How To Use ROMAN()


Formats a number in Roman numerals.

Common questions about the ROMAN formula include:
- What does it do? 
- What values can be converted using the ROMAN formula? 
- How do I type the ROMAN formula into Google Sheets?

The ROMAN formula can be used appropriately to convert numerical values into Roman numerals within a Google Sheet. 

Common ways the ROMAN formula can be mistyped include using incorrect syntax, mixing numerical values with non-numerical values in the same formula, using a value outside the NUMBERMAX limit of 3999 which is the maximum amount allowed by the ROMAN formula.

Some common ways the ROMAN formula is used inappropriately can include attempting to convert non-numeric values into Roman Numerals as the formula is confined to numerical values only.

Some common pitfalls when using the ROMAN formula include the formula not working if the values in the cells are text rather than numbers and typos in the formula causing the output value to be inaccurate.

Common mistakes when using the ROMAN Formula include the limitation of NumberMAX to a value of 3999, attempting to convert non-numerical values with the formula or mixing numerical values with non-numerical values in a single formula. 

Common misconceptions people might have with the ROMAN Formula are that it can be used to convert any type of value, when in fact it is limited to numerical values."

How To Actually Use ROMAN() in Sheets

ROMAN(number, [rule_relaxation])

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