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How To Use PRODUCT() Function in Google Sheets


Returns the result of multiplying a series of numbers together.

Common Questions About the PRODUCT Formula
1. How do I use the PRODUCT formula in Google Sheets?
2. What range of numbers is considered by the PRODUCT formula?
3. Can the PRODUCT formula work with conditions?
4. What different types of items can the PRODUCT formula multiply?

How Can The PRODUCT Formula Be Used Appropriately?
The PRODUCT formula can be used to multiply a range of numbers, perform calculations with conditionally formatted numbers, or even multiply non-numeric values. Knowing the range of numbers you would like to get a product of, what the specific items you would like to multiply are, and any limitations in the calculation is crucial for properly using the PRODUCT formula.

How Can The PRODUCT Formula Be Commonly Mistyped?
The common mistake when using the PRODUCT formula in Google Sheets is to type in PRODUC instead of PRODUCT. Additionally, when specifying a cell range to multiply, users may mistakenly type the wrong cell range, or correctly type in the range but leave off one of the two brackets, resulting in an error. Some common misspellings are PRODCT, PRDUCT, PRODUTC.

What Are Some Common Ways The PRODUCT Formula Is Used Inappropriately?
The PRODUCT formula should not be used to sum or subtract data since it is designed specifically to multiply a range of data. Additionally, the formula may not deliver accurate results if using text fields instead of numeric values.

What Are Some Common Pitfalls When Using The PRODUCT Formula?
When using the PRODUCT formula, users should make sure that all the arguments in the formula are the exact same type of data. For instance, if using numeric values, do not mix them in with text fields. Additionally, the Product formula will return a #REF! error if the range specified is incorrect or incomplete.

What Are Common Mistakes When Using The PRODUCT Formula?
One of the biggest mistakes people make when using the PRODUCT formula is that they forget to use both brackets when specifying a range. This will lead to an error in the formula and it will not calculate properly. Additionally, users may forget to add the asterisk (*) when multiplying multiple numbers, resulting the formula not multiplying all the selected numbers.

What Are Common Misconceptions People Might Have With The PRODUCT Formula?
One common misconception is that the PRODUCT formula can be used to sum values, instead of multiplying. Additionally, people may think the PRODUCT formula will automatically include values that have been conditionally formatted, when it will only work with numbers in the cell range you specify.

How To Actually Use PRODUCT() in Sheets

PRODUCT(factor1, [factor2, ...])

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