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How To Use ODD() Function in Google Sheets


Rounds a number up to the nearest odd integer.

Common questions about the ODD formula include:
  • What does the ODD formula in Google Sheets do
  • How can I use it?

The ODD formula can be used to determine whether a value in a range of number is odd or even. It can also be used to count the number of odd or even values in a range.

The ODD formula can be mistyped if users are unfamiliar with the syntax and forget to place parentheses and quotation marks around the range.

Ways the ODD formula can be used inappropriately include using it to select one value in a range or adding an extra argument.

Common pitfalls when using the ODD formula include incorrect range references, overlooking quotation marks, or incorrectly entering the number of decimals to round up the result.

Common mistakes when using the ODD Formula include incorrectly entering the range value and using an invalid formula.

Common misconceptions people might have about the ODD formula include believing that the formula will return an integer, when in fact it returns a Boolean value. They might also believe that the formula counts the items in the range, when it only returns True or False.

How To Actually Use ODD() in Sheets


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