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How To Use POW() Function in Google Sheets


Returns a number raised to a power.

Common questions about the POW Formula include:
1. What is the POW Formula and what does it do?
2. How does one enter the POW Formula and what are its parameters?
3. What does it mean when “POW” appears in a formula?

The POW Formula is used to calculate the result of raising a number (the 'base') to a certain power (the 'exponent'). It is typically written as “base”^“exponent". Appropriate use of the POW Formula is when the user needs to calculate exponential growth or exponential decay.

The POW Formula can be commonly mistyped or entered incorrectly as “POw”, “poww” or “powww”.

Common ways in which the POW Formula is used inappropriately include:
1. attempting to calculate an irrational or negative result
2. attempting to calculate a result which is not an exponential growth or decay
or entering the parameters incorrectly.

Common pitfalls when using the POW Formula include:
1. forgetting to insert an exponent
2. inserting the base and exponent in reverse order
3. referencing incorrect cells.

Common mistakes when using the POW Formula include:
1. entering incorrect parameters which lead to an incorrect result
2. mistyping the formula
3. forgetting to end the formula with a closing parenthesis.

Common misconceptions people might have with the POW Formula include:
1. mistaking the POW Formula for a linear formula (as opposed to an exponential formula)
2. understanding when to use the POW Formula instead of the SQRT (square root) Formula.

How To Actually Use POW() in Sheets

POW(base, exponent)

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Raised to a Power

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