How To Use PERCENTRANK.INC() Function in Google Sheets


Returns the percentage rank (percentile) from 0 to 1 inclusive of a specified value in a dataset.

Common questions about the PERCENTRANK.INC formula include:

• What values does the formula return?
• What does the formula do?
• How does the formula work?
• What are the parameters of the formula?

How can the PERCENTRANK.INC formula be used appropriately?

Using the PERCENTRANK.INC formula appropriately means inputting the appropriate cell range or array argument into the formula. The formula should be used to find the rank of a value within a list of values, and should be used with data sets that are sorted by values in ascending or descending order.

The PERCENTRANK.INC formula can be commonly mistyped as PERCENT.RANK.INC or PERCENTRANK.INV, which will both result in errors.

The most common way the PERCENTRANK.INC formula is used inappropriately is by inputting the wrong range of cells into the formula, leading to inaccurate results. The formula should not be used with text data, as it will not return an accurate result.

Common pitfalls when using the PERCENTRANK.INC formula include incorrect formatting of the range or array argument within the formula, incorrect setting of the is_sorted argument, incorrect usage of the is_descending argument, and using the formula with text data.

Common mistakes when using the PERCENTRANK.INC formula include forgetting to set the is_sorted argument, reversing the order of the is_sorted and is_descending arguments, entering the wrong reference or range of cells in the formula, and forgetting to sort the data in the range prior to running the formula.

How To Actually Use PERCENTRANK.INC() in Sheets

PERCENTRANK.INC(data, value, [significant_digits])

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