetic values.

How To Actually Use TIME() in Sheets

TIME(hour, minute, second)

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