How To Use NETWORKDAYS.INTL() Function in Google Sheets


Returns the number of net working days between two provided days excluding specified weekend days and holidays.

Common questions about the NETWORKDAYS.INTL formula include:
• What is the NETWORKDAYS.INTL formula and what does it do? 
• What parameters does the NETWORKDAYS.INTL formula take?
• How can I calculate the most efficient working days in the date range?

The NETWORKDAYS.INTL formula is used to calculate the number of working days (non-weekend or non-holiday) in a given date range. It can be used for calculating obligations that require due dates or when used to accurately calculate the duration of a project or other time-consuming tasks.


Common ways the NETWORKDAYS.INTL formula is used inappropriately include: providing incorrect parameters, using it to calculate days between two dates (it only calculates working days), and not factoring in holiday dates. 

Common pitfalls when using the NETWORKDAYS.INTL formula include: forgetting to add the holiday parameter, not specifying the start and end dates, or incorrectly formatting the start and end dates.

Common mistakes when using the NETWORKDAYS.INTL Formula include: entering incorrect syntax, using incorrect parameters or not accounting for holidays. 

Common misconceptions people might have with the NETWORKDAYS.INTL Formula include: thinking it is used to calculate days between two dates (it only calculates working days) and thinking it will calculate the number of days including holidays.

How To Actually Use NETWORKDAYS.INTL() in Sheets

NETWORKDAYS.INTL(start_date, end_date, [weekend], [holidays])

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