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How To Use NORM.DIST() Function in Google Sheets



Common questions about the NORM.DIST formula include:
-What does the NORM.DIST formula do?
-What types of parameters does it require?
-How does the formula work?

The NORM.DIST formula can be used appropriately to calculate a probability for a normal distribution. It takes four named parameters: probability, mean, standard deviation, and cumulative boolean.

The most common mistyping of the NORM.DIST formula is typing “=NORMDIST” instead of “=NORM.DIST”. or NRMDIST, or NORMIDSS, or NORMDIS.

Common ways the NORM.DIST formula is used inappropriately include not specifying all four required parameters, inputting values that are not allowed, or incorrectly typing the formula name.

Common pitfalls when using the NORM.DIST formula include not understanding how normal distributions work and/or not understanding the required parameters.

Common mistakes when using the NORM.DIST Formula include not specifying the required parameters correctly, inputting incorrect values, or using discrete parameters instead of continous ones.

Common misconceptions people might have with the NORM.DIST Formula include thinking it is a general probability formula, not understanding the parameters, or not understanding how it works with normal distributions.

How To Actually Use NORM.DIST() in Sheets

NORM.DIST(x, mean, standard_deviation, cumulative)

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